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  • Minimum Age of Accepted Residents
  • Activities Onsite
  • Devotional Services Available
  • Indoor Common Areas
  • Meals Provided
  • Complimentary Transportation
  • Pets Allowed
  • No Smoking Allowed in Private Areas Indoors
  • No Smoking Allowed in Public Areas Indoors
  • Hospice Available
  • Male Residents Accepted
  • Female Residents Only

Customer Reviews

our thoughts

Really enjoyed my visit and discovered another side to senior care. The home like feeling and ability for my mom to still be independent even with her new found limitations. She especially liked the other ladies living there, the food, and the easy of getting around. Christina was so patience and helpful. We loved her passion.

My children worried.

My children felt I should move out of my home because I was alone and they worry too much. Looking back, I’m glad I did. Everyone here is nice and helpful. What I appreciate is they will do what I need to make life easier. It’s a nice feeling to have an opinion and someone listens. I have made nice friendships and get out frequently to still experience life. Never again have to worry about home repairs or shopping. They do it all here graciously. I’m settled now and happy with my community.

Worth a visit

Real nice place. Seemed to be intensive to the seniors they are caring for. Learned allot out the things Brookdale has in place to set them apart. Worth a visit for sure.

I love my home

I love living here. Everyone is helpful and try to make us happy. Our house cleaner does a great job every day. Our activities are nice and we go out to places frequently. We even have a dog to keep us company. I especially like that the bosses listen to what we want.

Innovative approach

Place for mom recommended this community and we cant wait to move our parents in. Unique and innovative approach to caring for the senior population. Smaller community that feels like your own home. We especially liked the outdoor lanai and courtyard cause our parents love the outdoors and they can be in a safe environment, be independent and still receive the help they need. A+

Should have followed my first instinct

My mother is doing great at this community. We made the mistake of moving into a different ALF initially because of an incentive given and after 72 hours, we knew we made the wrong choice and moved out of there. Brookdale Port Charlotte is everything the sales mgr told us it would be. The executive director cares for the residents well being. Both [name removed] and [name removed] should be commended for their daily efforts. These two ladies are the pulse of this community. The food is good, lots of activity choices, and the most important thing.... they make my mom and her friends happy. Her room is always clean and her laundry done weekly. There really in no reason to pass this community by. It is a home-like environment, and the residents are not a number.

Just became easier

A difficult family decision because much easier after visiting this community. Wow. We are very impressed after speaking with families who have parents residing there.

[Name removed]

My mother was a very difficult person to please, and this facility did a standup job meeting her demands. Would highly recommend to anyone

Gave my grandma a good life

Took good care of my grandma. She really liked living there, made good friends, and liked getting involved in activities and trips. Foods good and they keep the place clean. Very good to my whole family. Thanks for all you did to give her a better life. You made a difference.

Brookdale Port Charlotte

Visited & attended a function at Brookdale Port Charlotte. Our experience was outstanding. Residents had good things to say, clean & especially liked the level of care attention offered & witnessed. [Name removed] was a breath of fresh air & we appreciate her passion & follow thru. They have a community dog who brings companionship & joy to everyone living there. Definitely would recommend this community.

All-In Support

Was very impressed by the facility and the communication. I worked with [name removed] the Sales Manager and the support and assistance she gave me was immeasurable, not only with making the move, but with local services. My family is appreciative for that support, and for what these caregivers are doing for their residents. Don't pass this community by! You want an all-in support system and Brookdale Port Charlotte is just that. Sadly, my dad passed before we could move him in, but my great-aunt lived there previously, so I speak from experience.

real nice place for the elderly who want to be in a home like setting.

Couldn’t give a higher recommend

Our mother lived at Brookdale Port Charlotte for quite some time before her passing. It was very difficult for her to leave her home but we knew that she needed much more assistance than home care could offer. One thing that I can say is that every promise was fulfilled when it came to our moms well-being. Anytime she gave pushback on things like physical therapy, attending meals, taking medications, this team always had a proactive approaches. They believed in my mom which ultimately made my mom believe in herself and venture out of her apartment to make friends and go to meals every day. The quality of care she received, we couldn’t be happier with. Our mom was never a number, nor was it ever about the money. They gave our mom the best quality at end of life and we will forever be grateful to them because she was so happy there. We were involved in the every day goings on with my mom and can say without hesitation this is the community you want your loved one to be in if you want the best for them.

