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Customer Reviews

Caregiving not at its best

Continuity of care is crucial in caregiving, and Bright Star failed miserably in this aspect. I was initially promised the highest quality of service; that, at the most, my father would have no more than 3 to 4 caregivers; and that the schedule would always be covered. First, caregivers were seldom on time for the shift. Second, in one week alone, there were 6 different caregivers, often changing in mid shift and without any notice from Bright Star. Also, there were instances when my schedule was not covered. In effect, promises made were not kept.
Most alarming, one of the caregivers, who was to have stayed overnight, left after 4.5 hours of a 12 hour shift, and therefore left my father alone for 7.5 hours. I had to notify Bright Star of this.

Home Care for Dad

Brightstar was dependable, flexible and nice to work with. The nurses aides were punctual, professional and caring in providing services. We were very happy and would use them again.

No complaints!

BrightStar care's home service is great! The staff is great; they do exactly what they need to do in order to care for me. They are sure to keep everything clean and sanitized. I have no complaints, as this is a great service!

They have done a good job.

They have done a good job. They have been reliable, and we have no complaints. They are working out well so far.

Excellent Company!

Mark and his team at Brightstar have enabled my father to stay at home. They have provided us with wonderful caregivers and and first rate customer service. I'd recommend them to anyone looking for home care for their loved one

I have been pretty happy with them.

I have been pretty happy with them. They have been reliable, and the billing has gone smoothly. I would say they get a five at this point.

Good but expecting it to get better

I think my rating will improve as my concern has been with the CNA not the service. Unfortunately, the young CNA has not been reliable either arriving late or not at all.

However, tonight when I had already left my home only to have her not show and not call for sometime, I called the agency and they worked diligently and had someone at my home with my mother promptly.

So ask again after a new CNA is assigned to our case.

They have not been dependable so far.

We can't seem to find people who are available when they say they will be. We can't get a consistent caregiver, it's different people a lot of the time. Sometimes they will call last minute and tell me they will be late. We chose them because they were enthusiastic, and they said they would be flexible, and able to do what we needed. So far they have not been dependable and have not delivered. They all seem to be friendly and well meaning.

Didn't care for upfront pay...

Didn't care for upfront payment.Even though it would apply to 1st care visit I felt blindsided.

From the Provider

Life is so much more than a to-do list. It's a series of moments with the people we love, making memories that make up a lifetime. BrightStar understands this, and is committed to making more of those moments possible in the lives of those we care for.

Richmond Owners,Mark and Amy Grasser purchased BrightStar because they once needed help caring for a loved one, and didn't know where to turn to give him the help and care he needed and deserved. BrightStar Care of Richmond provides the full continuum of homecare, childcare, staffing and support services for individuals, families and healthcare facilities. We help keep parents and grandparents out of nursing facilities and in the comfort and familiarity of their own homes, as well as assisting parents with their childcare needs. We can provide every service available at a nursing facility in the comfort and familiarity of your loved one's home. From companionship, to toileting and hygiene assistance, to in-home blood draws and around the clock nursing care, our services are available to meet our clients' every need and make more possible in their lives.

All of the care we provide is overseen by our full time Director of Nursing, an RN with over 35 years of experience providing care to her patients. We are available 24-hours a day to take care of your loved ones needs, and BrightStar Care of Richmond is Joint Commission Accredited.