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lots of administration but still no help

Good luck getting a nurse on the weekend.Family member left in top floor apartment for 2 days without AC during 95 degrees.Same family member with mental health issues was encouraged to push away family members(easier to control patient)Family member also fell, broke lower back, ended up in hospital.Fell in front of staff, not reported until taken to hospital 2 days later.
Lots of salaried administration([removed]),9-5,M-F.Very little 24/7 staff @ 11/hr.
Major Novo virus outbreak first week of 2019.
Do not need [name removed] to leave comment telling us about God and how they care.

My aunt was in the assisted living. She fell and was unable to contact anyone. She was not found for almost 24 hours. If you do not pay staff come to your room regularly, they don't check on you.

Darcy DeMars

Local Representative

At Boutwells Landing, we hold the safety and well being of residents and guests as our highest priority. As such, I’m sorry to hear your aunt had a bad experience here. I would welcome the opportunity to discuss your concerns directly and see what solutions we can find to ensure your satisfaction going forward. Please contact me at ([removed]). Wendy, Campus Administrator

Nightmare dressed as a daydream.

Both of my parents lived at Boutwell's until their deaths. Long story not place your loved ones here. My mother was [Removed]. Boutwells did nothing and police did very little to remedy this situation. I now know my father was severely dehydrated because of improper medication use. Hind sight is 20/20. Do your research. Learn from my mistakes. If you sign the DNR clause, Boutwells is obsolved of all responsibility of your loved one's care. Also, they did not do background searches of their caregivers. VERY IMPORTANT to know this. Not enough staffing. Hallways were always empty do caregivers. Place looks great, but was a nightmare. Please do not place your loved one here.

Darcy DeMars

Local Representative

I apologize for the lateness of this response. I was just now made aware of your feedback posted on this website. I am also very sorry for the experience you and your family had here at Boutwells Landing. We believe we are called to honor God by caring for older adults. What you describe is not reflective of how we operate as a mission-based organization. Please know that we do perform background checks on all of our employees. I would welcome the opportunity to discuss your concerns further if you’d be willing to call me directly. Again, I sincerely apologize for your experience here and wish God’s blessings upon you and your family.
Wendy, Campus Administrator ([removed])

This is a very nice place,

This is a very nice place, but much more expensive than the others I was considering, therefore not really an option for us.