Glad we toured

We have had such a great experience. I'm so glad we went for a tour and were able to see firsthand. I have been to seven places and none of them gave me the resources or had the passion. [Name removed] is more an angle than a sales person and continues to go beyond the call of duty for us. Lunch was tasty and the people we met had good things to say. Brookdale has everything we need, the programs were explained in great detail and no other facility could offer the same. Feels like the right fit for us.

Dads quality of life

Our dad truly loved his home at Brookdale. Everyone went beyond our expectations to care for dad. The last year of his life was because of their love for him and we are so appreciative. He needed support with everyday tasks and received it consistently. He made great friends and had a wonderful quality of life.


Toured today and what a wonderful experience. Clearly passion and commitment in the facility. it's a perfect fit for our family.

Nice please

Very nice place, very helpful, layout is 1 floor with a beautiful outdoor area in the middle, key pad locked doors, food choices and served meals, and intimate.

Not a number

My experience has been great. [Name removed], their sales counselor is life saver! After working with her, I couldn’t possibly deal with another facility. Because there are so many moving parts to this whole asst. living process, I was stressed out. She put everything in perspective and gave me what I needed to get things going, and moreover helped us make my mom excited about a new beginning. The facility feels like home to my mom. The outdoor garden is a nice retreat for the people living there, and the ladies my mom spoke with all agreed they feel safe and are heard. After touring a couple facilities before coming here, I felt no need to look at any others. Big thank you to [Name removed] for her continued efforts to keep my mom happy and excited.

Grace and diginity

I am very satisfied with Brookdale Port Charlotte. My Mom has lived there for a number of years and one thing I can say, management is diligent in their efforts. One will always have issues that arise; dealing with human beings. It's how those challenges are faced and solutions are made, that set a community apart. The RAs do a great job caring for my mom's needs and the other residents. My hat goes off to them. This team handle things with grace and dignity.


Real nice place. Did a tour, lots of interaction with the seniors and just felt different. Really got a feel that they care about quality.

took good care of mom

took real good care of my mom. she never looked better. these guys care and wanted the best for her, which was a relief to me. looked at a few places and don't regret picking brookdale p.c.

Brookdale Port Charlotte

Very impressed. Clean, lively and felt very warm. Both my parents really like the layout, and the staff. They enjoyed the memory event they attended. They are on the top of my list. Sales manager was very responsive and really went way out of her way to help us.

Laughter in the building

Nice place. Clean, simple layout and nursing in the building. Staff was pretty social, doing exercises with the seniors in the family room. There was allot of laughing going on, and they seemed to enjoy themselves. The seniors we spoke to are happy. We learned about potential benefits thru the VA, which no one had shared with us before. The experience was great and she found a solution to help our family, which we appreciate. Different experience from the other places we toured.

Residents are happy

I liked what I saw. I especially liked what the residents who live there had to say. Actions speak louder than words and it seems the residents feel they are well cared for and are listened to. Didn't get to try the food.


Our family is very happy with Brookdale Port Charlotte. Mom has lived here for a number of years, and is aging. The management team is consistent in their vision. Even with new caregivers; they strive to employee only the most compassionate people, who put the residents above all. The managers aren't afraid to roll up their sleeves and lead by example. Dignity is very important to my mom, and this team is vigilant; never giving up on her and that’s what makes this community one of a kind!

Not what I expected

Just eat a wonderful lunch there. Flavorful and restaurant quality. Still shocked, because I never expected that from a facility. Their sales counselor is a doll. Really helpful and compassionate. It’s apparent to me, they are making a difference. The residents I encountered were all complimentary. This one just moved to the #1 spot!

My new home

I liked this place very much and will be going there with my service dog. I went to an exercise class, that I was able to do in my seat, then had lunch and visited with the most lovely ladies. All of them said how much they enjoy living there and how the people who work there care so much for them. I also went to a grand event, and the food was spectacular. They set the place up to the nines. I was impressed. It's a smaller place, and I love the layouts and the beautiful garden. So much to do and I am looking forward to entertaining the ladies with my organ skills. I'm very excited.

