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Customer Reviews

Sub standard care. Terrible!

This place boasts a five star rating. It is not even close to five stars. The management is only concerned about appearances. The only time the management is on the floor is when the state makes its yearly inspection. Residents call lights will ring for over 30 minutes before they are answered. The cnas are rude and rough. Residents are left in dirty briefs for hours and hours. Sometimes only being changed twice in a 24 hour time span. They will literally hire anyone with a pulse and a license. They are always short staffed. The cnas are overworked and under appreciated. The food is awful! Processed, unhealthy burnt meals. Cold cut sandwiches in white bread. Canned soups. No real vegetables. Residents will ring and ring to go to the bathroom only to be ignored. They don’t have time to properly feed the ones who can’t feed themselves. They will just give them a protein drink and nine times out of ten they don’t even make sure the resident drank it. If you care at all about your loved one you will avoid this place at all costs.