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  • Minimum Age of Accepted Residents
  • Activities Onsite
  • Devotional Services Available
  • Indoor Common Areas
  • Meals Provided
  • Nurses on Staff
  • Podiatrist Available
  • Physical Therapy Available
  • Occupational Therapy Available
  • Speech Therapy Available
  • Complimentary Transportation
  • Activities Offsite
  • Outdoor Common Areas
  • Beauty & Barber Services
  • Pets Allowed
  • No Smoking Allowed in Private Areas Indoors
  • No Smoking Allowed in Public Areas Indoors
  • Wheelchair Accessible Showers
  • Hospice Available
  • Resident Parking Available
  • Male Residents Accepted
  • Homecare Onsite
  • Dentist Available
  • Putting Green
  • 24-hour Emergency Call Response
  • 24-Hour Security

Customer Reviews

One of my son's and his wife have accompanied me on visits and he admitted he was ready to not like this place due some comments, but instead really like it. He said it had a "homey" feel. Apartments are nice size and good prices; hallway's are wide and the entry to each is a small alcove when residents have family pictures and other items displayed. We asked a resident to join us for lunch and she was quite pleased with it. Lunch was very good and the dining room was open from 11:00 through the afternoon and evening rather than open for just an hour or so and closed until next meal. A small charge to have food brought to your apartment. We each and all found to be it quite a value.

Good Move

Thunderbird Senior Living suits me fine. I like the location. Close to my medical needs,pharmacy, bank and church. Food is good. Plenty of activities. My apartment is very comfortable.

Activities? Not so much

Thunderbird Senior Living does an adequate job at caring for seniors, however don't be fooled by their event calendar, or the marketing enticements they use.

Most of the Calendar of events are fluff. They make it seem like there are more things to do than there actually are. Examples are they list things on the calendar as place holder spaces without having any facilitators to actually garner participation, let alone plan and execute activities.

Example is pretending to have a game groups but they just list that on the calendar in the event someone wants to play games. Kind of like reserving a room or table. Example :They have scrabble, they have a scrabble dictionary, but as far as having a group that gets together, and a facilitator to round up participants, that doesn't happen.

Happy Hour. This is not a meal. Rather they make it seem like its a meal. Really what it is, is frozen finger foods (All of the food is frozen, pre packaged, warned and served for every meal) and they have limited quantity. They have entertainment, but now that there has been a flood on the property, they are cutting costs by no longer offering entertainment for every "happy hour". ( food isn't very healthy as its pre-packaged)

Residents pay a monthly fee for all the real and fake offerings, which is included in their monthly price but NOW, they are claiming because the pond backed up into the dining room after a very light rain which happened [date removed], the residents are being forced to go without, and are being told that everyone must sacrifice in order for the dining room to be fixed. This is a fallacy, and it is taking advantage of a situation. I am certain insurance has these "fee's" covered and residents have stated this has happened before.

Its been over a month since this flood, and residents are still eating out of styrofoam, and are loosing entertainers. They are stating that even by March, they will be in a similar boat as the dining room will still be unusable. (super suspect) which as of yesterday residents were told that the room is finally dried out and that they are now just starting to fix the problems. AFTER A MONTH.... Come on.... Which means residents that are paying full prices are being expected to accept less for more. Shameful

Meals they do offer are twice a day, and now with the flood of the dining room, residents have to pack in their meals in a shorter timeframe because they stop serving at 5.

Weekends they only offer limited things to do, so if you are an out of town family member hoping to keep your senior entertained, forget it. Weekend staff is minimal, events and things to do are scarce.

Meals are Monday to Thursday ( and yes you can have 3) but as for Friday and Sunday you only get 2. Friday being breakfast or lunch/happy hour. Sunday you get brunch, thats it.
Crafts, outings, and other projects are on a sign up basis, so if you don't know about it, you can't sign up, and when you want to go you can't because the list is full.

