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  • Outside Patio Garden
  • Secured exterior courtyards with walking paths and professionally manicured landscapes and gardens
  • Live Musical Performances
  • Beauty & Barber Services
  • On-site Storage
  • Library
  • Home Health Aides
  • Religious Services
  • Arts and Crafts Programs
  • Social, cultural and educational life enrichment programs
  • Pet Friendly Community
  • Fitness Center
  • 24-hour Emergency Call Response
  • Complimentary Transportation
  • 24 Maintenance Services
  • Housekeeping provided
  • Utilities

Customer Reviews

I have lived at Birch Hill, Independent Living, for over 1 year. I love my apartment and I have grown very fond of the residents I live among. My activities here augment my time in the community where I docent at the museum and attend UNH class. Activities here are too numerous to list but there is something exciting for everyone.
Join me.

Quality care is provided at moderate cost - in a quiet country setting.

Keep Looking

Unfortunately, I cannot say much good about Birch Hill. While some of the staff is quite good, there is a fair amount of staff that seems quite indifferent. I hear constant complaints about the food, too much salt for many, too much sugar for others, heavy on the carbs and often not very tasty. Sunday, the day family visits, is not indicative of the rest of the week. IF you don't believe me, try a Tues.

I don't understand the problem. Get better staff and improving food quality and nutritional value can not cost that much. ON the positive side, the facility is kept pretty clean and décor is pleasant enough.

But, like I said....keep looking for a better place for your loved one.

Kim Murphy

Local Representative

Hi Christine;
Thank you for your review. Please know that Birch Hill consults with a dietician regularly and with all residents who request a meeting with our dining manager or chef in order to meet specific dietary requirements. The dining menus are revised frequently and new icons indicate food choices for certain needs.
We invite you to contact us, any day of the week convenient for you, to sample our menu first hand.

Thinking about Birch Hill ???

I have been a resident of Birch Hill for almost two years. During this time BH has undergone many changes and renovations. For some who have been here for years, it has been a challenge. The changes greatly improved new units and common areas (dining area, all purpose room and fitness area and hallways). The dining is outstanding. We have a new (excellent) fitness program that offers programs for multiple levels of ability. There are many ways that they make daily living as easy as possible. The staff here is amazing. They are friendly and very accommodating. The residents are also very friendly. Moving to Birch Hill was a great decision for me.

Food Service is Awful!

Recently visited a family member and bought an overpriced lunch sandwich before my drive home. I had to throw the bread out the window of the car as it was completely stale. I have heard the food is terrible and know I k now it is true.

I would not want to live here!

Kim Murphy

Local Representative

Hello – Thank you for your review. We are sorry to hear that your sandwich was not what you expected. At Birch Hill, we take great pride in our food quality and all sandwiches and Paninis are made from only the freshest ingredients. We are reevaluating our packaging for grab and go items to avoid this problem in the future. Our pricing is very competitive and we invite you back anytime for another try.

Think twice. Food is hugely inappropriate for resident population. Management indifferent.

Do not have a family member move here if they have any dietary restrictions. The food is full of sugar and high in cholesterol . Residents have asked for healthier food and management does not responde. There is no nutritionist on staff or even consulting the kitchen staff.

Not a good place for elderly.

Kim Murphy

Local Representative

Thank you for your review, Todd. At Birch Hill we take pride in our strong nutrition and food quality standards. Please know, the head chef in our independent living dining room works with a Dietitian who is involved with food prep and planning throughout our community. Birch Hill offers a variety of healthy options and has revised the menu icons to clearly denote these choices. We welcome you back to see our menu options anytime.

Mom's Happy Here

This is a nice place for my mom. We are happy with the staff always. The community is well taken care of. The food is appealing. I would recommend the care at this community for others.

It shouldn't feel like a filing cabinet

After 2 years at Birch Hill we have decided to leave. The cost has been discussed in other reviews. It's quite high and continues to rise, with very little to show for that.

But that's just the tip of the issue. My mother is a very social person, not a shy one like other's leaving comments here have mentioned their parents are. As such, she should have no problem meeting people and forming a sense of community. She's very skilled at that, in fact. And yet, it simply hasn't happened at Birch Hill. Residents are expressly not encouraged to engage in activities (it's apparently a policy the management has, considered a respect for people's privacy). There are clearly cliques, that my mother would never aspire to being part of.

She has been asked by residents if she was on staff because they see her as one of the few people who is available to talk on a daily basis. The management and staff do not do that. I was once told that "I say hi as I walk by to take my dog for a walk". Guess what, that's not community building, it's avoidance of awkward silence.

