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My families experience at Copper Creek Memory Care

I am writing this in regards to my parent being a resident of copper creek. When my husband and I toured here we were impressed and we were told residents could stay here until their demise, through hospice or other. After my parents living here for three months, going downhill seemed to be her future. She began falling, hitting her head, going out to the hospital for CT scans which showed nothing. In house therapy ensued, she came around again until she fell another couple times again going downhill. She contracted the flu was in the hospital for a full week and needed to go to rehab in a nursing home and responded a few days of therapy. Then declined, was barely participating and her Dr took her off of therapy and some meds. He told me he felt Copper Creek did not have enough care of nurses, etc that he recommended I keep her In the nursing home. No that’s exactly the problem, this facility is not equipped to handle the decline of Alzheimer’s residents, and why not? It is being advertised as a Dementia/Alzheimer’s Memory Care facility! Each time after hospitalization she had to be “evaluated “, to see if she’d be eligible to go back to her memory care facility where she felt at home. She loved it there and loved the girls who work there and so did I and my family. But now in order to bring her back to her “home”, I was going to be responsible for hiring an assistant to be with her during her waking hours! I feel this to be an outrageous request as well as redundant! We are already paying this facility for Dementia/Alzheimer’s care, if these facilities are short staffed, which believe me they are, as are all of these type care giving places. The company is who needs to hire enough employees to continue the care for this disease as these people continue to fade! Sadly this is not the case. We were told these people could stay here until their time is up, there was NO MENTION of any assistant needing to be hired and paid for by the family! I am very disappointed in this company’s changing the rules as they go, as long as these residents can take care of themselves without much one on one care everything is fine. My parent has been the first person to decline so severely and because she now needs more care, she can’t stay here unless she has an assistant. As I said, it is redundant! It isn’t fair to hold the very disease they opened this facility for against them in their end stages! If they’re going to be sent out to a nursing home in the end, why even start with this facility? Quite upset over my experience!