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Peace of Mind

My wife is in her 4th year of Alzheimer's. I have started using Care Assist 2 days a week to allow me to get some chores done and to give me a break. My wife loves her care givers ( [name removed] and [name removed] ) and I have no worries about leaving the house. My personal relationship with [name removed] prompted me to choose Care Assist and upon meeting with [name removed], I knew I made the right decision.

Thank you CareAssist!

Thank you CareAssist! Your caregivers were exceptionally caring and patient during challenging circumstances. We used CareAssist for personal companions initially at our house, and then later CareAssist provided skilled one-on-one caregivers to take care of my husband at the memory care facility when they needed more help as his condition declined. Your caregivers are the best!

Great caregiving!

CareAssist did a superb job of providing compassionate, capable service that was tailored to the needs of my father. It was the difference in my father having an enjoyable several years in his final 4 years and all of us in the family are grateful.

The caregivers at Care Assist are professional, capable, and extremely kind and loving to our aging mother. Their daily interaction with her gives us comfort that she is being cared for in an extremely dependable manner. The entire staff, including management and the office staff, all know my mom, her story, her family, and our most critical concerns for her. We feel we have an extremely caring and capable team looking after mom, almost like an extended family, helping us through some challenging times. We highly recommend everyone at Care Assist.

Thank you Janis

[Removed] helped me with my aging parents. She is with them and was very kind, considerate and made them feel very comfortable. I would definitely refer [Removed] to anyone who has a parent with in-home assistance needs.

CareAssist is a God Send!

CareAssist has been a great resource for our family … a God-Send actually. What a blessing to know our family member is consistently receiving high-quality care from warm, caring professionals. We trust [Removed] & her team immensely.
CareAssist helps us take care of our mom. It is such a weight off our shoulders knowing Mom is receiving the best care possible. Originally, we thought we would just have CareAssist fill in to help with things we did not have the ability to do. However, they are so responsible & kind & highly-trained, we feel totally at ease having CareAssist help in so many other ways, too. We were amazed at all the ways they can assist Mom! It is such a win-win. We feel confident mom is in the very best hands. Mom feels safe and enjoys the visits from the sweet, competent gals.
It is such a relief having [Removed] guide us. She is incredibly knowledgeable. Her medical expertise, combined with her caring heart, helped us design a plan that would work best for Mom. We can change the plan to whatever works best for her changing needs. That flexibility is important to us.
I feel like we are a team. [Removed] is right beside each of us every step of the way. She listens & communicates so well with Mom. [Removed] then coordinates Mom’s needs, the doctor’s orders, and our family’s concerns as well. I don’t know how she does it all, but she is so skilled at what she does! We’ve found that to be the case with CareAssist as a whole.
I am grateful we contacted CareAssist before we felt Mom actually needed them. By spending a few minutes on the phone getting to know each other, [Removed] was initially dialed in on Mom’s situation. Then, when we suddenly did need help, CareAssist was able to help Mom much sooner than we expected.

Thank you Janis!!!

I want to highly recommend Care Assist Services to anyone who needs help at home for their aging parents or anyone else requiring non-custodial care. [Removed] did a phenominal job with a dear friend of mine who is wheelchair bound. She did a very thorough and compassionate analysis of my friend's capabilities and personal and medical needs. She was loving and caring and treated my friend with respect and dignity. She then did a complete risk assesment of the home and made great recommendations for safety. Finally she hand picked several caregivers to interview with my friend. Ultimately a perfect companion was selected who has greatly enhanced the quality of life for both my friend and her family who can now relax knowing she is well taken care of in their absence. Thank you [Removed]! You are a life saver!!

Be a Voice - You'll get great return

Like any business, there are good employees and not so good employees. And as the voice for my mother, I will speak up. I have had some outstanding caregivers from CareAssist. I have also had some not-so-good ones, and those didn't last. I would call the office to inform them and they now have a list of caregivers I have met that I will, and will not, let back into my home to care for my mother. My current staff of caregivers is great! I feel that I can count on each of them to care for my mother, maintain the home with light housekeeping, and to prepare meals. I had chosen CareAssist after interviewing 6 different companies who all said the same thing. The one thing that set CareAssist apart was their willingness to manage and dispense my mother's medication throughout the day. All the others would not -- so they were all more companion care rather than elder care.

