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Upset Sister

My sister was in there exactly a month and she died due to poor care of her medical issue. She was not feeling good and instead of aid not calling 911 she made her a cup of tea and put blankets on her. This happened at 4:15pm by 5:15 I called ambulance from my house, she arrived at hospital at 6:03pm and when I got to hospital around 7:30 she was on life support. She died at 1:30pm next day. If ambulance was called at 4:15 instead of a cup of tea she would be still here. Also she had medication on her which is supposed to be locked up and not have access to patients.
The so called aid said she is not allowed to call 911 until she calls the owner, who her or I could get in touch with the whole time, total carelessness on his part not answering his phone.
I would not recommend Alcime Assisted Living of Port St Lucie, FL to anyone. We think our love ones are in a safe environment.