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Customer Reviews

3 Very clean homes on campus. Staff is friendly and helpful. This is a Christian based assisted living home. I’m happy to be part of the family and to care for my loving residents. Would recommend as a workplace and as a home for your loved ones.

This is HOME!

While searching for an ideal home for my elderly mother, I researched local care facilities and found an ideal place where she could be cared for -- Welcome Home. After meeting with the staff, I felt it to be the perfect fit for her needs. Although, in truth, Welcome Home found me!
[Name removed] (my mother), who was 95 years old, could not live at home without consistent care, so I began to search for an alternative housing situation. Although this was a life changing event and a personal move for her, I received little to no response from the staff of another facility which I had originally contacted. The initial process took weeks of unreturned phone calls, along with missing or medical and financial documents that were not delivered to the appropriate persons. At this point, it was clear that I needed to make other plans.
I was referred to Welcome Home by the rehabilitation center where [name removed] had received care. Already discouraged, my expectation was far from optimistic. However, I contacted them and to my surprise and relief, found personal customer service from a caring staff. [Name removed], manager of Welcome Home, returned my call immediately, and began making steps toward preparing for my mother’s care. She spent time discussing my mother’s needs with me (and my mother), and even listened to the frustrations I had experienced. [Name removed] addressed each issue and expedited the enrollment process quickly and efficiently.
Welcome Home has the warm and caring approach one would expect from a health care facility, and [name removed] was ready and looking forward to her move, inviting her friends to visit and to keep in touch. Two days prior to moving, she unexpectedly passed away. I was stunned, but also found comfort in knowing that she was indeed excited about moving in at Welcome Home. Her Heavenly Father had other plans instead, and welcomed her home with Him.
The decision to move your loved one to an assisted living facility can be difficult. However, [name removed] and her talented staff will guide you through the process, lessen the burden, and help give you peace of mind that they are truly cared for.
Thank you, [name removed] and your staff, for truly caring for the people we love!

Very happy!

I was looking for a place for my mom for quite some time. I visited Welcome Home and fell in love! The homes are beautiful! Once I placed my mom I was pleased to find our that the staff truly care about the elderly. I am beyond happy that I found Welcome Home! My mom is doing very well, enjoys the activities, and has made friend. What more could I ask for?

Highly Satified

I want to say this place is awesome, the staff are very helpful and curtious. The home is very neat and clean and refreshing. The real feel like your at home feeling. The staff was so nice to my grandma and asked her what she wanted to pick for dinner that day. I thought is was so nice that they ask residents to pick what they want. Then after lunch they put puzzles toghther. The Owner is so phonmianal and caring she wants what is best for each resident and she personal checks on my grandma which leaves me feeling relived to know that my grandma is well taken care of. I would rate Welcome Assisted Living as a 5 star rating to anyone. Very pleased as a family member.

Two Thumbs Up

Upon our first visit, I knew that we had finally found my dad's last stop. We had visited several assisted livings but none of them felt like home. We were greeted by smiles and understanding. The owner gave us a tour and answered all our questions. There was such a peace and calm about the place right from the beginning. The staff was amazing how they interacted with the residents. It was nice to hear a daily devotion read at breakfast. The home was very clean. It was really something to see the owner actually help her staff out. There was a mutual respect. My dad loved the food, singing with the guitar playing, and crafts. He was there for two years before he passed. The owner was there checking on him frequently at the end of his life. Thank you for all you do!

Best Assisted Living around

My grandparents passed away not too long ago in this loving facility. They make you part of the family. I'm so grateful that the owner is an RN. The owner is a wonderful Christian woman and goes above and beyond. When my grandparents were at the end stages of their lives, the owner prayed with them and made my family so comfortable. I would recommend this Assisted Living for your loved one. The staff here was amazing! Nothing but good things about this Assisted Living!!

Save your self the migraine.

Welcome home is a very neat & tidy home, but unfortunately it seems the owner seems to care more about how clean the home is and not so much about the care of the residents. The owner will tell you about how the residents do devotional everyday while my mom was there they NEVER did devotion... although with everything she puts on the amazing over worked under paid loving staff that goes above and beyond I'm not sure when she expects them to get that all done along with several other activities such as bingo, arts/crafts, etc. On top of keeping the house spotless leaves very little time for the care givers to spend quality time with our love ones like we pay for. On top of the above the Owner who is a RN (but not a practicing RN) seems to think she is capable of making medical decisions for our loved ones if she don't agree with what there primary Dr says. The caregivers are amazing and go above and beyond but the owner is NOT worth the migraine. She's all about dollar signs and a over clean house the house has to be so clean it don't even feel like HOME! Also the Christian owner is more like a wolf in sheep's clothing! Not my idea of a loving caring Christian woman!!

The journey with Welcome Home Assisted Living

Our mom was a resident at Welcome Home Assisted Living and recently expired. I was so grateful to the compassionate staff especially the owner who is a registered nurse. She was so flexible and willing to work with our family. A referral for Hospice was initiated and my mom received tremendous love and died with peace and dignity. I was so overwhelmed with the process of dying, however, the Welcome Home Staff explained and treated my family like their own family. It was the best experience of our lives and we would recommend Welcome Home over and over. Thank you to the staff for going above and beyond!

An Economy Assisted Living Facility

The Owner /Nurse is difficult to work with on a medical level. The owner/nurse will argue with you on best care practice.
Your loved one's medication may be changed with permission of the visiting doctor but without consulting the patient's primary physician.
Activitiy times are posted but only occur when the over loaded staff person actually has time.
The facuility has 7 beds but up to 9 people reside there during the day. The extra day residents are taken to a bed at the owner's home each evening.
Welcome Home is the cheapest place in the area making it attractive to the first time family looking for a good place for their loved one.
The facility is clean but always dark. The routine is breakfast then turn the lights down to encourage naps. Lunch is given then the ocassional activity occurs. Then, the lights are turned down encouraging naps. Dinner is served and lights are immediately dimmed after to encourage sleep for the night.
If you are looking for economy, Welcome Home Assisted Living is the place for your loved one. You get what you pay for.