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Customer Reviews

Current Management should be investigated and Audited

What may have been a wonderful place for seniors and disabled seniors several years back has turned into a "Nightmare" for the elderly. [removed]. From yelling at residents in the office to threatening legal action or eviction if the management is challenged. The current management has employed it's own family members to run the office and maintenance department making it impossible for residents to feel safe voicing any concerns. They have gone as far to put its on family members in available units despite a years long waiting list for qualified low income/disabled seniors.On any given day the office becomes a day care for management(s) children and grandchildren. Monies are collected for "fines or increases" without invoices or receipts for payment Complaints to the "Church Run Board Members" have gone unanswered. A few residents have contacted adult protective services, but still most will remain silent due to fear of losing their homes. It is reprehensible for our elderly who in most cases worked all their lives , now living on disability or social security to be treated like second class citizens [removed]. Most recent accusations are surprise inspections, One knock on the door and in they come! One elderly lady was literally undressed when the surprise inspection came.[removed] residents who are left in tears to defend themselves. This place is gravely close to abusing the elderly by intimidation. If Pinemont Apartments plans to continue receiving any kind of HUD assistance, They would do well to "Clean House" before these issues become front and center at HUD and APS.

No Home Sweet Home Here

This community is composed of Seniors and the handicapped. Each of the large groups of minorities (mostly Orientals and Hispanics), only speak to each other, and socialize/fraternize within their own group. The female underling office management is disrespectful and regards the tenants with condescension and contempt . The main Manager is unreachable. The property looks OK on the surface, but is in a marginal area, and is lacking in amenities. It is supposed to be a HUD property. If you want to be treated like an old parasite, and be told to your face that you are, with accompanying mocking; come live here.