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Before placing your loved ones here, ask for a current NV State License and then CALL AND DO RESEARCH THROUGH the STATE OF NEVADA to verify if it is licensed and in good standing, not just a document that might look authentic. This home was CLOSED in December 2016 for NOT having a current license from the State of Nevada as well as not being licensed TO ADMINISTER MEDICATION!!!! The owner, [Removed], says she is a nurse but does not have a license issued by the State of Nevada or any other State proving that she is an active, licensed nurse!!! This lady and her daughter run this home with total chaos, get totally overwhelmed and leave their patients unattended especially when they are tending to the infant child who lives there. At first it seemed like a nice place and that they meant well but as time went by things started falling apart and my loved one has paid the price. PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE YOUR LOVED ONES IN THEIR CARE AS YOU WILL REGRET IT AS MUCH AS I DID!!! THESE PEOPLE DON'T UNDERSTAND THAT THEY ARE NOT ABOVE THE LAW AND THAT THEY CAN'T OPERATE WITHOUT THE PROPER LICENSING!!!

My family and I are truly filled with Gratitude when it comes to Devoted Care and the care they gave to our 97yr young Great Grandmother. She always had fresh flowers in her room, home prepared meals, tranquil back yard with pool, patio and garden to relax. Devoted Care is a place to call home for your Dearly beloved ones. Serving Highly recommended in Comfortability, Compassion, and Love. I immensely recommend Devoted Care a "Stellar" in performance and in ratings.

This place is a disgrace! My loved one was here and was not taken care of at all. I moved my mother out then received a call from the State that they were shutting her down because she was not licensed and wasn't supposed to be taking care of anyone! To top it all off, she wasn't feeding them or giving them there medications correctly. My gut feeling was right. She had several dogs in the house that were pooping and peeing in the floor and there was animal hair on everything. I hope to spare anyone else from having to go through this experience. My loved one deserved a lot better than that. Also, be cautious, she will ask you to be an investor and want more money than what she charges per month and be asking your loved one for money as well!