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Will Use Them If I Have Too

We used this agency for a couple of weeks but I decided it was in my moms best interest to stop using them. My schedule at work changed so there for the days that I need a caretaker for my mom increased from 3 to 5. The agency was not willing to provide me the same caretaker who my mom loved for the whole week. They said that she had another client that had been with them for many years that needed her service. So we had 2 caregivers for mom and the second one didn't show up twice which resulted in me having to take off work to bring my mom to doctors appointments. I had called the agency and had to leave several messages and they never called me back. The communication with that agency is not that great. I have left our file open with them however it will be on an as needed basis and not as a regularly scheduled thing because I need someone that I can count on to show up and help my mom

Working Well

Initially, this is not what mother wanted but it is meeting our needs for now. We are now on the second caregiver since we started with the agency. The first caregiver may not have enough experience to make my mother feel comfortable and secure. I communicated via email to the contact person Tish and she helped me resolve the issue.We are on our 2nd caregiver and that seems to be working better.The women are nice has more experience and is more confident. The agency has been wonderful in getting back to me they have never had to reschedule an appointment.

Dad needs something different

Dad needs something different, possibly assisted living or something else. He needs someone that can help take care of a urine catheter. The caregiver they assigned to my Dad did try to help with his care needs. We did have some miscommunication when I had called multiple times to let her know not to show up because my Dad was in the hospital, she or another caregiver would show up anyway. My Dad is very cranky and also needed someone at night. For the most part, she was a good caregiver and she did what she was supposed to do. She was on time and very presentable. She drove him places and did the shopping, she cooked and cleaned. It could be that she was not the right fit for my Dad.

We were not happy with their service.

We were not happy with their service. They were not very helpful, or reliable, we had a bunch of no-shows. when we met with owners they were really nice, but their office staff needs some work for sure. They were not good at responding to emails and we did not have a positive experience with them at all.

I Am Satisfied With The Care

My wife is getting very good care and I am very satisfied with the results from this agency. The staff are on time and prompt when needed. We have a clear communication and the staff clean up after themselves, no messes here. Overall I feel confident with the care and safety for my wife. I would recommend their help.

New to this.

WE are still trying to get scheduling in order and see an invoice. More later.

So far we have been satisfied with their service.

So far we have been satisfied with their service. There have been no complaints from our family who lives nearby. People are showing up, and it seems to be working out.

I wasn't that happy with them.

I wasn't that happy with them. They had a couple of good people, there were three that I really liked, but they had a bad time with schedules. They weren't very reliable at all, people would call and say that there was nobody to stay with come and relieve them, could I come. Weekends seem to be a problem, and on afternoon. They seem to work best with 12 hour shifts. They also sent some inexperienced workers. The transport service was great, and I really liked the owner. Their office staff may need some help as well, there may be a bit of a communication breakdown.

Working Well So Far

I don't have them do too much. I just want them to be here when I'm gone and help my husband. If I'm gone during a meal time, I have a meal ready and I just have them put it out and heat it up if needed. Normally it has been two guys that come out at different times but the woman that came out recently, the first thing that she said was is there any housework I can do for you? So I really liked that. They also help him with playing movies and TV because he doesn't understand the remotes. There's not a lot for them to do but my husband enjoys it. He likes having them here.

I like the services provided. Accept ...

I like the services provided. Accept VA and medical.

From the Provider

"Auspice" is a Latin term for an omen or an individual that aids and assists a patron in their time of need.

Auspice Home Care Solutions, LLC provides non-medical home care services to individuals living wherever they call home. We offer cost-effective rates and no hourly minimums. Our caregivers go through an extensive screening and training program that encompasses all the care we provide. We have professional care management teams to coordinate your loved one's care. We provide thorough individualized care plans and monthly evaluations to ensure the care is reflecting the client's needs. Primary care physician notification is also provided. We will keep the physician informed of the care being provided and any changes with that care. When families need additional resources our care managers will work with them to determine what resources they need. Care managers will work with families to access those resources. Auspice Home Care Solutions, LLC covers the Fresno, Clovis, Madera, and Mountain areas.