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About Care For You, Inc - Silver Spring, MD

Care for You, Inc.®, created in 1996, is family owned and operated. Whether the need is temporary or on-going, we do whatever is necessary to keep individuals in their homes. Home is where the person lives – independently, with family or friends, or in a facility. Care is holistic – mental and emotional supports are as important as physical. Addressing the needs and desires of the individual as well as of the individual’s surroundings and family is critical. If the home is not safe, the individual isn’t safe – so add safety improvements. If the home is cluttered, declutter it. If the home is dirty, clean it. If family is stressed, take everyday care off their shoulders. If the individual wants to go to a play, visit distant family, attend an opera at the Met or vacation in Hawaii, go with them.

The same companion is with the individual so s/he doesn’t have to continually adjust to a new person. Criminal background, driving record and reference checks are made before hiring. These are Care for You employees and are not privately, independently contracted. We withhold and pay tax contributions, provide insurance and on-going supervision, conduct regular training sessions, and are bonded and insured.