As for included house keeping, yeah that doesn't happen either. They are suppose to clean but what I have found is, a ton of dust comes from the vents, no one cleans with cleaners except for the bathroom which is sort of mopped, and carpet vacuumed occasionally. Dusting doesn't happen, and mopping just a wet mop with water. I have to come weekly in order to re-clean.

Safety is another issue, as the parking lots surrounding the apt complex are not secure.

If your senior loved one is an alcoholic, this is the place to put them. They have a lot of events for drinkers. I mean a lot. Also they also push gambling which again is pretty bad to do for seniors on fixed incomes. There are more outings to casino's than anything else, which is very unfortunate for fixed income people.

I am really disappointed to find out that the heavy list of activities calendar is really just filled with place holders, and lack of facilitation.
This was a major selling point for us, and it was after moving to thunderbird we found out that most of the offerings were really fluff.

This place is amazing! They make everyone (including family) feel so welcome! The activities they offer every day will keep Mom busy and there is such a wide variety there is definitely something she will enjoy doing. I love the fact the all the apartments exit into a main hallway and not to the outside to ensure even more safety and comfort. I (and my Mom) also love the little area they provide just outside the door in the hall for the resident to decorate to their personality so everyone can learn more about each other and make friends easily. They even have a putting green! The dining area is like eating in a nice restaurant and the options of food each day is terrific! This place made the decision for my Mom to transition from her single-family residence to an Independent Living facility extremely easy and she is actually happy and looking forward to her move now.


Management changes annually. Ducks are a problem leaving droppings everywhere, including the pool. They still have not fixed that problem. Food is sub par. Very high prices for what you get. Residents being treated like children, being sent to the "principal" if they complain. DO NOT COME HERE.

SLC Midwest

Local Representative

Hi Elizabeth,

At Thunderbird, our management and staff do our best to respect each and every one of our residents. We received your feedback, and appreciate your input so we can make sure to address your concerns. In regards to our dining experience, we know it can be challenging to meet everyone’s tastes each time, even within our eight daily menu options, and for that reason we encourage feedback so we can do everything we can to meet and exceed our residents’ expectations. Within our courtyard area, we do have a group of Mallard ducks residing there, and are learning to cohabitate with them as they are federally protected by the Migratory Bird Treaty Act. We provide pool services 3 times a week, including vacuuming the pool, treating the water and pressure washing the areas the ducks frequent, to ensure our residents can enjoy the area. These and other initiatives are in partnership with our management team at Senior Lifestyle, which bring over 30 years of experience, knowledge and programming to Thunderbird with the goal of making the community even better. We would appreciate the opportunity to learn more about any additional concerns you may have, and invite you to reach out to us at [removed].

My father really has transitioned nicely. There is plenty for him to do to stay busy and he has had met a lot of great people. The staff is very helpful and friendly.

My father really has transitioned nicely. There is plenty for him to do to stay busy and he has had met a lot of great people. The staff is very helpful and friendly.

[Name removed] liked it. Good ratings. Not too expensive. Studio is large, but the 1 bedroom has more storage and a larger kitchen.

Very impressed with facility. Special area space for personal items in corridor outside the room is unique and thoughtful.

Friendly staff but too expensive

This facility was excellent! While on tour, some of the staff members were making margaritas and they even offered me some! The staff was nice and the residents were very friendly. Everyone here was just so helpful and they answered all of my questions clearly. I really like that they are pet friendly too! Unfortunately, I didn’t pick this facility for my sister because it was more expensive than other places I would recommend this community to other families.

A Lot of Activties, Helpful Staff

Overall, my experience at Thunderbird has been really good. The staff has been very helpful and accommodating, particularly the general manager. The food is good. I think they have a good chef here, and I feel that things have even improved since I moved in. They have a lot of activities here, and they create a brochure each month to keep everyone informed about what is going on. I especially appreciate that they have dancing here. It's a great way to get acquainted with the other residents here. I do have to park a distance away from the building, and I have had some other small issues here, but I think they are working to fix them. I would still recommend this community to others.

