Daniel Pointe Retirement Resort - Charleston, SC

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Customer Reviews

Drunk ex-manager on premises

BEWARE: This community was managed by [names removed] up until recently. Turns out [names removed] is an alcoholic who was fired from her last job with another retirement home for being drunk on the job. While she has been removed from her position, she still lives there because part of [name removed] perks is living on site. She is still walking the halls and eating in the dining room. We are all afraid that she will knock over someone while drunk.
We have complained to corporate but all they care about is [name removed] right to have her live there and not the safety of the residents. We have warned them this is negligence, particularly now that they know about it. In addition, she has entered our parent condo at least 3 times without permission, for no reason. That's just when someone was there to catch her.

Very nice but too expensive for me.

I really liked the place and met and liked lots of friends. But I felt after 6 months it was too expensive and I moved into a standard apartment to cut cost. I still visit every sat to play bridge with the group.

Pending Opening!!

For the tour of this community a video was shown. The community is still in the process of being built. I was really looking for a place closer to the water and this community won't be. The guide that was showing the video seemed very knowledgeable and nice. All of my concerns were answered unfortunately the tour was not of the actual community just a video and pictures.