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Customer Reviews

What a wonderful stay

My name is [Removed] and I was at Braemoor Health Center for a short time. I do have to say the staff at Braemoor is very professional and courteous. They are very attentive and make you feel at home. The Housekeeping Department was very good and diligent and friendly when it came time to clean my room every day. The Therapy Department was excellent. Everyone there is really respectful. They do not push too hard but they also make sure you do not slack off. Overall my stay at Braemoor Health Center was wonderful.

Thanks Braemoor!

My mother had a fall and we were faced with a tough decision of where she was going to go for rehabilitative care. I toured Braemoor because it was close to my home and I wanted to be able to see her a couple times a day. i loved the tour I got and instantly felt comfortable sending my mother here. Now that she is going home, I can definitely say that I chose the right place for her. Everything was just perfect and the managers in the admissions office were just wonderful. I would recommend this place to anyone who needs this level of care for yourself or your family member.

Good stay overall

I liked my time here. There were some really good people here that tried their best every day and that is always good to see. Some people here really care about their job and it shows in the work they do with the patients here. I would come back here when the time came and I needed more care, but I am very happy to be going somewhere with more independence. I had no issues with your place and have no complaints.”

I am leaving here very pleased with the care that I received while I was here. I have no complaints at all about my time here. I always got everything I needed in a timely manner and the people were always kind to me whenever I asked them for something. The food was pretty good, too. I was kind of surprised at that. Everyone worked very hard with me making sure that I could be ready to get out of here today and I really am thankful for that. I would come back here if I needed to.

Home away from home

“Home Away From Home”
My name is M. French. I hurt my back and legs. I was asked where I wanted to go and I said “Well, I heard good things about Braemoor”. So, I was hurt real bad. I thought I would never recover. When I got to Braemoor, people said ‘Hello’ to me. The staff made me feel right at home. The first thing they asked me was “How can I help you?”. Everyone was making me feel all right. The very first thing I asked for was to see my room and I felt right at home. The staff “tucked me in” and one hour after another they checked on me to see if I was okay. The next day, PT and OT came to my room. I went with them and started my recovery. They made me feel good and told me that it takes one day at a time. After a while, I started to feel better about myself. On bad days, they helped me to get better. They pushed me to exceed my limits. The nurse was right there asking if I wanted help getting washed up and putting on clean clothes. The managers in the offices told me that I looked good and they were nice and kind. They were always there to listen and help us. Overall, I can finally go home. If my family ever got sick, I would send them here to Braemoor.

The care about my Mom

We have been here before and I will always bring my mother back to Braemoor. I can’t imagine putting her anywhere else. You guys never disappoint with the kind of care she gets here. It really helps me, too, to know that she is always being cared for here. It’s hard to have to put your mom somewhere for a little while, but every time she is here, I know that she is getting the best care she can get. She is always happy here and I never have to talk her into coming. We will definitely be back, probably sooner rather than later. Oh! One more thing: I love the coffee here too!

From a long term resident

I love this place! Everybody is so nice to me. They treat me kindly and respectfully. I am happier down here in this room than I was upstairs. Everybody is always just so nice. The nurses are great. The girls always help me when I ask for it. I couldn’t ask for much more. But you know what I always say (and she does always say this): So far, so good, but always room for improvement.

About my stay

I was at Braemoor Health Center for a few months. Everyone there was great. They give the residents as much attention as possible. If you have a problem they will work diligently to solve that problem. I would like to point out that the secretary, Sofia, is a joy to have around. She is always happy and laughing and will do anything us residents need her to do. The physical therapy department is just as amazing at Braemoor. They really make you feel that getting better is all that matters. They are very sociable and caring. They make you feel like they are your friend there to help you through just about anything. If I ever need a facility such as Braemoor again I would definitely return to their facility.

No better place!

I cannot think of a better place than Braemoor. You guys are always so good to me literally from the second I come in and the concierge greets me and knows my name instantly. That's the first thing that lets me know I am in the right place. The nurses and staff have all taken the time to get to know me and it really feels familiar and home-like when I am here. I swear, whenever i need PT/OT again like this, I will only come here. If they don't have an open bed, I will just wait because there is no other place I would go.

I cannot say enough about how wonderful everything was here. Top to Bottom, every single person I encountered was just extraordinary. I was in such a bad way when I came in here but everyone was so helpful the entire time I was here. The food was good, the care was superb, and the therapy really helped me get back to a good place so I can get back to my life. Honestly, when I first heard that I had to come here because the place I wanted to go didn’t have any openings, I was really nervous. I didn’t know what to expect considering some of the things I had heard but you guys just blew me away from the start. You all made a horrible experience a good one and I will be happy to tell anyone that will listen about my time here.