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Customer Reviews

Wonderful, compassionate staff who spent considerable time to understand the level of care required by my father. The agency matched our family to two amazing caregivers. My father enjoys their company, and both express a genuine concern for his well-being. Care Mountain has exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend.

Very Grateful!

They helped my father for about four years to care for my mother with Alzheimer's disease. [Removed] were outstanding caregivers! My dad really struggled coping with my mom having this disease, and my brother, sister and I all lived out of town, so we wanted to do more for him, but the distance limited us. [Removed], the owner, spent many times after hours visiting with my dad as a good listener and supporter for him, which we all really appreciated!

Outstanding! Helped Us for 9 Years!

This agency cared 9 years for my mom until she passed, and then another year for my stepdad until he passed. It was such a big relief to have them helping our family! They were very reliable and the caregivers were very passionate about their job. We had the same two caregivers for eight and a half years, which also made a big difference. The quality of the care we received was truly outstanding!!!

Look for Another Company!

This a bad company. Some caregivers are good but others were awful. Management only cared about the money and would never admit any of their caregivers were bad or unqualified. Stay away from this one!!!


Local Representative

As a Texas licensed agency providing home health care, the major barometer of quality in our industry is an agency's State complaint history. We have successfully assisted over 1,600 DFW families since our inception in 2004, and never had a single substantiated State complaint. Very few other sizable agencies can claim this level of quality after 11+ years! We know we can do even better and welcome honest feedback to assist in this effort. Thanks!

The patient was happy

It was a very good experience working with Care Mountain in helping us organize everything. There were some issues with the caretakers but overall, the patient was happy with them though and it all worked out.