Autumn Care of Chesapeake - Chesapeake, VA

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Customer Reviews

I want out! Now.

Iam a patient here and I am totally unhappy. I have been trying the days here(5) TO HAVE MY BANDAGES CHANGEd BEFORE I AM BURNING AND CRYING. NO SUCH.LUCK!! This is so unfair, my family has left so I am stuck..Until this can be resolved tonight. And. Definitely in the morning. The evening nurse is still here and has not acknowledged my ringing the bell for help . This makes this beautiful facility ugly to me.

One Mean Nurse

It was beautiful but the price was way to high and actually he hated it because there was a mean person there. I don't think they're terrible overall. I think there are a lot of good people there but there was at least one that was not very good. They had a nurse that was rude to me and made me mad, and that's hard to do. It didn't take much to make him mad. She was really nasty to him. I don't know if she's still there. I saw on the news that someone from there was let go after being arrested for theft so maybe that was her. They have a few staffing issues there.