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  • Home Health Aides
  • In Home Nursing
  • Availability of licensed nursing staff 24-hours per day
  • Private Duty Nursing
  • 24 hour care
  • 24-hour Emergency Call Response
  • Availability of Professional Service Staff 24-hours per day
  • Availability of trained clinical staff 24-hours per day
  • Transfer Assistance
  • Transportation
  • Toileting & Incontinence Care
  • Bathing, Grooming, Hygiene

Customer Reviews

Total Care Connections is doing a great job! I let them know how far my appointments are, and they send the caregivers here a little earlier to get me there on time. This is the best agency I have had experience with. They come in, put my walker in the car, and get me in the car, too. They are good! Some of them treat me like I am their mother. I would have thought I was one of her kids. I was amazed and couldn't have asked for better. She went out of her way to help me without me having to ask her.

My caregiver is wonderful. I have a bad back, so it's hard for me to get my loved one dressed. They help me to make sure my back doesn't hurt anymore. The caregiver gets him dressed, cleans his room, and washes his clothes. The office staff are really friendly. I don't need to tell the caregivers what to do. They see what needs to be done, and they do it.

The office has been extremely responsive and flexible as far as scheduling. Total Care Connections' services give us a sense security.The caregivers prepare meals and assist with home chores. They have provided services on short notice. They have been on time in scheduling, and they have been proactive in changes to the schedule.

My caregiver is excellent because she does what I need, and does a good job. She doesn't argue about things and will spend extra time if needed. She goes above and beyond. I'm basically in a wheelchair, so the services help a lot because I'm trying to take care of myself. I have my elderly father living with me, who has Alzheimer's and dementia. It takes pressure off of me while the caregiver is here. The caregiver mops the floor, cleans the bathroom, and makes the bed. I can't do things by myself, so it helps with those things. The caregiver's personality matches well with mine.

They are on time and courteous over the phone if I have to call or if someone is going to be late. The work is excellent. They are such a blessing to me, the house, and my loved one. The house is clean, which gives me more time. They have patience with my husband. He can talk with them, and it settles him down. They are good with him. It makes him feel important. They are good with him because they know he is the main job, and they are there for him. They are one on one with him. They ask him if he wants to eat, and they are personal. They are good with him in the bathroom, and they keep him clean. They'll even exercise with him and make him move.

I really appreciate the consistency of our caregivers because we are able to have the same ones. They're very caring towards my husband. They do more than just showing up. They really do care about what they're
doing and they listen.

They have been extremely responsive and flexible as far as scheduling. Their services give us a sense security. The caregiver prepares meals and assists with home chores. The company has provided services on short notice. They have been on time in scheduling, and they have been proactive in changes to the schedule.

They are on time and courteous over the phone if I have to call or if someone is going to be late. The work is excellent. They are such a blessing to me, the house, and my loved one. The house is clean, which gives me more time. They have patience and are good with me and make me feel important.

I like when a person comes in, sees what needs to be done, and they do it. I live alone, so it's very helpful to me. Some people in the past have waited to do what I tell them, but Total Care Connections sees what needs to be done, and does it.They seem to be good about moving the schedule around. If I take a day off, they move it to another day.

They are very prompt. There are some things I can't do, and I need help from the nice young lady they send. They prepare my breakfast and lunch and help me sort out things that I have to throw away. That's been a big help. I appreciate that the caregiver comes when she says she's coming.

The caregivers have been absolutely amazing with my father and the communication with me from the office has been on point. I don't ever have to worry about changing his schedule. They reach out to me well beforehand. On the days they are here, I don't have to go over there until the late afternoon because he is taken care of. They are very capable! I love it! It gives me peace of mind. If they see anything that is wrong or has changed since the last time, they talk to me about it and let me know. They even let me know if his mental status has changed or if it is a rough day. I couldn't ask for anything better.

They are timely, easy to deal with in scheduling, and their people seem to be experienced. They help with some of my husband's physical activities and it helps him mentally to have people around. They are flexible, easy to work with, and they listen.

