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Memory Care in Peterborough, ON

One of the fastest growing age groups in Canada is the 65 and older group, which means that people are living longer than generations before them. That also means that more seniors face the difficulties of aging, including memory care. As seniors get older, a certain amount of memory loss is normal, but families have to keep an eye out for dementia and Alzheimer's so they can get their loved one's the help they need right away. However, finding the right memory care facility is one of the biggest challenges that families face, and there are some mistakes that families should avoid if they want their loved one to be successful in memory care.

More About Peterborough

Peterborough is a unique community that blends an exceptional quality of life for its residents with a beautiful setting that contributes to a thriving tourism culture. The city has plenty of recreational activities for both tourists and residents to enjoy, a diverse industrial and commercial base, and quality health care. The health care system makes it an ideal city for seniors who plan to retire. Additionally, it has one of the best real estate values in Canada, clean air, and safe communities. It's a great choice for those entering assisted living.

Search Mistake # 1 – Underestimating Needs

It's common for many people to hope for the best when it comes to their loved one's health. People want so desperately for their loved ones to behave like their old selves that they often underestimate what their loved one needs. Unfortunately, there isn't a cure for dementia or Alzheimer's, so it's important to think in terms of them getting worse, not better. You have to choose a facility that can handle your loved one's needs as they progress, and not just as they are now.

Search Mistake # 2 – Skipping Over Security Precautions

One of the reasons that seniors dislike the idea of senior care in general is that they don't want to feel imprisoned or restricted. These are certainly valid concerns, but you also have to keep in mind that those with dementia or Alzheimer's have a tendency to wander off without thought of their own safety, much like a toddler running out into the street. Memory care facilities typically have locked doors and alarms for that reason, though good facilities set up areas that are safe for seniors to wander around in, and provide color coded hallways to help guide them to those safe areas. Don’t be turned off by locked doors in a memory care facility because it's not about restricting their movements, it's about protecting them.

Search Mistake # 3 – Not Asking Questions

A big mistake when it comes to researching and visiting memory care facilities is not asking enough questions. You probably have a ton of questions, so you should absolutely ask them. Think of it as though you are interviewing an individual caretaker to care for your loved one. People are afraid of being seen as difficult or demanding, but when it comes to the safety and welfare of your loved one, you should feel absolutely comfortable with the facility and its policies, activities, options, and care program. If the question comes to mind, ask.

Search Mistake # 4 – Not Touring the Facility

Worse than not asking questions is deciding on a facility without visiting at all. Many people look at online reviews, check out the website, and read any press releases or news articles about the place, and then sign up. Just remember, a memory care facility is not like booking a hotel room. This isn't likely to be a temporary transition for your loved one, so you need to visit the community and get a true sense of its operation. Talk to the residents, the staff, and visiting relatives, if possible. Get a good idea of what it would mean for your loved one to live there, before they move in.

Search Mistake # 5 – Assuming Medical Care is Constantly Available

Memory care is offered through assisted living and nursing homes, but each has a different level of care that they offer. Although assisted living helps seniors manage their medications, they don't provide round the clock medical care. If your loved one needs that type of care, a nursing home would be better. Know what type of care your loved one needs, and choose the right community to meet that need. Talk to their doctor if you're unsure.

As you can see, there are several mistakes that are easy to make when searching for a memory care facility. Keep in mind your loved one's preferences, and make sure you know what level of care they need. With those in mind, you'll be able to find the right community, and ensure that your loved one receives the best care possible for their situation.