I wish they would've been upfront with me

I toured here and even paid the deposit but by the end, the facility couldn’t provide the type of care that my Mom needed. They said they didn’t have the staff to manage someone that was wheelchair bound and they wanted more independent and mobile residents. I really wish they would've been more upfront with me because they knew from the beginning the level of care my Mom would've needed and it felt like we were strung along longer than we should've been. There wasn’t much interaction between the staff and residents from what I could see. It looked like they were more on their own. It was a beautiful building, it was big and clean, but there was limited space for memory care residents and they just didn’t seem to want to take care of someone that wasn’t very independent.

Not much activity with the residents

We originally chose this facility because the price was reasonable and our Father would be close to us. But when we visited, I noticed that there is no social life here. I feel like everything is just too spread out and narrow. We were there in the middle of the day and there was absolutely no social life. The caregivers were nice but there just wasn’t any mingling with residents. The impression I got was everyone was just subdued. The facility had the activities on the extreme ends of the building. My dad isn’t very mobile and trying to get him out of bed to walk around to go to activities wasn’t going to happen. I would not recommend this facility. There’s just no social life and all of the residents are just in their rooms.

Not enough activities and amenities

I was touring this facility when I was looking for a new place to live and I did not like this place at all. They don't offer much in amenities or activities and the location wasn't ideal, to no fault of their own. I didn't see anything wrong with the cleanliness or the staff, though.

Just moved parent from Thunderbird to another facility . My initial impression of Thunderbird was very positive. Both [Removed]y were friendly and enthusiastic. We liked the apartment and felt that Dad would be safe and well cared for. We signed the paperwork and moved Dad in. Our mistake. We didn't read all the paperwork carefully and noone pointed out that if a person is unhappy, they are committed to paying another 60 days after written notice is given. A $4000+mistake on our part. Also, we were told that if a person is away for 30 or more days, they would get meal reimbursement. Dad was away from August 29th to Oct 3rd and was told that he was entitled to $100. 2 meals a day and he is entitled to 100 dollars?? Really?
Unfortunately, Dad was very unhappy and our usually outgoing Dad spent most of his time alone in his room. He found many cliques that were very hard to break into. People always sat at the same table with the same people. Not especially welcoming. This atmosphere starts at the top. Dad is now in another facility where the administrator is in the dining room every day interacting with residents and the staff manning the desk address every resident by name.
He is himself again. My suggestion is to read ALL pages of your lease BEFORE you sign on any line.

Very Nice Community

We really liked this community. It has recently within the last year been renovated and they did a good job. The community looks great clean and up to date especially the inside. The staff is very nice and informative. However compared to others we have toured the pricing was a little higher than what we had seen.

Beautiful community

The tour we took of Thunderbird Community was very nice. The staff was very friendly and the management did a good job providing information about what they had to offer. The environment was very clean and well-kept. We chose another community based on budget needs.

Quick Response Lead To A Seamless Move

I had flown into the state to help find options for my sister in law. We had an appointment at the beginning of the week she liked it and by that following week she had been moved in and was settled. The staff is great very friendly and helpful. She is doing much better she is happy and she likes the food very much. She is making friends and doing some activities which are hard with her sight issue but the staff makes accommodations for that.

Wonderful Staff!!

My mother has recently made the move into this community and she has no complaints of how things are going. All of the staff are super friendly and have made the transition into her new living environment go smoothly for her. She has been enjoying the great meals in the dinning room as well as many of the activities they have going on throughout the week. Overall it has been a perfect fit and they have met all of her needs as of right now.

My father's Great Care

The care at this community is nice The community is clean and the staff is outstanding. The menu is nice and he is happy the menu. We like that he is enjoying a lot of the activities that are available for him to participate. We highly recommend this community for the care and the value to other families.

