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Customer Reviews

This place doesn't even deserve half a star.

This facility was not at all what I expected. My sister only stayed here for 2 weeks before I moved her out. I also got all of our money back too. None of the staff spoke much English at all. My sister ended up in the hospital because they weren’t paying attention to her. They weren’t feeding her or giving her the calcium drink she needed. During the day the staff wasn’t changing her diaper and when they finally did, it was a male doing it. She felt so uncomfortable! This facility was just a nightmare. I really feel bad for the people who actually live here. It was just horrible. The food was awful; it was always undercooked and cold. One time while I was there they had ground sausage. The meat was still pink! Nothing looked right here. Everything was mismatched and it just looked odd. When we toured the community all of the residents looked okay. But, when it came to my sister moving in, all of the residents just looked [Removed]. I would not recommend this facility.