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Nursing Home Care in Mount Pleasant, SC

The concept of nursing home care is a concept that is far too often misunderstood. Chances are, the mere utterance of the phrase may conjure up images of "old folks' homes" where elderly people watch TV, play cards, and don't really do much of anything else. However, this stereotype does not represent reality. In fact, the concept of nursing home care is representative of a dynamic short-term option for seniors that are in need of proper recovery and recuperation after a surgical procedure, accident, injury, or malady such as a stroke. This fact is important to bear in mind, because going about the rehabilitation process in an improper fashion could have result in some pretty dire complications. And while securing proper nursing home care may feel like a daunting task - especially if the service is needed suddenly - Mount Pleasant, South Carolina features a wide range of fully accredited options that are fully equipped to carry out the rehabilitation process correctly.

A Look around Mount Pleasant

In a lot of different ways, Mount Pleasant represents how much the lure of South Carolina as a whole has strengthened in the last several decades. While the city's somewhat modest population of about 68,000 residents may not seem like a whole lot when compared to other larger cities in the region, it does represent a exponential growth since 1990, a growth period that includes a doubling in size between 1990 and 2000.

Mount Pleasant's ability to attract people is not exactly a new thing. The first English settlers moved into the area in 1680, nearly 100 years before the American Revolution. It also attracted the Confederate Army during the Civil War, who used the city as a secret training ground for the crew of its famous submarine H.L. Hunley.

Today, Mount Pleasant continues to attract people because it has built up a pretty solid reputation for being a quiet, peaceful bedroom community. It also has the reputation of being having some rather gorgeous geography. Located on the mouth of the Cooper River where it flows into the Atlantic Ocean, the city's landscape is dotted with marshland and wetlands. This feature makes the city naturally conducive to outdoor activities such as hiking and birding, as residents can explore the region to observe unique forms of indigenous plant and wild life. The city's coastal presence as well as its history is celebrated through various cultural touchstones. The most notable way in which this is marked is through Parrot's Point; a maritime and naval museum that is home to the USS Yorktown, an aircraft carrier used during World War II.

It should also be noted that Mount Pleasant stands right across the river from Charleston, South Carolina's oldest and second most populated city. The close proximity between the two cities allows Mount Pleasant residents to enjoy the adjacent city's burgeoning reputation as a national tourist destination, all the while having a serene retreat from the affects of tourism once they are finished.

Why Nursing Home Care in Mount Pleasant Matters

Nursing home care, which can also be known as skilled nursing, is representative the highest level of care that seniors can receive without being admitted to a hospital. There are two types of functions that these special services oversee. The first type is to administer short-term aid to seniors that need recovery from an injury, surgery, or ailment. Through physical, occupational, or speech rehabilitation, these places work to bring about healing to seniors at a pace that ultimately safeguards their overall long-term health. The second type is to provide long-term assistance to seniors that have extreme difficulty in carrying out proper activities for daily living, which can also be known as ADLs. These functions can include rudimentary items like dressing, bathing, eating, or toileting. While these particular types of care are decidedly different, they are bound by a desire to provide the best possible environment for their senior residents, regardless of their situations.

Living a Recovered Life in Mount Pleasant

Recovering from an injury or ailments can be an extremely difficult journey to take. And that is why the nursing home care facilities in Mount Pleasant are as vital as they are. Because they are on hand to help guide seniors through the recuperation process properly, golden agers can be assured that they will not feel like they are walking the road to recovery alone. If anything, the services crystallize the reason why taking such a journey with a helping hand can be such a critical step.