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Customer Reviews

The place is nice but could uses some updates and some fresh carpeting and painting. It is showing signing of age.


The tour was great and I actually believed everything I was told about how caring they all were. The nite staff is lazy and play on their phonesand ignore the residents to the point that the residents were asking my family members for something to drink because they were so thirsty! My mom had a slip and fall and had to go the E/R.-luckily she was ok butthe hospital diagnosed a UTI-why didn't Brookdale know this?? Unexplained bruise on her finger-clothes missing even though her name was on everything. If your loved one is not a "stepford wife" don't go there. They truly only want residents that will just sit there and do nothing. My mom had "behaviors" and they transported her to the hospital for evaluation-the hospital got her meds under control but Brookdale wanted her to go to in patient therapy which the hospital clearly said she did not need-[name removed] insisted until the hospital agreed to put her there they would not take her back--THANK GOD we moved her to a memory care facility that can handle "Sundowners" with no issues even though [name removed] said "no place will take her with her behavior". He accused the hospital of lying and felt like they were just keeping her drugged which was not true at all.

I toured this community

I went on a tour here and it was nice and clean. The staff was friendly and helpful. They answered all of my questions. The rooms were on the smaller side and it just wasn't a good fit for my mom or her needs. I would recommend people tour this community before making a decision.

Recommended Changes

I toured this community. We did not like that the community did not seem clean and it had an odor. The staff was helpful to answer the questions we had.We were not offered to see a menu for what is served to the residents. The community needs a lot of improvements in a few areas. I would not be able to recommend this community to others for the care of a loved one.

Nice tour!!

I had a nice tour of this place for my loved one and I have no complaints of our experience. The staff where on time to our appointment and made sure to answer any questions that we had for them. They had a nice floor plan with lots of great amenities available to all of the residents. It was just not the right fit for my dad in the end decision.

Fairly comfortable stay.

My loved one's stay is going fine at this Brookdale location. As far as I have seen, the staff are catering to her needs and requests, and the facility is kept well maintained. They are making her stay as comfortable as they can.


We might be moving my husband to the Brookdale Arrowhead Ranch. I toured a long time ago so I don't remember much about it, but because my husband is already at a Brookdale, they allow residents to transfer between them when funding changes.

Different nurses!

My mother was here for 4 years and they switched her nurses 4 times in one year! It was very difficult to get adjusted to. When we first started off with them, though, everything was very good and everyone was very friendly.


I am not unhappy, but I am a little bit in the middle of the road. I have heard great things about Brookdale but not good things about the particular Brookdale my loved one moved into. They have not been unkind and they have not been neglectful. It Is the level of care. My most immediate concern was the level of assistance at meal time, there was not enough assistance for any of the people eating and no one offered to cut their meat. I would help every person that was sitting at the table with my mother in law to cut their sandwiches. They serve a lot of food. I know they are working very hard to fix things like this and they are not lazy people, they just need a little tweak in the way they do things.

I took a tour of this community for my parents. The community was small and did not offer what we were looking for at the time. The staff did answer our questions. A nice community over all.

Needs a lot of improvement!!

I am not to happy with this community, they have not provided the care that was promised to my loved one at all. The staff has not kept up with the cleanliness of her bedroom, I often would go into her room with old food trays and the bathroom is a complete mess. I am very disappointed and dissatisfied with there overall performance at this facility.

I toured Brookdale arrowhead Ranch

This community was not quite what I expected. I noticed the community did not have individual rooms and was small. I felt they were not as clean to my liking. The staff are all nice and welcoming. My only issue was the distance from my house.

We got a phone call from Kelly yesterday & Robin & I went for a visit. Our tour guide was Deb, she was very nice. She told us they were painting and fixing up in memory care. The fixing up in that area had nothing to do with how disgustingly filthy dirty and smelly this place is.There's a beautiful courtyard that the people in memory care don't have access to, which is sad. Memory care outside space is 10 x16 concrete slab with 8-foot walls. They said someone can take her for walks in the courtyard but we know that would not happen, they have 3 people taking care of 32 people. Then the kicker - Deb said at the end of the tour we have others/waiting list for this room. Why is the heck would she even waste our time. We told them we needed the room by the end of the mth when they called. The truth of it, if you love you parents you would never put they in a place like this. Her remark just [removed] both of us off.

Lovely onsite salon

Recently, they have had a high volume of staff turnover, that seems to be coming to end. I love that they added an onsite salon that actually incorporates the bill into the Arrowhead Ranch's bill, which is very convenient and time saving. Lovely.