The activities offered are really limited and largely quite tired (e.g., plunking people in front of a movie with headsets so that conversation is stymied, "sit and be fit", which is great for people with limited strength or stamina, but does very little to help build strength or stamina, water color classes that are terrific but not well marketed, thereby discouraging people who "can't draw" to join in, etc.) My mother attends most activities, but despairs because so few of the other residents do as well. People aren't encouraged to go outside, except as part of a "ride the little bus" outing, usually accompanied by an additional expense

I'm sorry to be so negative, but unfortunately our experience has been mostly negative. And it's been heartbreaking to see my mother feel like she's been put in a "filing cabinet", even though she's in independent living.

I do want to add that the wait staff is friendly and open, the food is quite good and well balanced. The dining experience, however, is stressful and uninviting. They have never, that I've seen, had the outside terrace open as an option - instead you would have to make arrangements to be able to eat outside.

As the daughter, I find the lack of interest in my mother demonstrated by the management coupled with the very high cost is just too much to bear. So she is moving in with me and, as we need additional care, we'll certainly be looking elsewhere.

Peace of mind for entire family

My parents have lived at Birch Hill Terrace for several years, and our family couldn't be happier. After visiting several similar communities, we chose Birch Hill Terrace because it best met my parents' needs at that time. As their needs have changed over the years, the administration has worked closely with us to recommend changes in services and living situations to make sure my parents are properly cared for and are utilizing all available services.

My siblings and I have regular communication via phone and email with both administration and staff, and are kept abreast of anything notable. There is such peace of mind knowing that my parents are being watched over.

In addition to a friendly, responsive management team and staff, Birch Hill residents are warm and welcoming. My entire family enjoys visiting and being greeted by residents and staff. And it's wonderful to see my parents surrounded by other residents who are all "in the same boat" and are looking out for each other.

Seeing my parents able to relax without many of the worries of daily life brings us all such peace of mind. I highly recommend this facility!

The answer to our prayers!

When it was time to begin the process of looking for assisted living for our mother, my six siblings and I took a full year to research and tour a countless number of facilities within an hour of where my mother lived. Simply walking through the door, a first impression was so revealing. Whether it was the ambience, or the looks on the faces of the residents, we were quite discouraged. Many places were depressing, with residents' blank and lackluster faces telling all. Our first impression when we walked through Birch Hill's doors was head and shoulders above the crowd. It was a beautiful, vibrant place with beautiful decor. But what impressed us most was the look of joy and happiness on people's faces who lived there. Many we spoke with said they had wished they had moved there earlier in life. My mother has "blossomed" since moving there and we have never seen her happier. I cannot recommend Birch Hill strongly enough. From senior management to all staff, they are committed to making sure everyone who lives there is happy, comfortable and has a high quality of life. We are so very grateful!

Birch Hill Terrace is the best!

Our family's experience with Birch Hill Terrace has been nothing but positive- from the leadership of the organization to the nurses, LNAs and other support staff who provide the care and support the residents. The sense of community and caring is felt throughout the organization. When my parents first looked at Birch Hill as their potential home 7 years ago my Dad said "now this is a place where I can see us living"...and he immediately jumped right into the activities. After a few years living independently, my Mom needed to move to assisted living. It was a very tough decision, but our entire family was fully supported by management, clinical staff and care givers throughout the process.

Obviously an organization of this kind must operate like a business to stay viable, but at Birch Hill that has not taken away from the caring experienced by my parents, siblings and me. Every time I leave from a visit I am reminded of how fortunate we are to have found a place where my parents are safely cared for and enjoying their golden years.

They are all about the money

The LNA's and LPN's are great in the assisted living side. The administration is another story. After my Mom has been living there for 14 years, it became evident that she was nothing more than another monthly check. With a 3rd increase in 12 months and another guaranteed in 6 months her monthly rent has gone up, up and up. The sad thing is that there was no empathy and no human touch to the announcement that her rent was going to increase by over $1,000 per month in 30 days. And when I contacted the administrator to discuss my concerns he did not even show the common courtesy of a phone call. It was an email, take or leave it! I am shocked and as such decided to move her to another facility. I think the prospective client should be aware that this place is a business first and they do not even to pretend to care about the family. In fact, in 14 years I have never met the administrator and he has never once made an attempt to meet me or the family. He is all about the money. Imagine, 14 years a resident no show of compassion, understanding or concern. It isn't that we don't have the money and can't afford it. It is their lack of decency that influenced the decision to move my Mother.

no complaints what so ever

I have no complaints what so ever about Birch Hill Terrace. It is the perfect place for my parents. The staff there go out of their way to be helpful. They are very friendly. The residents are friendly too. I am very pleased wit this facility.

