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Best decision ever

This facility is wonderful. Everyone is so kind and professional My mom was here for 2 weeks after a bout with the flu. She’s 88 and couldn’t walk 2 steps now she can and is climbing 12 stairs at a time. They worked her like a dog and she’s got her life back. I can’t say enough about this place. She particularly liked [name removed] but they all treated her like family. She will miss all her new friends. The food was great too. It’s done in house now they got rid of the old food service which I guess was awful. It was tough putting my mom her but she wouldn’t have regained her strength without these people. Thanks

Charlwell House - NOT the place for your family member with dementia or Alzheimers disease.

Avoid this facility at all cost for placement in the so called Dementia - Alzheimer care unit.
Poor management and lack of accountability among the nursing staff.
Upon entering the lock-up unit, one is consistently greeted by varying body waste aromas; it's repulsive.
Overall, this facility is an institutional 'warehouse'....ill maintained inside, but that is NOT the case outside.
There is limited resident exercise (indoor and outdoor), minimal specialized activities, extremely limited social engagement, unless you are willing to visit your family member on a regular bi-weekly basis or more if necessary. Frequent occurrences - outbreaks of patient urinary tract infections due to lack of frequent changing; often the entire facility experiences shut downs for access from visitors because of viral episodes. Another comment: there is heavy use of anti-psychotic medications for alleged undesirable behaviors.
The residents are afforded little to no dignity, respect, patience, compassion and proper daily care. I doubt seriously if the nursing support staff, those who provide the daily direct care are proficient in English and/or receive educational updates/training in the care for this group of individuals.
The overall ambiance is morbidly depressing. Folks are either in bed or sitting in chairs; discourage folks, those who are ambulatory from movement within the hallways. Preference is for residents to either sit in a chair for long periods of time or spend time in bed. Chair and bed and be bored.
Bedtime commences at 6:30 PM, no snacks, no beverage.
Food menus lacks luster.
There are far better facilities within the area, which may require additional time to commute. Believe me, it's worth the extra 10 - 20 minutes, knowing that your family member is WELL CARED for in all aspects of their life. I truly feel sorry for all of the folks who currently reside in the Dementia - Alzheimer lock-up unit.