Country Lane Retirement Village - O’Neill, NE

Country Lane Retirement Village - O’Neill, NE has yet not published prices.

Customer Reviews

Proceed with caution

The facility is new but like with all new facilities, they want you to pay a very high rate. Yes, it is expensive but when you won't accept Medicaid because you need to turn a profit and you continually change your prices (I have called and toured several times for my mom and it has been different every time) your facility is not going to do well. Also, they have went thru several staff and two administrators since being open for only 5 months! That speaks volumes in the healthcare industry of what type of board or ownership there is. If you decide to put your loved one here, tread very lightly!

Confidentiality is also a HUGE concern here. I have heard on a number of occasions in the public, mainly from the owners and the bookkeeper about which residents are residing there. That is the main reason my mother is not there. It is fine that the public knows but it should come from me, not the staff. HIPAA doesn't mean anything to this place.

They also do not have a licensed dementia person on staff as they have advertised. Yes, a nurse has the training but it is not specialized. I want my mom where someone actually holds a credential from a nationally acknowledge organization.

There are, however, other great facilities in the area such as the O'Neill Care and Rehab for memory need, The Evergreen and Prairie Winds in Atkinson.