Copley At Stoughton Nursing Care Center - Stoughton, MA

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Highly Recommend

My mother had exceptional care. It was a two week stay. PT and OT were very good. Staff really caring.
I would highly recommended Copley


My mother is in rehab there now. I must say it's a beautiful place. Staff is wonderful, helpful and the aides are the best, I have a few favorites. What I have come to learn is that they have helped my aging mom retain her dignity here and that cannot be said for alot of other places. I'm greatful forever for that alone.
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My mother in law was at Copley, and the medical care she received was abysmal. The doctor/ nurse practitiner was never there when she told me she would be. I kept telling them things that was wrong with my family member, because noone knew her as well as her son and I.
I was getting no where with them , trying to get them to listen to me was like puling teeth. She finally did end up coming home but it was to soon, she still came home with with pneumonia and they practically contributed to her arthimoth death which was pneumonia and her kidneys failed due to the long period of time fluid retention along with the wrong the wrong prescription given to her. I HATED that nurse practitioner...they really need to look into the medical care of their patients.
she also went almost 2 weeks with out a full shower...yes she would get sponge baths but, showers took me having to ask multiple times for it.
The [removed] workers, assistants that work there (including the nurses) are the rudest , meanest people I have ever met....they have no bedside manners , sympathy for the patient, and have no business working with people never mind elderlies. I have a question how in God's name did these people become CNA'S if most of them couldn't even speak english? they really have a big issue with there help.
I do have to say that the [removed] girls that did the house cleaning are very nice and very helpful, and some of the other nurses 2 of the younger girls were super nice.
The therapy department was the best thing in that whole facility.
I would not recommend this facility to anyone!!!