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Bad experience

I am clicking on one star - and for good reason. A lot of people, I feel are mislead by the 5* banner in the front of the building (including our family). I cannot say enough about the rehab side of the building. They were kind, helpful and all concerns were addressed - including emotional support. But my mother-in-law had to be moved to longterm care ; not making enough progress in rehab to go home, or even to our home. The care at the longterm side of the facility is minimal at best. Unfortunately, the first care meeting coincided with another very important personal family matter we were dealing with, so we were never able to attend one; just asked a lot of questions to whomever we could manage to talk to (not knowing who), were handed a lot of phone numbers to conduct our own investigations of matters at hand, with Mom. In the 3+ months we had our loved one there, we never "qualified" for another care meeting (they are only conducted every three months), so we never actually knew her "status" the entire time. We even tried to have a meeting,after she passed, to have "resolve" - but they wouldn't allow (where I know nursing homes CAN do this). So, because of this , we were never introduced to how things work (because we missed the only offered care meeting / and financial review), and for that reason, did not ever have a good feel for who are the right contacts / people / to even get in touch if questions needed answered.

So then, I feel, families are always scrambling to find information, or a nurse. They only provide ONE nurse on the floor at any given time, and good luck if you need them, or information. If I would find a nurse (with a concern), a lot of times, they did not know answers to any questions we had ; if they even had some information, often times we would find it was incorrect. Sometimes, we would find they had not even seen the patient yet that day (at 10:30 am????). I realize they are busy, and I suppose if the whole floor is your responsibility, that may be the case ... but why is this happening? If you just need an aide to help , often times they were hard to find as well.

In the earlier months my Mom-in-law was there, she was often times very frustrated for having no one return her page for help soon enough, so she would try to do things herself, or have 'accidents' while waiting.This to me, is totally unacceptable !! To make matters even worse, if we called with concerns or even frustrations for not having the right contacts, or enough help, the front desk was often rude, and would comment, "I am only a receptionist ... I don't know who to get for you." While we were trying to get a grasp on finances, we finally (after asking for assistance for three months) were sent a bill, and found it was so astronomical because they did not send billing to us when they should have. And forget the social worker ; when we tried resorting to her for help, we found she was constantly covering her bases with psuedo-explanations for the why's or what happened - and attitude to boot, instead of continuing forward with better help.

For $8000.00 a month (our personal out of pocket expense !! ) I / we expected MUCH better care, professionalism, and respect. The facility is beautiful, but outside of rehabilitation and activities, there is multi system failures we experienced, and I know I am not alone .... there was a "family pow-wow" in the hallway one day, sharing frustrations, and that they had many of the same concerns. As much as they want to claim meeting all government regulations, I have seen much better !!! People need to know this - when choosing. And the banner outside is false - advertising.