The staff seems caring and nice

It is really hard to tell, since it has not been long since we put her in the facility. So far, the staff seems caring and nice. The place is kept pretty clean, but has a few maintenance issues. Aside from a few minor things in the beginning, everything is fine.

Not good if you are looking for a social environment for your loved one.

I agree with the 1st review. My mother in law has been here for two years. I have been told by others that some of the staff are not nice to her when we are not around to witness their behavior. She is very lonely here. The dining experience is extremely stressful to her because of the way she is treated and as a result she avoids going into the dining room to eat. The price is exorbitant - over $5000 a month for independent living. This price includes a cash deposit that you have to provide at the beginning. There is a $300 a month allowance for meals. You can keep only $600 in the meal bank. If you do not use the money, They keep it. There is a doctor at the premises, but I feel that he is not very good. He has sent my mother in law to the emergency room for an issue that a primary care doctor should be able to resolve. If you decide to go here, I would suggest another doctor outside the facility. And again agreeing with the 1st reviewer, there is no effort by the staff to engage residents. This would not be a good place for someone who needs a push for socialization. Many residents who live here seem of f putting. My daughter and her daughter always mention that there is a lack of warmth and friendliness when eating with their grandmother in the dining room. Basically, I don't see the allure of this place and regret sending her here so she would not be lonely. She is lonely here.

Nice but expensive for what you get.

My Mom is 90 next month and has been living there for 12 years. The facility is well maintained and the staff are very helpful. They offer a fair amount of activities but do not do much to encourage those residents that are shy to attend.
I see people sitting alone in the dining area and that should never happened. Be aware that whatever price you are quoted goes up @3% per year. That is above the cost of living and double SS. So in 10 years the rent will go up 30%!. But the services do not improved and in fact we have seen cut backs in staffing and other areas. There is only one meal per day, as opposed to other places that offer 3 meals per day. The advantage of 3 meals per day is the opportunity to socialize. Many of these older folks, most, are widowed, alone and scared. They could do more to encourage socialization. Clicks are formed, especially in the dinning area and the staff does not do much to help those join in that are new and left out. Also, they offer a cafe, outside trips etc, but extra cost is involved. A simple lunch in the cafe will be about 10 dollars. $10 x 30 days per month and add another $300 per month just for lunch.
We have seen her rent inflated to over $3400 per month. Add in a few lunches, having her sheets changed and washed once per week, hair washed and we are about $3700 per month. I don't feel you get $3700 per month value. There are equally nice places in the area that are far less expensive. Hope this helps.

Resident Living quality review at Birch Hill Terrace

My loved one has lived here alone, in independent living apartment for over 5 years and has been very happy, found great new friends. At 87 years young, still involved in reading daily papers in lobby, exercise classes, miniature golf, taking various trips to museums, lakes, garden tours and restaurants, plays cards, food bank fundraising and as a pen pal to local 3 rd grade students, all through Birch Hill's community activities. Food is good quality and taste and waitstaff very attentive. Housekeeping /maintenance staff very helpful. A local pharmacy is available to sort medications into three times daily pill boxes and delivers medications to residents here for them to take on their own, if able. Apartments are clean, grounds well kept. They are just adding/building senior "cottages". Also have assisted living care facilities. Nurse and doctor on premises. Facility Was highly recommended to us.

From the Community

As the only Continuing Care Retirement Community in the greater Manchester, New Hampshire area, Birch Hill,offers an exciting, modern approach to senior living. Birch Hill affiliated with The RiverWoods Group in 2016. The RiverWoods Group is the largest non-profit family of Continuing Care Retirement Communities in Manchester. The Birch Hill is the perfect option for people seeking an independent lifestyle, or the warm and caring atmosphere offered in assisted living. Through a variety of independent living options you can become part of a community with a great tradition, where you’ll be able to maintain and expand upon your lifestyle to include intriguing new activities and friendships.

We offer spacious 1- and 2-bedroom apartments that include all the amenities you would expect from a premier community. The community is putting the finishing touches on a $14m renovation and expansion project showcasing 5,000 sqft of new common spaces and all freshly renovated apartment homes.
With an established reputation for fine dining, Birch Hill purchases food locally, which means your meals are fresh every day. From a savory appetizer and colorful garden salad to a delectable entrée and mouthwatering dessert, breakfast, lunch and dinner earn outstanding marks from our residents. Residents may choose from traditional or café-style dining, each with its own delicious menu. Many diverse on and off campus activities are available to residents, along with complimentary transportation by our professional staff. In addition, our friendly and efficient housekeeping and maintenance staff make life so much easier.