Home for Care

I toured this community when my brother lived here.We liked the staff and the cleanliness of this community. The meals were appealing and the atmosphere was nice. My brother wanted a smaller home feeling for care. We would recommend families to tour this community for the care of a loved one.

It's been a very bumpy road...

It's been a very bumpy road so far, since my brother moved in. It is a new facility, so they have yet to work out the bugs. The facility is quite understaffed, which is concerning because my brother doesn't always get the care that he needs. Overall, the experience has been very mediocre.

Place was very cheerful and bright. Not a bit depressing. [Removed] was great in showing us around.
The 2 bedroom was perfect if you need and can afford it. We are needing a one bedroom which was comparable to others in price but too small for my parents. I wish it was larger. We loved the courtyards and atmosphere. Traffic in area was not too busy which is a plus. The only negative was the size of the 1 bedroom unit. We will keep looking.

Something in the toilet!

I would never put my parents in this community. The place was so small I don't understand how anyone could get their wheelchair in there. Also, the worse part was that their model apartment had [Removed] in the toilet. It was completely disgusting!

Alison McCool

Local Representative

We are so sorry; there is no excuse for your experience. This certainly does not represent how we normally operate. Please be assured the situation was taken care of immediately. Again, please accept our apologies.

My tour!

This is a larger community than we were looking for. They offer independent and assisted living. They are also working on some remodeling on their memory care unit. The people we met were nice and the community seemed clean.

We are so thankful!

They very nicest place we saw. Much like a cruise ship, without the water! We couldn't believe how beautiful, clean, well appointed & comfortable it is. In addition, we found the staff most friendly & helpful!

The Community Is So Helpful To Me

From what I see the community is clean and keeping my dad's room clean with housekeeping and it helps me out. He is happy and says he is going to see the workout room, watches movies, and socializing with the resident. Happy hour is every Friday. We have eaten there and dad likes the meals. He gets 2 meals, breakfast and lunch or dinner and gets anything he wants, like standard choices or special of the day. They help me out by taking him to appointments. It must be schedule a week ahead within 10 miles and I have not missed work but they could use more drivers. Walgreens also deliver medication daily.The location was ideal because we have a big family and we can easily pick him on the way to anything and still get home on a decent time.

Just super awesome!

The community here is wonderful and I feel that this place was God sent. They have been super good with my loved one in helping get my loved one transitioned. My loved one thinks that they staff and the residents are very welcoming and caring. The staff really went over and beyond what they need to do and we really appreciate that.

The staff are friendly at Thunderbird!

Mom is still adjusting to living at this community. They offer a variety of activities. The community is clean and well taken care of. I would recommend this community.

If i could i would move in here!!

It is a wonderful community. My father in law is doing very good the staff treats him very well. It's clean and up-kept. They do offer various activities for him to participate in. He is very comfortable and feels safe. We would definitely recommend this community to a friend or a loved one. I would move in here if i was able to its great.

Community Remodel!

My dad has dementia and was becoming very confused because of the remodeling of the community. However, during the remodel it was very clean throughout the community. The staff treated him very well, were easy to talk with, and answered all of my questions. The food was really good. They offer many activities but could improve by changing the activity routine.

I'am Very Happy Here

This is a wonderful place, I'am really enjoying my time here. There are so many things to do, I've gone on some casino trips. They do a great job with the cleanliness, my apartment is cleaned twice a week. The staff is lovely, they are very helpful and friendly. The food is great, I'am pleased with the meals. I'am really happy here and I would highly recommend this community.

Good And Happy

My mom is happy here at this community. The care, food, staff are all really good. I like it a lot and I am happy that it is all going good.

Very Pleased With This Community

Everything is working out very well for my mother here. We are very happy with everything they have done for us. She has adjusted well to it and is happy here. The staff is caring for her very well. I know she is safe and in good hands. They are providing her with great care, we couldn't be happier.

