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Hourly $35/ hr for 1 hour/ ...

Hourly $35/ hr for 1 hour/ 3 X's a week min. No Medicare but yes to VA.

Would like more specialized care

I'm finding the caregivers are having a very difficult time in terms of actually providing services and help. My sister doesn't believe she needs the help so anything the caregivers try to give her in additions she refuses and sometimes doesn't even let them, but I find that they're not effective in getting past that. They just say it's a matter of time and developing trust. The other thing I find missing is it would be really nice if I had other services like art therapy or speech therapy, something along those lines, more specialized care for her. We have had conversations and they said they're working on it. The feedback has been that my sister is reluctant to have the caregiver help cook, do laundry... my sister is completely capable of keeping hygenics up, when we chose them it was really based more on which company my sister said she was more comfortable with, but saying and doing are different things.

From the Provider

We are unique in home care in that we help clients find the funds to pay our fees directing them to sources such as Medicaid, Veteran's Pension, and Long Term Care insurance. At Home Nursing Care (AHNC) is the sister company to At Home Personal Care (AHPC). ATNC is a Medicare certified agency providing skilled services.AHPC is a non-skilled provider of custodial care.Together, we are a full service home health care provider, licensed by the state and CMS.