Birch Hill is building a new neighborhood of cottages - 22 units designed for those who seek greater independence. It all comes with trusted health care services, right at hand, as well as a wide range of amenities and services. With cottage models ranging in size from 1,300 to 1,600 sq ft, you’ll have the ability to customize your space beautifully with a splendid array of options. Your new cottage is equipped with top appliances. From wi-fi to room design, you’ll see that our cottages are prepared to welcome a new generation seeking affordable, modern retirement living.

Birch Hill Terrace is located in Manchester, NH. A big city in the very small "Granite State," it has all the amenities and activities one could want.

- Population: The population of Manchester, NH is only around 110,500, but that is huge compared to other towns in the state. The average age of residents is around 36 years old.
- Walkability: The walk score for the city is a 48. Downtown, walking is an easy way to get around, but quite a few errands will require a car.
- Senior Facilities: Several senior facilities are located in and around this city.
- Weather: Residents can expect warm summers in the high 80s and 90s with cold winters. This area gets quite a bit of snow in the winter with temperatures that can drop below zero.


Residents are invited to utilize the transportation services that Birch Hill Terrace offers, with other transportation options available. The city has a public bus system through the MTA. Residents can purchase passes by the day, week, or month. Senior discounts are available. Some of the other transportation services are:

- Bluesky Transporation: Limousine services available.
- Manchester Taxi: Taxi cab rides in and around the city.
- Dickson Car Service: Taxi cab rides in and around the city.

Medical Services

For medical services that are necessary outside of Birch Hill Terrace, the city has two hospitals and several medical centers. Some of the most popular are:

- Elliot Hospital: Full trauma hospital and medical centers for emergency and routine care.
- Catholic Medical Center: Full trauma Catholic-run hospital. Emergency care and routine care are available.
- Dartmouth Hitchcock Manchester: A division of one of the largest medical centers in the area that focuses on primary and specialist care.
- Medical Group of Manchester: A primary care office, division of CMC Hospital.

Sports & Leisure

One of the most popular destinations in the warm seasons is the Derryfield Country Club, which offers 18 holes, amazing food, and lounge. Some other places for golf fun are:

- Manchester Country Club: Prestigious membership club by invitation only.
- The Hollows Disc Golf Course: popular disc golf course.

For those looking to play some tennis, there are a few options as well:

- Derryfield Park: Trails, playground, and tennis courts.
- Livingston Park: Popular park with walking trails, tennis courts, and other sports.
- Algonquin Tennis Club: Two heated indoor courts with a viewing area and lounge. Small membership fee required.

Other outdoor activities in the area include several miles of walking trails around Lake Masabesic, several biking paths and a rail trail to explore.


This area contains a few malls and unique downtown shops. Some of the favorites of the area are:

- The Mall of NH: Indoor mall with selection of popular stores and restaurants.
- South Willow Street: Near the Mall of NH and filled with shopping plazas and restaurants of all types.
- Elm Street/Downtown: The heart of the city, downtown is loaded with unique shops, parks, and outdoor exhibits.

For grocery shopping, locals head to Walmart Supercenter located in nearby Hooksett, NH, which is very close to Birch Hill Terrace. There is also another Walmart Supercenter near the Mall of NH. Other grocery stores in the area are:

- Market Basket: Large grocery store with all basic needs.
- Hannaford: Upscale grocery store with basic needs.
- Sully's: Small town grocery store.


Residents can expect the basics when it comes to fast food in this area. McDonald's and Burger King are quite popular. Some others are:

- Subway: Subs made fresh to order.
- Chipotle: Mexican creations.
- Five Guys: Burgers and fries.

Some of the best family-style restaurants in the area are:

- Longhorn Steakhouse: Steakhouse with comfort food, upscale.
- Cotton: Fine dining restaurant in the heart of the city.
- Puritan Back Room: Family atmosphere, comfort food.


For a night on the town, Manchester residents can take in a movie at the new IMAX theatre in nearby Hookset, or play some poker where the old Manchester movie theatre used to be. Nightlife downtown includes:

- Southern NH Arena: Full arena for concerts and hockey.
- Palace Theatre: Historic theatre of performing arts.
- Currier Museum of Art: Art museum open daily with special exhibits.

Visit, the Manchester Public Library to grab a good book. The building is absolutely gorgeous with its marble carvings and painted ceilings.

Religious Services

Several churches are located in and around the city. Some of the closest to Birch Hill Terrace are:

- Manchester Christian Church
- First Congregational Church
- Brookside Congregational Church

Manchester, NH is a big city in a small state with a lot of history and a truly diverse culture. It is easier to navigate than most cities and sits only about a 45-minute drive from Boston, MA.