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Attendant Care Home Care

After my wife’s knee replacement surgery we contacted Attendant Care for home nursing care, occupational and physical therapy. All the employees were very good, very attentive to our knees. The PT was excellent to the point that when outpatient PT began the Therapist said she was more advanced than most patients. She said the home care PT was very good. We have since referred many people to Attendant Care, all are very happy with their care.

Attendant care is a very unprofessional company they lie to you,so u can come in for an interview and do orientation way out over a hr drive just not to be placed in your area. I was told I would be placed in my area after getting hired,and every time someone called it was not even close to my area. Alisha is a very rude female I was just trying to talk to her and she had an attitude from the beginning I will not recommend anyone to work there you will get paid minimum wage for your training and then you will not even have a job in the end everyone who was applied when I was still has not been working with any clients and they do not even pay for mileage reimbursement and we all was told that we would.this company is a disgrace they recently just moved to 51145Nicolette dr new Baltimore mi 48047 so do not be fooled by the new address the whole company is bull. And all the training you do you don't even get to keep your certificate because they say they put it in your file but if you want to quit that shame company you can't take anything with you. I want to report this company to the news next because they need to be shut down.

excellent experience

Save for one or two very specific incidents it has been an excellent experience with Attendant Care Services of Michigan.

My mother is a recovering stroke patient, and all her children live out of state. She cannot drive, and has no reasoning faculties left. She is mobile and cheerful. The one indecent that happened was a caregiver took her to a hair appointment and did not come to pick her up!

Aside from that, it has been a good experience. When it did happen they have been tremendously helpful and empathetic.

My mom loves them all dearly, and they have reported back that they love her a lot too. The home care services have all been exceptional. They have been very very accommodating.

reasons to consider another company

I had my mother with Attendant Care services of Michigan, and her Caregiver stole money and her pain medication. She received a decent one about 20% of the time on average. When they have good caregivers they don't pay them enough, so they are constantly coming with different people. The people who do show up are lazy, and untrained. The play on their cellphones and were not attentave to my mother's care. I ended up having to pull my mother out of their care and put her with a different company. I will never use them again and have been thinking of looking to see if their is a governement regulated bureau who handles issues of fraud and neglect. For anyone who is thinking of caregivers from here, I would reconsider.

It's been very good.

It's been very good. We have had a consistent caregiver. We have had the same person from the beginning. Never any trouble with attendance or showing up late. The agency was very helpful in establishing what we wanted them to do, and very good with suggestions about what they would be able to do. We are very, very pleased with them. We interviewed our top three, and the supervisor from attendant care made the person to be cared for as part of the process. They have a two hour minimum for care, and a lot of places have a four hour minimum.

It's been pretty good but there have been a few issues.

One time a girl didn't even show up. One time when she was late. It's different people that come out. They told me I would have the same caregiver and they don't. That's the reason I picked them, that and the price.

From the Provider

Attendant Care Services of Michigan is a Private Duty Home Care Agency that specializes in providing care for people with Chronic Illnesses, Catastrophic Injuries, as well as being a leader in Senior Care. We have been proudly serving the Tri-County area for over 5 years and our reputation for quality care is unmatched. Our president formed the company as a result of going through the stressful pains of needing these services for his mother. We take a personal approach to each case, and we are always available 24 hours a day seven days per week to answer questions you may have regarding our services. We offer an RN to assess and manage each case at no charge to you.

Proudly serving Macomb, Oakland, and Wayne Counties.