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Customer Reviews

Beware of non caring caregivers/CO.

Terrible experience the caregivers had no experience dealing with alzheimers so they would complain to owner. Daily checklist was not completed wash dishes they make, no communicatiin with senior. Senior was treated more as a job no human personal or compassionate care. Same day no call no show for scheduled shifts. Hardship when needing care for senior and no one shows up for work and we need to adjust our schedule to cover. Owner [Removed] also cancelled all care no notice. No coverage for senior. We needed to research another company with alzheimers background and we did and it is much better. Without constantly worrying about parent.

Meets our basic needs

Their initial protocol is to meet with the Client Services Director to get care needs and times. They made it clear that we shouldn't expect to have the same Caregiver to arrive on a regular basis, but that we will have someone available during the times requested. We got a mixed bag of Caregivers and their particular habits. One didn't know how to care for household items and another lacked on cleaning up after herself and the person she was hired to look after. They were all very good about keeping my dad company, fed, hydrated and bathed (according to our specific directions). Ran into a communication issue over scheduling once, but was rectified in a fair amount of time. For my dad's needs Right At Home is working for us and they are good about getting back to us in a timely manner.

quite satisfactory

The helper has been good, but the supervisor has been excellent and really good to work with. It has been quite a satisfactory experience.

A Fantastic Caregiving Service

My husband and his brother hired Right at Home for their father. Their father was in the hospital for four weeks with pneumonia and needed 24 hour care/assistance when he got home. Right at Home worked with them to find caregivers that meshed well with their father. The caregivers have all been professional, knowledgable, friendly, trustworthy, and kind. As their father has progressed from needing 24 hour care to 12 hours/day care to 8 hours/day care, Right at Home has been very accommodating, allowing their father to request his favorite caregivers as the shifts have decreased. Right at Home comes highly recommended.

We are currently using this agency. My 92 year old mother lives in our home. I am her only caregiver and have no siblings. Unfortunately, I have my own health issues so need to know I have back up. Contacted this agency and discussed my needs. We lost the caregiver we had. I had to keep an appt in the Bay Area, contacted this agency and someone was out that day and had a caregiver here the next morning. Great! I need someone to shower my mother twice a week. The minimum is $49.50 for a shower. The girl is probably here 1/2 hour. She has done an adequate job. I had an emergency with my eye. Wanted to see if the girl could stay with my mother if we were not home. Had to leave a message with some after hours person. I then left two voice mails with the office and never received a call back. Luckily, we were home before the girl left. She did get the message the key was under the mat. Thank goodness as my mother would not have answered the door. The caregiver said she never received a message to stay. This past week, due to the Holidays and family being here, told her and the scheduler for her not to come on Saturday. 10:30 Saturday mirning,ms he showed up! Previous to this, she was here one mirning at 9:50 AM. Her schedule had been changed and nobody notified us.
Overall, I am not happy with this agency and don't feel I have the back up they assured me I would. All the agencies are expensive but I may certainly be checking other ones out again. Hard to rate as this is a service, not a care facility.

Great care, and great caregivers!

They've done a great job so far, they've really made both my loved one's and my life easier and less stressful. The aides and the office staff that we have worked with have all been very friendly. The caretakers themselves have been great, the house is always orderly now, and my loved one seems happy (and she can be very hard to please!)
The only issue we've had is that they were a little unclear with how the billing works, since there was a deposit and 2 weeks of advance pay involved that made the bill larger than we were expecting.

The service has been absolutely pheno...

The service has been absolutely phenomenal. I'd give them higher than 5 if I could! They've been helpful and professional, from the first call we made to the home office down to the individual caregivers. It was Mom's wish that she be able to remain at home and we couldn't have fulfilled that wish without their help. They've accommodated any need or scheduling request we've had happily and without any questions. I've recommended them to many people, and will continue to do so.

They have really been doing a good job.

They have really been doing a good job. My mom loves her and she is a really hard person to get along with. They have a minimum of three hours. At first they were sending different people, but we found one that works so now we have the same one. I was glad that they took the time to get the right feel, to know what would be a good fit with us. They were a good match and we really clicked with them when we first interviewed them.

Very Pleased

She has been very happy with the woman that has been helping with my dad. She was helping with light housework, and she keeps my dad company and watches him while my mom goes to the store.

One Really Good Caregiver, One Not So Good

We have one really good gal and one that's kind of a little hard to reign in. mom won't tell the office and get a new caregiver because she's afraid of getting someone worse. I told her if that happens then we'll just get another one but she is very reluctant to complain. They are coming in to relieve my mom in the evening, bathe my dad, do his exercise and do some light housework. The caregiver we are not totally happy with rushes through her work and then asks my mom a million questions. We hired them so my mom could just put her feet up and not do anything. We've also noticed that she's not very diligent about oral care. The other caregiver is really really good. I'm very happy with he ability to get my mom some relief.

The Place to Be

I have just about met the entire staff and everyone has been so friendly. The staff is true professionals and it is what set Right at Home apart. I did a lot of shopping around and other places were comparable in price but when I spoke with Serena (Director) she presented it so well we decided and never looked back. It feels like the staff really cares about my mom and her needs. They follow any instructions left by myself or any supervisor as best as they can. Stella is always very prompt and is always early; she keeps her log book up to date and full of information. Melissa is always very helpful and has helped on numerous points. Diane is the book keeper and she helped set me up with email billing so it is much more convenient. The staff is so good at calling and letting us know when the holidays are because it is a little more costly on holiday so they make sure you are aware in time before so you can make other plans if need be. Every time I call, which is a lot, they do not answer like it's this guy again but rather answer and are happy to help. When I can to cancel an appointment they are very understanding and do not make it a big ordeal. The staff just seems to cover the entire basis and anything that is a significant impact on us. They take my mom outside and go for walks. I leave my car at the house and they will drive it and take my mom where she needs to go. Overall I am completely pleased with our decision to use Right at Home and would recommend it to my closes friends.

From the Provider

Right at Home is an in-home care and assistance agency, providing quality senior and disabled persons care since 1995. We provide trained, insured and bonded caregivers for a variety of caregiving needs. Whether it's for extra assistance after a stay in the hospital, an aging parent who needs extra help or companionship to remain in their home, or as a respite for the family member who cares for an ailing loved one, Right at Home can help.

Our home care services are flexible for your needs. We can provide care for as little as a few hours a day up to 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our caregivers are tested and professionally trained through our exclusive Right at Home CERT ProgramSM (Caregiver Education Recognition & Training Program).