Brookdale was pretty nice

Real nice place. We liked what they have to offer. Liked they have different apartment sizes and they get served their meals. Clean, did not smell and they seemed to have fun with a learning activity going on when we were there. They also accepts dogs of all sizes.

Great place

What a wonderful place. Clean, attention to care, good food and a happy home. Doctor said that my mom wouldn’t benefit from asst loving. Boy was he wrong. She is active, lively and happy again. All because of what this facility does for her and her new friends. So glad we placed her, and more importantly is she as well.

age in place

We have a parent living at Brookdale Port Charlotte with dementia, which has been a difficult change for us. These people are godsend! They have been patient, informative and continue to help us with what seems like monthly changes. The attention and care they give is beyond what we expected. These changes are scary for us and they always seem to have a solution that works. The therapy services, and programs have been extremely helpful. We don't worry any longer, because we know they are looking out for our parent, like it's their own. The management team is top notch, and run that place with whole heart. If we could give more than 5 stars, we would.

Promises kept

Very happy with our decision. Mom's doing great and everything they said they'd do, has been done. We gained an extended family for sure.

Beyond helpful

Great experience with this community. We felt our sales counselor has a genuine passion for their seniors. So helpful. The community is clean, lively, and just felt like home. One floor with a beautiful outdoor area. Everyone we met had positive things to say and we even met a lady whose lived there for over ten years. We didn’t try the food, but we’re attending an upcoming lunch. We looked everywhere and this community fits the bill. Nursing on site and 24 hour attention.

Our experience

Our loved one did reside with brookdale port charlotte. We were happy with the care & attention, had special meal needs & it wasn't a problem. Most impressive was anytime we had questions or concerns, they made themselves available & always followed thru. The Ex. dr, Sales dr, Biz. mgr, & Care Staff are truly the best. The feeling we had when we first visited, till the day we left was the same! Room always cleaned every week, laundry service consistent & they keep the place clean. Offer activities and day trips frequently. Cost reasonable for the amount of attention they give to the elderly they care for. When considering assisted living, you should visit. We highly recommend this community!

Heart in this community

Great community. Clean, lively and unique. Visited in ‘17 and this year. Staff patient and engaged. Food was good and especially liked the “I can do” mentality we experienced on both visits. My dad likes this one and is anxious to move in. Definitely take the time to visit. This Brookdale is different in a very good way. Whole lot of heart in this building

Live at brookdale for many years

I lived at Brookdale Port Charlotte for A number of years. I miss everyone terribly. I’m grateful for everything they have done for me and my family. The care that I received really was the best when I had given up on myself, they refused to allow me to give up. I am doing better today only because of that stuff. I ate meals every day as did my family, on occasion. The chef gives us choices, and you never go away hungry. Rarely did I ever eat a meal I didn’t like There’s always something to do, and they are great about involving everybody and discovering what your passion is. Nothing in life is ever perfect. Anytime myself or my family have had obstacles, the management team fixed it promptly and we never had that issue again. That is something that always impressed me. I hate to be a bother. They actively solicited my input and always genuinely care if I was happy or needed anything I owe a lot to these wonderful people. I’m living in another state now, in the community is nice but I miss brookdale and I do miss my family. I would always tell families who came to visit our community how good my experience has been because it’s important the families know that their mom or dad will be well taken care of and will not just be institutionalized. Brookdale Port Charlotte does all things with love. I would always tell families who came to visit our community how good my experience has been because it’s important the families know that their mom or dad will be well taken care of and will not just be institutionalized. Brookdale Port Charlotte does all things with love. I miss you all

Checked s the boxes for us

We visited Brookdale Port Charlotte a few times over the course of this year. We also had dinner and lunch on different occasions, and attended a party. We liked the fact that residents, and my husband and I were able to order what we wanted to eat. On one occasion my husband changed his mind and they were very hospitable and made him what he wanted. The residents we spoke to all said that they enjoyed living there and they have a voice in all things, even food and outings. The place is clean and well kept. My daughter and grand kids like the place as well. They too thought the food was good. Brookdale checked all the boxes. Their sales manager has been a joy to work with. No pressure like others we have worked with. We will be making this move next year and Brookdale is our pick.