On behalf of my elderly aunt, I chose Brookdale at Arrowhead Ranch because it offered the right amount of residents to keep her occupied but not lost in the system. The staff was very friendly and professional, the common areas were clean and presentable. We had a chance to try the food during the tour and it was very adequate in both taste and volume. The grounds are extremely pleasing to the eye and during the cooler months in the Phoenix area, will be pleasant to spend time in. The building is very secure and all four wings are connected eliminating any chance of unauthorized persons loitering or aging access.
This is a facility I am glad to have chosen. The standard I used was if I could be comfortable living there someday and yes, I could. My aunt has been there over a month and has made it clear, she loves living there.

Brookdale Senior Living

Local Representative

Thank you for taking the time to visit and share your feedback! We will share your feedback with our management team.

It was scary.

It was scary. It was dirty and the staff weren't friendly or upbeat. They weren't smiling, and didn't look happy to be there at all. The residents looked really sad. Even my mom with dementia could tell, and asked me not to send her there.

Great Staff

I stay at the Emeritus Arrowhead in Glendale, Arizona. The Staff is excellent and take really good care of their residents. Their food is great. The place is great and beautiful and the staff is friendly, care and professional. I am very pleased with their overall services.

It's a great place

They take excellent care of her . The staff is excellent. The food is very good. I like this place very much.

Too large. Nice place, but ...

Too large. Nice place, but I just had a feeling that it wouldn't be a good place for dad.

I will be checking further;...

I will be checking further; sounds interesting

Too hospital ro...

Too hospital rooms..good if person is worse off

I was very pleased with the...

I was very pleased with their place plus they were friendly and would keep her busy during the day.

Not impressed, appeared to ...

Not impressed, appeared to be very disorganized and rooms were dirty.

Sam Pollock

Local Representative

We are sorry that your tour of our community didn’t meet your expectations. We would like to know more about your experience and encourage you to contact our community management team.

Just OK

It was OK, but it's a little more run down. It's way down Bell from where we live, and when there's traffic it's a horrendous drive. It was a little older facility, and not quite shabby, but the rugs were worn. They accept Medicaid too, and if that was the only place then I'm sure it would have worked just fine.

I went to visit this place - it is ni...

I went to visit this place - it is nice, clean, small which is what we are thinking my mom would like - most of the residents are women and are in wheel chairs. My mom is not in a wheel chair as of yet and looking for activity choices available / scheduled ...? very nice people way more than my mom can spend monthly at this time and the cost would go up as she got worse

Brochure Very nice area and staff. Ev...

Brochure Very nice area and staff. Everyone friendly. Private $2595 Double $1400 + level of care $225-$1625 Free evaluation of level of care Call for lunch NO ROLLIN SHOWERS

Great tour with the Director. We all...

Great tour with the Director. We all really like this facility and staff. Mom really enjoyed lunch. We had great lunch with staff.

If a person only has ALTCS, they must...

If a person only has ALTCS, they must share a room! My mom likes her privacy and she would prefer more of an apartment-style living arrangement.

Nursing home style, but with a less c...

Nursing home style, but with a less clinial feel. Private or shared Studios.Two levels of care but first level not closed environment. Residents wear bracelets to set off alarm if they go out. Medicaid after one year of private pay if run out of $. Assigned tables for dining and kitchen staff will customize menu for residents if necessary. Long term staff that cares for patients and same care givers serve at meals so they get to know the residents and if they are eating and participating in activities. Nice courtyard to walk out in and enjoy the outside. Some rooms have views of the courtyard.

Clean, friendly residents. People wer...

Clean, friendly residents. People were happy. It was comfy and homey. Lots of options for socializing and activities. I would feel good in a place such as this.

From the Community

We offer a home like setting and cheerful smiles from our professional staff who greet you everyday.
Our caring staff offers the assistance you need while respecting your independence.

Our peaceful setting, restaurant style dining experience, activities and beautiful setting combine
to create a wonderful living environment everyday. Our genuine caring staff, home style meals, daily
activities add to our residents' experience. They will tell you they appreciate all the options while
living at an Brookdale Senior Living community.

The sense of community is all around you when you become part of the Brookdale family. Through special
events, activities, clubs and ongoing cultural enrichment programs, we offer unlimited opportunities
for you to get to know other residents and us. Call to set up an appointment for a tour because we
delight in showing you our home.

Our Family is Committed to Yours.