They're people oriented. I think that they have good quality services, and they really care for their clients. They have good communication, and the overall care is good. It's quality care. They address your needs quickly, they brainstorm and come up with plans that fit the client, and they're
flexible. I appreciate that they care, they are there to do a good job, and they show up.

I like that the caregiver that come to help my Dad right now. She is very good and comes in and does what she is required to do. They have made things easier for my Dad by helping to bathe him. I like the caregivers because they ask my dad what he needs and remind him to take his medication if he forgets. They really care.

I chose them because it was suggested to me, when I came out of the hospital. They really care, and they are really on top of things. The people that they send are just outstanding becuase they care about me and have an interest in how I am doing. They match perfect with me. I appreciate their one-on-one type service and like how they care on an individual basis.

They are very prompt, efficient, and they fulfill the requests. They help me with cleaning and drive me places to help me run errands. They help to provide what I need when I need it.

They are very professional; It's been very helpful. They're on time and good at what they do. They're caring. They're very self motivated. They really know what they are doing. They stay on top of everything for me and they help me remember things. They're hard workers. They listen and ask if there is anything I need.

We are very happy! I like the care my loved one is getting; it is very good and the caregiver does a good job. My loved one looks forward to it and it helps him a lot with things he cannot do on his own. The caregiver goes out of her way to help. She gives him his shower, helps him get on the stockings, and she sanitizes the bed. She lets us leave the house. I appreciate the kindness and thoughtfulness she shows to him. She doesn't make him feel bad about himself.

I like the caregivers that they are sending us; they have helped with my husband immensely. They have helped us emotionally and physically. He looks forwards to his caregivers coming and when he is happy, I am happy. The caregivers are very attentive to him. They ask him all of the time what he needs or if he needs help with anything, and that means a lot to me. I appreciate the caregiver's concern for the both of us. They are very thoughtful and very willing to try and make our lives easier.

Going the Extra Mile

Total Care Connections is willing to go the extra mile to help. The company gives quality care and makes sure their workers know what they're doing. They help with laundry, meal preparation, and health care for my husband. They've been very good when I call and need somebody. They bend over backwards to help.


Total Care Connections was recommended to me by a friend of mine. Our caregivers are very upbeat and attentive to our needs. I like that they are very dependable. If our caregiver can't be there, they are good about getting a replacement and are flexible with schedule changes. I also really appreciate that the caregivers from this agency always stay the allotted time and are very careful to stay as much time as is scheduled for them.

Very Satisfied!

Total care Connections have had a huge impact on me. The caregivers help me with personal hygiene, cleaning the house and doing my dishes. My Caregiver will ask me what I think about different things and ask how I am doing all the time. They help me remember to take my medications. I'm very satisfied with the care that I have received.

Highly Recommended!

I would highly recommend Total Care Connections to others. They are very considerate, patient, and understanding of changing circumstances. The Caregivers do a lot for us and go beyond our expectations. They make meals, do laundry, and help with the cleaning.

Caring and compassionate Caregivers

The Total Care Connections caregivers are very caring and compassionate, and willing to make sure your needs are met. They always come with a good attitude and treat us and our home with respect. Whenever I've had a problem, I can call them about it.

Impressive Caregivers

I'm very impressed with the Total Care Connections caregivers. They have helped me socially and through encouragement. The Caregivers do a little bit of everything, and are always suggesting things that I don’t notice. No matter what it is, they are always there.

The Total Care Connections caregivers were efficient, thorough, on time, and accommodating. They were very pampering and kind. They all seemed to know their job very well.

From the Provider

Total Care Connections is Arizona's #1 Home Care & Assisted Living provider. As a 3-time INC 5000 honoree, we are recognized as one of the fastest growing privately held organizations in the country and thousands of families have entrusted our company with the care of their loved ones. Give us a call and we would love to help the senior in your life with home care or assisted living!