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Customer Reviews

After taking a tour, this facility seemed to offer the right kind of assistance that our loved one would need. It is a smaller, older facility didn't appear to be well maintained. Carpets were dirty and there were unpleasant odors noted on the tour. The rooms did themselves did not have air conditioning although the common areas were. They did appear to have the necessary health care assistance we were looking for.

Conestoga Lodge

Great staff
Clean amazing place

Awesome home at Conestoga Lodge

Staff has been very friendly with my dad. Staff and residents smile often. They seem happy and pleased to be there. The General Manager has spent many years working in this establishment and knows how to make everyone feel important and welcome. The nurses take interest in his daily life and call me when required.

Dad is much happier and enjoying times spent with other residents. He eats more variety of food and brags about number of choices available.

Overall, Conestoga Lodge has provided the family with a safe, secure home for our dad at this stage in his life.

It was a rainy and dreary day the day we went to the Conestoga Lodge met with [name removed] I must say as we walked through the facilities the day got brighter the residents there seemed happy and involved with the daily activities met some of the residents and they were very friendly, met with the staff and they seemed very good...the variety of their dining menu was great all in all the lodge seems like a great place and the fees are very reasonably.....

Well pleased with our choice.

My friend stayed two weeks at Conestoga Lodge recuperating after a knee replacement, finding the accommodation spacious, very clean, helped and severed by by friendly, helpful staff.
She found the meals more than adequate, appreciating the 24hr coffee room as well as the varied activities, especially religious services weekly.
All in all, she enjoyed a very comfortable stay and would recommend Conestoga Lodge for short or long term stay.
For myself, Deborah at 'A Place for Mom' was was very helpful, giving sound advice, encouragement and courteous, friendly follow-up.

My 2 week Stay at Conestoga Lodge

I would not hesitate to recommend Conestoga Lodge to anyone who asks me about my experience.The CEO and staff are nice,friendly, and courteous.The atmosphere is warm and cozy.Meals are delicious,served on time and cooked right to the palate but in small servings.I found out on my second week I could ask for seconds.There wasn't enough varieties in fruits and vegetables.I didn't see asparagus and cauliflower.Broccoli was served only once.The fruits are always the same.....apples,oranges and bananas.There wasn't much room for Residents to walk outside except on the sidewalks because the property is small.When I was there they chopped down 4 huge Pine trees at the front of the building to my dismay.They could have kept a couple and put benches under for Seniors/Residents to sit outside.The garden looks like a disaster but for all of that the price is right for me.

Great retirement facility for everyone

My mother has been at Conestoga Lodge since April 2017. The care and assistance has been great. Great atmosphere for socialization and crafts. Always provided with two choices for meals. Snacks and fruit available in between meals. Staff is available for questions and concerns. Information on upcoming events is posted in the elevator and bulletin boards.

Conestoga Lodge is Amazing

Conestoga Lodge is a beautiful facility with amazing staff and lots of activities to keep all involved . My mom came into Conestoga Lodge on a "trial" basis as her state of health was not good. She had undergone some medication changes and was experiencing major withdrawal symptoms.
The patience of the staff, [Removed] , the Administrator and the facility layout with all the comforts of home and more, has made the transition very smooth. Mom isn't at her best yet, but with consistency, great meals and activities , she's at peace with her new surroundings.

Deborah is Amazing

[Removed] has been nothing less than fabulous . Her compassion, empathy and overall professional and personal demeanor has helped her to shine in this role.
She's a joy to speak with and to deal with throughout the whole process .