I cannot say enough good things about Thunderbird Senior Living!!

This community is a good place for my mom. The food is good and the staff could not be nicer. The entire staff will greet you if you see them in the hallway and the move in coordinator stopped by to see how we were doing during her move in. I think the management must be superb and I would recommend this community. It is clean and well taken care of.

First Days of Mom Moving to Thunderbird Sr Living

My Mother is about to move in so have not experienced the care services or activities just yet. Overall, the attention to detail by every staff member is something I have never seen. They are very well trained, keen to help and always make everyone there feel as though nothing is a problem! Someone in Management certainly knows how to run a business.

Warm and friendly

I would like to start by saying how nice the facility is. The dining room is very nicely remodeled and they have made a lot of new upgrades and improvements.
My brother and I toured this community a few years ago and I was surprised at all the new additions. Katie toured us this time around. She is very sweet and not pushy like other facilities that my brother and I have toured in the area. The facility nurse. (I think her name is Trist, sorry if I spelled it wrong) is so nice. She took the time to say hello and it's nice to see a nurse in a facility, and with such a big smile. She said hello to all the people in the lobby and knew them by name. The kitchen staff was very friendly and neatly dressed. Great staff. They truly give it a homey feel. We have decided to place my father here in the near future. I highly recommend people to tour this facility and meet the staff and people who live here.

Everyone is so friendly and helpful

Extremely Nice Staff

Everything is going well for my uncle here at Thunderbird Senior Living. He is adjusting well and the staff has been great with helping him settle in. The community is clean and well maintained they do a very good with keeping the facility nice. The staff is very helpful and extremely nice. They really do take the extra effort to really get to know the residents. There are good activities for the residents and the food is good. I would recommend this community because they are taking good care of my uncle. They are very attentive and not over bearing during the process.

Mom lives in Thunderbird Senior Living

My mother and I have been thrilled with the care and accommodations received at Thunderbird Senior Living so far. Everyone is friendly and have helped my mother out on several occasions. Stormie was a huge help in explaining what Thunderbird has to offer and helping my mom feel like we were making the right choice for her. Brittany was a huge help on moving day. In fact both Stormie and Brittany have continued to check in on mom to make sure everything is going well. Every time I visit mom people are always in the lobby having conversations, and when I pass by people in the hallways there is always a friendly hello. Thunderbird was recommended to me by three friends who had parents stay there and the price is quite reasonable.

Nice place, positive experience.

I moved both of my parents to Thunderbird Senior Living. They are doing well there, not too bad. It's been good but not great. It has been a positive experience and I probably would recommend this community in the future. The food is probably one things that is a lower rate, a 3. Our expectations for the community were a little higher but that is unerderstandable. It is a nice place.

Living at Thunderbird Senior Living

We have lived here for teo weeks. The meals are great. All utilities are included, basic cable and local phone service. They check all the apartments twice a day to make sure you are ok. We also have lifeline in our rooms so if something happens to you while in your apartment you can signal for help. The are about to finish remolding all the appartments, the lobby, dinning room and other rooms. Managements has checked on us several times since we moved in to see how we are doing. Over all it's great living here.

It Looks Great

Our guide of the place was fantastic. She was very friendly and really payed close attention to my loved one and made her feel at home right away. It looked and smelled nice and the apartments had just been renovated and look great.

Food Needs Improvement

I know that they definitely need improvement on their food and their meals. Due to the renovations though, I was not really exposed to their regular operations, so I am not sure how things are until the remodeling is over.

Nice staff

This facility is undergoing some renovations. The staff is very nice and they seem to really care about the residents. The food here is pretty good too.

Not happy. My 88 year old mother in law was there for a 2nd respite stay. The lobby renovations and dining room problems were disturbing. Hopefully they will be fixed for her next stay.

