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Customer Reviews

They adjusted to our needs!

My aunt and uncle live alone so they needed stability. At first, they were having a lot of turnover and we were getting a lot of different people coming through but they worked with us and now we have 2 steady caregivers coming to the home. My advice is to not settle, if you bring things up and the company does not change, then maybe you need to look into another one. I am happy with the care and caregivers that are going to their home.

They were great!

The caregivers from the Golden Heart Senior Care were great. They were kind and personable. They gave my mother one on one attention and companionship. We were very happy with the care received from them.

There is help!

I was a little lost trying to decide on home care and saw the advertisement on the television. I decided to call and was so glad I did. I was immediately provided with 3 provider contacts and a brief summary for each. Better yet, I didn't have to do a thing. The rep from each company contacted me, we talked and I made an appointment to meet with 2 of the 3. I was very impressed but one stood out and I made my choice (unofficially). Then I procrastinated, not ready to commit to what really needed to happen. During that time, everyone kept in touch with me and had tons of patience. Then, while out of town for work, the worst happened. My father fell down the stairs, was hospitalized and my mother needed care immediately. After coming home, I called for help and they were there immediately to help me through the crisis. And they've met my every need since.

They talk a good game but don't deliver!

I am no longer using Affordable HomeCare because I gave them 4 chances and they blew it. The first girl was on her phone the whole time and took a break every hour. The second girl almost dropped my husband twice. The third girl told me that I was expecting too much, by the 4th time I was done. I needed someone there who I could be comfortable enough to know I can go run an errand and they will keep my husband safe!

It's going very well, my loved one is very pleased.

It's going very well, my loved one is very pleased. They are doing a great job.

It's still new, but the agency has been good so far.

It's still new, but the agency has been good so far. No major complaints. We have the same girl come out every time, and she is working out well.

It's been great!!

Working with Affordable Home Care has been a great experience. I appreciate how responsive they are and my Mom is very pleased with their services as well. Would definitely recommend to a friend!

They are great!! I can't think of anything they could do better.

We have two caregivers. We have not had a problem with attendence. They are very friendly and they are doing a good job. My parents have recommended them to several different friends. Medicine is given promptly, any questions or concerns are handled promptly. They are very good about checking the blood pressure, they are very knowledgeable. If anything is outside of normal they will call right away to let our family know what's going on. They are great!! I can't think of anything they could do better.

From the Provider

Affordable HomeCare was formed by a team of seasoned professionals with a combined experience of more than sixty years, in the field of healthcare.We are dedicated to bringing quality home care services to our clients, allowing maximum independence, combined with the services you want and need.

Our success has been built based on the quality of the caregivers we provide. We recruit and select individuals based on their skill, dedication and ability to be compassionate in their work. Affordable HomeCare takes great care to assure an excellent match between the caregiver and those they serve.


No Minimum Requirements for Hourly Home Care! Affordable HomeCare offers service for as little as one(1) hour per month to Live-In Services!We also provide split shifts allowing the home care consumer the greatest use of hours while minimizing the time between caregiver visits.

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