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Customer Reviews

Rent Day More Important than Residents

Called Affinity at Monterrey Village today asking them to please check on my elderly mother in-law in an emergency situation. Spoke to front office at Affinity at Monterrey Village who stated that she could not leave the desk to check on a resident because it was "Rent Day" and they were too busy to leave the desk. Disappointed that "Rent Day" is more important than the well being of the residents in this 55 plus community.

Poor Management

I lived a Hyperion located at [removed] for 3 years.
I consider myself the ideal tenant, I always paid my rent on time and never broke any of the rules the apartment complex has.
This place has a pattern changing Managers every 6-9 months, in only 3 years I lived there I saw 4 different Managers. The last manager is a woman by the name of [name removed], Community Manager. One time I complained to her that the downstairs neighbors were leaving a large trash bag for days, she would always say “I will send the message”, she never followed up. You will thing that after the 3rd complain she would walk around the next day to make sure they have complied with the request, but she never did. One time I came home from work and there was a large Passum trying to tear the trash bag looking for food.
During the month of September of 2018 San Antonio experienced some very heavy rains, the apartment the roof began liking, the leak had started days before while I was at work, therefore, I was not aware that there was mold on one of the walls, again Lindsay never took care of the problem.
There was a pathway near my apartment and due to the heaving rains, the concrete cracked in half, [name removed] never bother fixing it, I guess she was waiting for some to fall down a be sued, at the very least she would have placed an orange cone.
When I left the place, not only did they kept my $200 deposit, but they charged me an extra $169 – When I was saw the breakdown of the charges I could not believe they were charging me for not cleaning the light bulbs?
I am convinced that it is personal as I had to complained to her main office of her apathetic attitude and incompetence.
Three weeks after I moved out I spoke with [name removed], Regional Vice President so that she would be aware what are some of the issues being neglected.
I made her that I am the process of submitting a formal complained to [name removed], Attorney General of Texas.
I made [name removed] aware that I would alerting potential tenants, her attitude was that the people that do that are disgruntled former tenants that lost their deposit, that is not entirely true, I have seen positive comments.
Keep in mind that in San Antonio there a surplus of vacant apartments, so think twice before leasing at Hyperion.

No food service or dining room.


I rate this place at least a 5-star. Everything is fine and beautiful here at this facility. The staff team here is very responsive as well. In my 1-bedroom there is a pantry in the kitchen. I have a lot of plate ware that I retrieved from Spain but I had no China cabinet to put it in. I asked the staff team if I could take off the doors in the pantry and they said sure. I wanted the filter change because I am allergic to dust and that was done. I didn’t like too much pressure on my shower head and they fixed that for me. The staff is great. They provide numerous of activities here that you can’t get bored. Monday nights there are movies in their theatre, they have Zumba, water aerobics, they have a hot tub, gym, Thursdays in the pub there is happy hour with limited drinks and a little spread, and this Friday in the living room there is going to be cookies, Christmas Carols, and pictures with Santa. They also have a game room, some days they play bridge, there is a library, computer room, and they also have provide overnight trips to casinos for a cheap price. I am just enjoying my time here and I always have something to do. There is a garden in the facility and boxes that you can plant your own garden, there is a dog park for your pet, and it is a secured community. To get in you would need to have a key FOB. I recommend this facility to others because after you reach a certain age you be in a place like this. As the world is aging you need to have places like this.

Mom's Care and Comfort

This is a great community. They have the great staff and the services are excellent. We like the community for being clean and a great environment, My mom likes that she can cook her own meals and they have alot of activities that she is enjoying with the other residents for her to make friends. This is a new community for her to enjoy.

Loving my new living environment!!

I have no complaints about how things are going for me since I had made the move into this community. The staff have been wonderful to work with and I have made lots of friends. I am always busy with activities and they always have something planned for us throughout our week. I could have not picked a better place for myself to live and would highly recommend it to anyone.

I love this place and everything they have to offer I can't wait to move there!

Above and Beyond!

My loved one loves it here! The facility is wonderful; every resident seems to be very happy. The staff are also amazing, and have consistently gone above and beyond to cater to my loved one's needs. Whenever my loved one had an issue, these were taken care of right away. The facility also has a very nice social calendar with different activities for residents to participate in. I wanted to move in myself!

Very happy!

The staff at Affinity Monterrey Village cater to my needs and requests in every way. They are also sure to keep the building clean and well maintained for me. All concerns that I have are solved immediately. I also enjoy the various activities that they hold, such as movie nights.

New and modern. Suited for young retired folks with emphasis on activities. Don't care for location and the room sizes are too small. The rooms have a very small patio very tight for two people to sit. We also stopped at The Cliff, in the medical district. Gated community, very affordable, includes garages, all one leval and large living areas. Yes we want to continue looking, possibly in an outlying area like Boerne. Thanks [Removed]

From the Community

Designed for active seniors, the luxurious Affinity Monterrey Village in vibrant San Antonio provides hassle-free apartment-style living. Residents enjoy socializing in the heated pool, outside on the manicured lawn, or inside the cozy common areas. Planned activities are opportunities to make new friends. Chef-prepared meals are served in the dining room, or residents can choose to cook in their own kitchens. While no medical care is provided, Affinity Monterrey Village is close to major hospitals, and all units are emergency accessible. Your loved ones are encouraged to use their preferred home health care. Staff is available 24 hours for maintenance and assistance.