Doing Really Well

They have been really well over at Thunderbird Senior Living. My loved one has not been there all that long, but he enjoys the place a lot. He does not complain about anything, so overall I would say it is a good experience.

Overall I am very satisfied

The staff at Thunderbird Senior Living were really great to work with. It was a really good experience there. Mom is pretty much bound her apartment so I cant really speak to the activities provided there. The facility is undergoing some remodeling currently. The staff were really flexible in working with a payment schedule. Overall I am very satisfied.

I Am Happy With Them

There staff is very friendly and very helpful. I would recommend for anyone moving in to check first because they don't have much help to move in, like they only have one cart and it's not working well. They had a lot of challenges this year, but they worked through them and kept the residents who lived there happy. The extra care you get is above and beyond and I am happy with it.

love it love it love it!

My mother is very happy at Thunderbird Senior Living . The people there are all wonderful, and the food is amazing! The place is going through a complete revamp so if we love it as much as we do now I can only imagine how much we are going to love it then. When I first saw it my initial reaction was "you have got to be kidding me, this place is amazing!" and it has certainly continued to live up to that initial impression.

going good

We have had a very positive experience with Thunderbird Senior Living. The facility is currently being worked on with some updates, but other than the work in progress there it is a very nice and clean facility. The staff there are all very kind and helpful. My dad has only been there for a couple of months but so far everything is going well.

Nice place, overall

Overall things have gone well at Thunderbird Senior Living. When we moved in there was a bit of miscommunication which complicated things, and I think the follow-up with the resident ambassador program could use some work, but for the most part we are satisfied by the services they provide. The facility itself is well kept and clean, and they take good care of the people who live here.

So far it's great. Mom seems to love it there.

So far it's great. Mom seems to love it there. The staff is great, but right now they are renovating. She is very happy with the food, they just got a new chef. I would rate them highly since mom is so happy with it.

Very nice place

This is a very nice place! The facility itself is beautiful, and they just spent a lot of money on some extensive renovations to make things even nicer! The staff is very friendly and always ready to help. I would highly recommend them!

going great

Everything with Thunderbird Retirement Resort is going great. Dad loves the food, though he does sometimes complain about how long it takes for him to get his meal. That is his only complaint that I have ever heard from. Overall things are going great.

Very pleased with the place.

My father and the family are very pleased with Thunderbird Retirement Resort. Although dad has been ill, he cannot wait to get better and enjoy all that Thunderbird has to offer with the Pool, Jacuzzi and he is always being updated with a calendar of activities. He enjoys the dining room and loved how the lobby was decorated for Halloween and now how beautiful it is for Christmas.
The staff is very nice and caring. We are happy to receive all the information that is left at his apartment in regards to different services and such.
The only suggestion I could make would be to somehow provide more parking spaces for the guests.

Review of Thunderbird Retirement Resort Assisted Living in Glendale, AZ

Good Mid-Size Community Apt.,Staff seems Very Friendly,Residents seem Very Happy & Activities Provided.Close Mom if Dad was staying on his own at first....Lacking- Washer&Dryer in room,Mid Size Apt. Rms. and not many units have balconies except !st floor units,Flooded Lobby Area & 1st Floor Areas during HUGE storm.

Watermark Ambassador

Local Representative

Thank you very much for your feedback. I agree, that storm was “HUGE” and worthy of all your all capital letters! The flood that resulted won’t be repeated, as we are working with expert resources to prevent re-occurrence. However, I must add, it was inspiring to see our residents and staff join forces in the face of adversity. In the end, the camaraderie and teamwork made a positive impact that will last far longer than the memories of the water damage. I would like to personally invite you to visit us again to gain a better understanding of daily life here at Thunderbird Retirement Resort. Please accept my invitation to return to the community and enjoy lunch on me. Give me a call at [removed] so we can make arrangements.

Peter Richardson, Executive Director

This facility was nice. Th...

