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Nightingale Nursing Registry - Peterborough, ON

2948 Lakefield Road, Peterborough, ON K2A1G6

ComForCare Home Care - Peterborough, ON

294 Rink St., Suite 203, Peterborough, ON K9J 2K2

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86 Angeline St S, Lindsay, ON K9V 3L4

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500 King St W, Oshawa, ON L1J 2K9

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1614 Dundas St E, Whitby, ON L1N 2K8
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Home Care in Peterborough, ON

It's no secret that people are living longer than they ever have before. As it stands right now, those aged 65 and older make up a nice percentage of the national population – about 14 percent, according to Statistics Canada. This number is projected to increase as time goes by. This projection is rather noteworthy from a home care standpoint, as it also means that the need for these special kinds of services is also poised to increase. This could very well mean an uptick in the number of families that may become stressed out when the decision about providing aid to a beloved senior needs to be made. While there may be an instinct on the family's part to try and administer help to their loved ones themselves, doing so could take a substantial physical and emotional toll. However, the high-quality fully accredited home care services in Peterborough, Ontario are available to help put these families at ease. They can do so by administering the care that a senior may need in a way that provides them with comfort, security, and a significant measure of dignity.

Why Peterborough?

Peterborough and technology have always gone hand in hand. This city of some 79,000 residents is known as The Electric City; a moniker that it derived from being the first Canadian city to use electric streetlights. And Peterborough's association with electricity hasn't waned – General Electric maintains a large operation in the city to this day.

While Peterborough's link to electricity still shines bright, it has also managed to cultivate a reputation for being a sort of bedroom community that serves East Toronto and Oshawa, as a healthy chunk of the city’s residents routinely commute to those cities. Even with this growing reputation, it should be noted that the city is home to a diverse economic landscape in its own right. Obviously, the electronics and electric industries still play a vital part in keeping the city's economy humming. These traditional industries are fortified by a wide range of other industries such as aerospace, automotive supplies, biotechnology, and food processing. This economic diversity imparts a bustling spirit to Peterborough, giving it the kind of liveliness some cities that carry the bedroom community moniker do not have.

Peterborough builds upon this inherent liveliness by being home to a vibrant arts and culture scene. The city is home to one of Canada’s oldest artist-run centers, Artspace. Founded in 1974, this organization has long been supportive of developing and cultivating contemporary artists through various outlets, like running the city's public gallery. Peterborough is also home to a host of fine arts collective, like the Peterborough Symphony Orchestra.

Peterborough's economic bustle and art scene is underscored by a slightly bucolic vibe. The city is split by the Otanoabee River, and is built around Little Lake, the river's sole lake. These bodies of water allows the city to be a haven for outdoor activity between May and October, as people flock here to enjoy a host of intriguing activities from water and fountain-based light shows to sightseeing cruises.

Peterborough and Home Care

Home care is defined by special assistance or aid that is administered to a senior by a professional care giver within a senior's own home. One of the main aspects of this special form of care involves the caregiver providing aid for seniors in order to complete various activities for daily living, such as toileting, bathing, walking, dressing, and eating. What’s more, the caregiver is responsible for providing aid with some of the day-to-day activities that are vital for independent living to be carried out within a senior’s own residence, like purchasing groceries, cooking meals, and preparing medications. These functions let the senior to experience a strong measure of dignified independence, since the activities that are carried out are done so in the home and not in a senior living facility.

Safe Living in Peterborough

It is completely understandable for seniors that develop a need for some form of assisted living to want to remain as independent as possible, even if this form of independence simply equates to preserving their ability to live in their own home. And that is why the home care services in Peterborough are so critical. Firstly, the special level of care provides seniors with a living space that is comfortable and familiar for them to receive care. At the same time, the quality care that is provided ends up providing peace of mind to the senior's family, which is something that is every bit as vital as the home care itself.