Mom is home

Moved my mom in this year and are very happy with that decision. She’s doing better than expected and mgmt does a great job of keeping us update on her progress, sends pictures and feedback. We don’t live in Florida, and they don’t have to do any of this. We are grateful for the entire staff. Mom loves the food and activities and has gained a family. They take real good care of her. Thank you.

Gratitude for Brookdale

We chose Brookdale In Port Charolette Florida because of its comfortable feel and friendly staff. When my mother did her tour she was really impressed with the level of care and consideration that was given to the residents and the delicious meals provided. We got way more than we expected ❤️ My Aunt who is a resident is always raving about the food, she says the staff are incredibly gentle and offer her the support that she needs. Her needs are anticipated and met before she can even voice them and she is integrating and making friends. This has been the most remarkable gift for our family, my Aunt is happier than I have seen her in many years and is not suffering from the isolation that she had been experiencing when she was at home receiving twenty four hour care from caregivers. The transformation that is underway has been so powerful that it brings tears to my eyes when I think of the quality of life that has been restored to my Aunt. The residents have been inclusive and the staff go above and beyond every single day. We are kept in the loop with everything and [Removed] has been most gracious answering every single request and question with proficiency and professionalism. The whole family has been included and we are grateful beyond measure for the excellent care from Brookdale Port Charolette. [Removed]

Our recommendation

We enjoyed our visit. Lunch was good, the place is clean and the staff was attentive. You can tell they truly care to make a difference. Felt much like home. We highly recommend!

We’re happy....

We moved my grandmother into Brookdale Port Charlotte and are very happy. She wasn’t thrilled about assisted living, but tells us it feels like home. The staff are great, and the managers are on it. When things arise, they take care of matters, and my grandmother can be demanding. The place is clean and care has been consistent in the past months of her being there. This community really takes pride in doing right by the residents! It’s such a relief for my family. You don’t need to look any further. Hands down, this place is everything you could ask for.

Our top pick

Brookdale Port Charlotte was a nice surprise. We visited about 5 places in pc and none compared to the experience we encountered. Sales counselor was wealth of info and didn't make us feel like we were trying to buy something. Brookdales programs and care plan were very appealing and we liked their unique approach to their seniors living experience. The food was good and the staff were friendly. Everyone we walked into took the time to talk to us. Very warm. Once our dad is ready to move to Florida, this place will be on the very top of our list.

We liked it

Very nice facility. Clean, active and organized. Spoke to many residents who said they were happy there. Very different from everything we looked at. Would have moved my mom in if she had not passed. Give this place a look. You'll be glad you did.


In times of adversity, you see the true champions. Brookdale Port Charlotte was evacuated during the hurricane and this team... wow! They stayed and cared for my mom and the residents 24/7, scarifying their sleep and comfort to make certain everyone was calm and well. They were remarkable! No complaining, patient and loving. We are so grateful for each and every one of them. Mom is back in her apartment smiling and getting back to normal. It's important to know who your caregivers are when the chips are down. 1 in a million! Thank you for the bottom of our hearts.

Wonderful facility!

This facility was very nice! It looked great and staff were very nice! I would have had no problem placing my loved one here, it was just fantastic!

This is a nice place for my mother-in-law

We are very pleased with the care my mother-in-law is getting her. The staff has been great in helping her with her transition which has been very difficult for her. There are a lot of activities for the residents who want to take part along with field trips. We also like the resident doctor program they offer so my mother-in-law does not have to go out for her appointments We also like that this is a smaller community and the staff shows that they care about their residents.

Team work

Our Dad can be a handful, and the staff are consistent with his care. Regardless the obstacle, mgmt. finds a way to make him happy. They go above and beyond, and we are indebted to them! They genuinely care about what they do, and tolerate unrealistic expectations, very gracefully. The mgmt. philosophy definitely trickles down. We are always impressed to see the mgrs in the trenches, with the aids and nurse, whenever the need arises. They are a team! Things aren't always perfect when dealing with personalities like our Dad, but we take comfort in knowing they actively work towards solutions. Something we never experienced at Dad's previous homes. He is happy, and we all have peace knowing they are looking after Dad, very well.