This facility was nice. There was a musty smell in the hallways, but the rooms were nice. I'm a little confused on the pricing however. Are meals included?

They have happy social residents.

It's a little bit older so it could be a little cleaner, the carpets are clean but could be replaced, but I wouldn't mark them down for it. There haven't been any complaints about the food. We chose it because when we visited, all the residents were down in the lobby and they said that they were happy, they volunteered that and wanted us to know. And there are always residents sitting in the lobby being social, not for any activity, but just to be social.

She can't say enough about the food, she really enjoys it.

It's very clean and the staff is very friendly. The value is really good and one of the main drivers for what we were looking for. Unfortunately we haven't had much of a chance for activities. She can't say enough about the food, she really enjoys it. When we chose Thunderbird we liked the location and the pricing.

Good food, excellent staff,...

Good food, excellent staff, Stormie Ferruccio is the best! I met the nurse in charge of care when I come alone as a snow bird and feel comfortable doing so in 2015.

It’s quiet and doesn’t have any problems.

I think once your family member is there, you don’t have to worry about them. They are in a safe environment. It’s very nice. The staff takes care of the people there. I liked the food. It’s quiet and doesn’t have any problems. We didn’t have any issues with laundry or parking.

Nice place

They do a great job overall! Their customer service in particular is very good, they're always willing to help and very easy to work with. The staff are all very friendly, and the facility itself is well kept and clean. The dining service is alright, they do an okay job considering the number of people they are serving.

Has potential; call first t...

Has potential; call first to see if pricing includes any assistance!

Lots of Activities!

My loved one is doing very well here! The activities are really good, and there are a lot of them! The menu is not as extensive as I thought it was to begin with. There's not a whole lot of variety. However, the staff are all very friendly and helpful! They are very attentive as well. Everything is very clean here and my loved one is settling in very well!

As far as I can tell, there are no is...

As far as I can tell, there are no issues at all with Thunderbird. We haven't heard or seen anything negetive about them! The staff are all very helpful, and step in right away when they need to. If we ever have questions to ask, they are right on it! They are close to family, which is great, and they had availability when we needed it. Also, the price is great, and what they offer for the price is even better! We are very pleased!

I really enjoyed meeting wi...

I really enjoyed meeting with Allison. The surrounding inside and out were very nice. The apartment was pretty spacious, light and bright. Food was delicious. Cons: storage was limited, however I need to let go of some things which is hard to do for me. Overall it was one of the nicest places I've seen. Will see how the others measure up. Thanks

Very good place

Mom and I visited the place in 2013. Looked at a room, mom didn't like though that the room they showed her was on the second floor. Mom did like the room however, but her mind wasn't into moving into anywhere. For the price, it was about average for the area. Was clean and nice.

This looks like the best pl...

This looks like the best place so far. It's close to us so we can visit daily.

Working Out Well for Mom

Thunderbird is pretty good. I think it suites my mom in in almost every way she needs. I was important to her to have something that would be a good social environment. She loves playing cards, board games and other games like bingo as well. It's an older facility but it's kept up well. I think it's probably an average value. The care is fairly good. The one down side that she has run into is that she's not very thrilled with the food from the dining facility . She's rather pick I guess. She have been various things wrong. The meat might be tough or the meal might be cold or certain things aren't available.

She has a good apartment. She's paying a little bit of a premium for the first floor and to be near the middle of the place. It's working out well.

Perfect Community

Thunderbird Retirement Resort is just perfect; it is the most amazing place I could have imagined living in. I absolutely feel at home. They offer so many activities from dancing classes, musicians to anything else you can imagine. The staff here is just amazing, no one has ever acted like you are bothering them when you ask for something or bring something up. The entire staff is hands on and willing to help to include the executive director, I saw the executive director helping the staff set up chairs for the community. Everyone just seems to love what they do. The apartments are very nice and it is just a beautiful community. It is really more like a 4 or 5 star hotel. I would highly recommend this community to anyone. I just can't say enough good things about it.