Excellent Provider of Caring Service

I worked with a variety of services and assistants to care for my elderly mother, and Care Assist was by far the most professional, caring, and comprehensive service we found. [Removed] is incredibly personable, and truly cares about her clients and their families. Her experience as a nurse brings a unique skill set to her caregiver assignments and guidance for the patient's family. Billing and payroll was a breeze. The process of interviewing and choosing a caregiver was painless. Should I ever have the need to hire in-home caregivers again, my first call will be to CareAssist.

Care Assist gave us safety and security.

When my mother, who was living in an assisted living home, started falling while moving around with her walker Care Assist was recommended as someone who could help. We hired the 12 hour day service which kept my mother safe and free from falling and also got her more involved with her senior community as well and eating better. Then she started falling out of bed because she forgot she couldn't walk very well. We hired the 12 hour night watch as well. Though an expensive proposition we were free from the 2 AM calls that my mom was being transported to the hospital from falling out of bed and we felt confident in her safety. We had the service until we found a place for my mom to live that included the more intensive services she needed. Care Assist gave us safety and peace of mind in caring for my mother. We thank them so much for their kind and thoughtful caregivers.

Horrible, absolutely horrible. Janis will promise you qualified caregivers and give you students who are still in school and training. When you question where the qualified are, you are told they are with previous clients.

I have to be at work from 05:30am-6pm; I had one of her caregivers leave my mother in bed all day and finally call me at 4:30 in the afternoon to talk with mom to get her out of bed. When I got home, Mom was in her wheelchair shaking; I had to call an ambulance to take her to the hospital; it was a two day stay to rehydrate her.

Another was late to my home, when it occurred a second time; I spoke with the student caregiver. I was told by Janis that I had no right to speak to her employees. REALLY? Her employees are in my home, caring for my loved one, causing me to be late to work twice and I have no right to let this employee know that my expectation is for her to be on time...really?

The same "late" caregiver had my mother sitting in her wheelchair in the dining room (Mom had a lift chair to help in her comfort), for who knows how long, while the caregiver was working on her computer. Obviously she was doing her homework. Mom was visibly agitated and just wanted to go to bed.

Cleanliness, the caregiver is to do "chores" around your home. There was no laundry to do in my home, only dust and vacuum one of the three days as well as empty the trash cans used. The girls rarely dusted or vacuumed. As far as the trash, one evening I came home to all three of the trash cans filled and had to empty myself after a 12 1/2 hour shift.

Value, if you are going to send us students instead of qualified caregivers, charge us as so, not the $24 an hour for a student.

Thank you to you we found J...

Thank you to you we found Janis Adams, the head of CareAssist Services. She is very nice, knowledgeable, and helpful. Now Mom has someone come in daily. What a big relief to all of us that Mom's needs are being attended to. Mom is still pretty independent, but as her needs increase, we hope CareAssist will be there for us.

21 very hands on 25 cli...

21 very hands on 25 clients asked about personality I like Janis-very professional

From the Provider

CareAssist Services is a South Orange County based homecare company, owned and operated by a Registered Nurse, assisting Seniors, Adults, and Children who are physically, cognitively, and developmentally challenged, with in-home personal care and non-medical services.

Personal Care includes assistance with dressing, bathing, toileting, continence care, eating, and transferring (from lying position to sitting to standing).

Additional services include Homemaker Services, Companion/Sitter Services, Respite Care for Family Caregivers, Friendly Reassurance, and Chore Services/MD Appointments.

Our experienced Caregivers are employees who are carefully screened, background checked, bonded and insured.

Our Clients are guaranteed honesty, trust and compassion along with an initial complimentary comprehensive in-home assessment and 24/7 oversight by an RN Care Manager.

CareAssist Services is a member of CAHSAH, California Association for Health Services at Home, and meets their certification standards for homecare companies in California.

CareAssist Services serves all of Orange County, CA and parts of adjacent counties.