Good Fit

Very nice facility. Clean, friendly and home like feel. Spoke to residents who had good things to say. Management appears to pay attention to their concerns. Liked that they have different apartment styles and most have large windows with nice views. Beautiful outdoor area for residents. The facility is single story with large bright hallways. We had such a warm feeling when we entered and by the end of our visit, we couldn't see a reason to continue looking. We especially appreciated [Removed], the community sales mgr. Just a wealth of information and genuine commitment to the seniors that live here.

Friendly staff and residents. Clean. One floor which is nice. Not a real convenient location for us.

Better then we hoped for

Reviews for Brookdale Port [removed] really didn't give justice to our experience. Knowing nothing about assisted-living, being faced with a difficult decision to move our loved one; their sales counselor took a huge weight off our shoulders. Compassion, patience and consistency is what we have experienced from beginning to end. They really care about their residence, and want to make a difference in their life's. If something isn't working, I guarantee, they'll make it work. Our loved one is doing better than we ever hoped, and that is solely because of the staff.

A small intimate community

Mom is doing really well living at Brookdale. She has made friends and is out walking. The staff are wonderful. They are quick to respond to any issue and they handle mom's memory issues well. The are attentive to all of her needs and concerns. They really seem to care for the residents. The community is very clean and it is locked down community. Mom likes the food and she is eating better. Everyone knows everyone and I would recommend this community.

Good people

Just good people who treat their residents like family. Theres always bumps in the road everywhere, and they are always on top of it. Nursing dir does a good job with care, aids understand dignity,, chef takes feedback well and makes them happy, activities mgr is creative and patient and the sales mgr shouldn't be called "sales" cause she's better than most social workers. The community is clean and feels like home. This is our 3rd place and we woulnts consider moved again. I can't thank them enough. I don't worry anymore about her.

Dad's Happy Home

We have been very happy with this community. We like the staff that is caring and attentive. They are ready to answer any questions that come up as new residents get settled and used to a new environment. The menu is varied giving residents many choices at each meal. Many activities are offered for all. Residents are able to bring a small pet with them. The building has large, bright hallways and an interior courtyard. Families would be happy with this smaller community.


We made the difficult decision to move my ma into assisted living, and visited Brookdale Port Charlotte 3 times. We had a meals and attended an activity. We were very impressed. This staff demonstrated what we want for ma. We spoke to other residence (some that came from other communities) and all had good things to say. Management listens and meets their requests, involve them in meal planning, activity/outing plans. They even started activities that residents requested. Flexibly is what we saw! The attention to care was evident. We met with their sales manager, who was always responsive and helped us with va benefits and bridge loan options. No pressure, all compasssion and assistance, which the entire family appreciate. We did not experience that at other places! There is so much to consider when making this leap, and we must have looked every where. I can say without reservation Brookdale Port Charlotte it unique. Smaller single story, very clean, well manicured, and peaceful. You can tell this team genuinely care for their residents.

We found home

Never worry for a moment. My loved one is well cared for and loved by this team is professionals


They take amazing care of my mom. She is difficult and has some memory issues, yet try treat her with compassion and love. Encourage socialization and push her to be active. Best thing we did was moving mom in. I can't say enough good things about this team. They all roll up their sleves and make it happen for the residence. They make her what she wants for her meals and there has never be a "no" from anyone, even some of moms quirky requests. A++


Great community! Clean, good food, warm and inviting. Customized to their residence needs and wants. They make it happen for them and promote independence, which is super important to my mom. Everyone is kind and attentive a big family, which you wont find in the larger communities. Best decision we made.

They are very caring.

They have a very carrying staff.

Food is mediocre at best, but they accepted the criticism and committed to improve. Would like to see more robust activities. Transportation (doctors) only available one day per week.

