Avondale ALH - Avondale, AZ

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Customer Reviews

There is a lack of communication with staff

The staff team there needs better communication with the families’ of the tenants. It has taken them 6 weeks to get my aunt’s condition under control. They really need to step up and make sure that certain medical needs are met. They have 3 people on staff (2 sisters and I believe their mother) in a home with 10 patients. It seems it might be overwhelming for the staff members. They always speak in their language when we are around which I find very rude. If I were my aunt and they take away my plate from dinner then they speak in their language, you never know if they are talking about you or if you’re in trouble. The meals are good; they seem to have something different every day. However, they’re not very accommodating. My aunt has no teeth and they would give something big and chunky for her to eat. It would be as if I have to go “Hello! She can’t eat this. This needs to be made differently”. I have no complaints about the cleanliness. Everything seemed to be very clean and the bedrooms are always done up. The staff told me that my aunt can’t have too many clothes because they do laundry daily. I do not know how often they take out the trash. However, I never seen the trash bags over flow. I’ve walked around other patients’ rooms and they look very kept as well. Overall, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this community. It is a great location but medical needs are not met as efficiently as it could be. No one can take care of my aunt like family can and it felt like I would have to come in, more often than I need to, just to make sure the staff is doing their job. I had to build trust with their staff but there seems to be a lack of compassion between them, the tenants, and their families.

Very nice!

This home was the first one that we toured. It was nice and everyone was friendly, but we found another home that was closer to my sister's friends so it was more convenient for us.