Very clean. Only independe...

Very clean. Only independent living and assisted living plans to expand to memory care and possoblly have a MD office on site. Comfortable setting not too highbrow. Apartments are unfurnished LR can handle love seat and maybe recliner. has breakfast bar. kitchen good size refrig. stove and dishwasher. upgrading to ss appliances.

What a find!

We toured 4 facilities in the Phoenix area and Thunderbird was by far the best -and the best value. We interacted with several of the staff and all were so friendly, professional, and caring. The maintenance staff was terrific getting drapery rods, bedside lamps and pictures hung. We stayed in one of the guest suites for 5 days, getting the folks moved in, and dined with them in the dining room. A great way to get a feel for Thunderbird and its amenities. Mom is looking forward to water aerobics and playing bridge with the ladies she has met. And Dad is looking forward to shooting pool with some of the other men and he especially enjoys the food. Shuttle service to nearby doctors, groceries and other stores will give them the mobility and independence they still want. They're happy in their new home. We're happy to have found Thunderbird!

I've seen better in this pr...

I've seen better in this price range. Grimy doors and handrails, apt is too small and boxy. just 2 10x10 roms and a small kitchen, not enough closet space or storage.

Liked a lot clean and nice beautiful ...

Liked a lot clean and nice beautiful grounds and rooms. room layout makes the rooms seem very small.

Was very nice. Food was very good. ...

Was very nice. Food was very good. We saw both a 1 bedroom model with furniture on the 2nd level (no balcony) and another on the main floor with a patio. This may be "the one".

Second choice so far, budget concerns...

Second choice so far, budget concerns keep this one on the list

really liked

really liked

Very nice facility. May have problem ...

Very nice facility. May have problem in bathroom. Many activities. Need eval for level of care. Apartment instead of just room Will work with you. NO ROLLIN SHOWER MAY ADAPT.

Premium package is avail for $1795 (i...

Premium package is avail for $1795 (includes 3 meals plus more services). Community fee is negotiable. 1 BRs with kitchen. Includes 2 meals a day plus house-keeping every other week for $1,795 Transportation is included for an 11 mile radius. There are also scheduled trips to grocery story, etc. They have a great library - they use the honor system. There is also s large common area. Emergency pendant is included. All utilities are included, including phone. Phone is linked to the pendent. Also, if you knock the phone off the hook it calls front desk. Includes two door checks per day 9am and 9pm. She said the staff is happy so that's a good sign. One of the maids has been there for 8 year. The property was renovated 2 years ago. They do not have washers and dryers in the apartments. Laundry facilities are located throughout the community - no quarters are needed. They also have staff that will do personal laundry for $7.50 per load. Furnished guest appts are avail at no extra charge until furniture is avail (usually a week max). Their pricing is for independent living so you only pay for what you need. Manager is super nice and really wants to show us the property. She loves working there.

Wonderful facility. My only issue wa...

Wonderful facility. My only issue was Sara quoted me $1350. over the phone. When I arrived for the tour, I was told the cost was $1395. Not a big difference, but it would be helpful to know the proper cost ahead.



I liked this one as well but my fathe...

I liked this one as well but my father is refusing AGAIN :( I will keep you posted.

From the Community

When you think of retirement living, what do you see? If cookie-cutter apartments, quiet hallways, bland food and stereotypical activities come to mind, then think again. Over thirty years of experience has taught us that today’s seniors want more choices and are leading a more active lifestyle than generations before. One visit will shatter your expectations.

How do we do it? We start with an environment of choice. You’ll find a great variety of living options from affordable studio apartments to spacious two-bedroom suites in a truly residential atmosphere, with fantastic cuisine, fun and creative events. And if you need a little bit of assistance, we’ll deliver it right to your door. Here, you’ll flourish, thrive and be empowered to express your true self, in an environment unlike anything you’d expect.