Aldercrest Health & Rehab Ctr - Edmonds, WA has yet not published prices.

Customer Reviews

Bad. Really bad.

If you would like to see other people treating like garbage and how that affects the level of care you receive, then go right ahead and send your family here. The aides here are fantastic. Very friendly, but obviously overworked. It is the nurses, and subsequently, the management here that make this place such a blatant disappointment. It's very cliquey here. You notice it right away. Little cliques form and single out workers who legitimately do their jobs, so they can go out and take convenient little smoke breaks or do whatever it is they do. Whatever it is they do certainly doesn't involve caring for the residents. There's a small group of aides here who actually care for the residents and actually work hard. The rest are a bunch of cackling hyenas who have no regard for human life. Those hyenas, that clique, of uncaring aides and nurses, are clearly there just to pick up a check.

This lack of caring unfortunately gets passed down to the residents and patients.

Do NOT send your family here. There are better rehab centers in the area.