Very happy family

The staff of Brookdale Port Charlotte take great care of my grandmother, and very attentive to her needs, and independence. They're consistent with cleanliness and maintenance. Food is always good, and they offer her lots of activities, shopping trips and family events, so we can all spend time together. She's very happy, as are we.

Very happy family

The staff of Brookdale Port Charlotte take great care of my grandmother, and very attentive to her needs, and independence. They're consistent with cleanliness and maintenance. Food is always good, and they offer her lots of activities, shopping trips and family events, so we can all spend time together. She's very happy, as are we.

We highly recommend

PopIn visit was better than the planned visits at other places. Besides feeling homey, staff was friendly and marketing mgr helped us with va solutions and understood what we're going through. Spoke to a few residents who said they love the place and seemed happy. Overall clean with outdoor courtyard in the middle for residents to enjoy. Musician singing and residents seemed to enjoy. Wasn't able to try the food, but residence I spoke with said it's always good, and they pick their meals. Brookdale Port Charlotte seems to be doing it right. They accept pets and have a secure place for the pup to play. We recommend!

Wonderful Community

Was very impressed. This single level community was clean, friendly and had allot of staff on hand. Residents were out and about and having fun crafting. Stayed for lunch and food was very good. Liked they have 4 sized rooms and pet friendly. Sales manager and chef were awesome. Brookdale has a lot of programs designed for the benefit of their residences; and will make it happen for them. Loved that nursing is onsite. My best advice is look around and consider this community. It really is an ideal place for seniors.

Brookdale Port Charlotte is a wonderful place!!!!

Dad is settling in nicely to this community. I have not had a chance to try the food but he likes it and there is a variety of healthy choices for him to choose from. The community is clean and well taken care of. He likes to participate in some of the activities offered. The staff are wonderful and there is good communication. I would recommend.

great facility

Everything from our first visit to the eventual admission of my dad was handled with care, not only for the him but for all family members. They anticipated our needs and questions which made for a very smooth transition.

Wonderful place!

Our experience with Brookdale Port Charlotte has been absolutely wonderful, I'd rate them higher than 5 if I could! Right when you walk in the door it just has a different feel than other places I've been, it just feels like a warm, cozy, family home. The staff know all the residents by name, and they all seem to get along great! I've even seen the managers out participating in activities with the residents. I've also been very impressed by the dining service. The residents are treated like guests at a restaurant, and there are always plenty of choice. And the food itself is lovely! I really can't say enough good things about this place!

Very nice place!

Everything has gone very well so far at Sterling House! They take great care of my loved one, and she really seems to like it here! We couldn't be happier. The staff are very friendly and treat all the residents very well!

I liked this one, too!

I liked this one, too!

Didn't Pay Attention

It was nice, but they kept raising the rent constantly. They didn't pay that much attention to her. The food was average, but nothing that stood. She had her own room, but it wasn't so much like an apartment as it was just a room.

Friendly, Caring and Good Value

They're very friendly there it's just a nice place. They're well-kept They still consider my mother a resident even though she's in the hospital currently. They're taking good care of my mother. My mother hasn't been there long enough but from what I've seen the activities are good.

1 bedroom Kitchnette. Snacks afterno...

1 bedroom Kitchnette. Snacks afternoon and evening. 325 Sq Ft. Med monthly, Cable and tel additional. LNS license

From the Community

Brookdale Port Charlotte provides assisted living residents with lifestyles, housing, and services in comfortable surroundings combined with exceptional amenities, programs, and care. Through Brookdale’s signature Personalized Assisted Living, we customize our care offerings for the individual. This allows each resident at our community the freedom and opportunity to make choices that will ease their lifestyle transitions. Residents enjoy life with the support they need, coupled with the appropriate accommodations as their needs change.

We promise Respect for Individual Preferences by offering personalized care needs and providing an atmosphere that encourages each assisted living resident to live in health and longevity. We also offer special housing and care options for those who require assistance with the activities of daily living such as dressing, bathing and dispensing of medications. We offer graduated levels of care based upon the individual need of residents, as determined by our continual assessment process. We are dedicated to enriching the lives of residents every day with signature services for those who value their freedom and independence, but desire or need services providing them with the highest level of quality, care, and value.