The Vineyard at Fountaingrove - Santa Rosa, CA

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Customer Reviews

[Name removed] was a terrible person to be working with, his level of professionalism is slim to none and he got really irritated with us asking questions about how the facility was and even went as far as to ask me and my wife if we were done with the questions yet.... Not a good place right from the start and would never recommend anyone I know to this company.


We placed our Mom here in January after the fires . They were still in emotional recovery stage but were very informative and helpful to us. I agree that paperwork is not their strong suit but the work they do with their community members is wonderful. My mom went beyond reluctantly but within weeks she was happy and adjusting. Every staff member knows her name and is respectful and loving. It is a challenging clientele since everyone has memory issues. I feel that they do a wonderful job respecting all of them and allowing them to be as independent and involved as their disease allows them to be

Very Disappointed

There is a lot of false promises at this community. From the day we moved in October 28th the heat hasn't worked and my mom stays cold. They had a fire in there before we moved in and the rugs have stains on them and there could be mold under those rugs nobody has looked into that. Everytime we request something to be fixed not one thing gets fixed. [Removed] is useless and never helps resolve things.They wait till my mom is out of pills before they tell us to reorder. They called me and told me I was late for the month of November and I had to prove to them that I had paid it. There is a community room where they watch movies and there isn't adequate seating so people have to sit in uncomfortable dining room chairs. My mom have made friend here and it's unfortunate she isn't getting the care we are paying for. I would not recommend this community. They never answer the phone when we call and the staff definitely needs more training.

Incompetence at its best

The administrators are very incompetent. They make excuses and pass the buck. They jerked me around. Not giving me paperwork in a timely manner which then took more time to get properly filled out by physician. They came to home wearing a name badge with Memory Care boldly written on it which I made her remove after arriving 25 minutes late. She forgot to bring the paperwork and I was informed I would have to go to the facility to pick it up. \In the end they jacked the price another $800 stating my mom was tier 3. The woman is ambulatory, she's not incontinent, she's coherent in the moment... she just can't remember things. Though she is a feisty one. \And, for $6500 they won't even do the residents laundry.

This one was new and we didn't see it. It looked beautiful on the outside but we didn't realize it was a memory care facility. Unfortunately we won't be seeing the inside.

Beautiful and Amazing

Fountaingrove Lodge is an amazing community. When we toured the place it was not ready for residents. The staff was very friendly and knowledgeable and answered all of our questions. We chose another community because we needed a place right away.