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Customer Reviews

Outstanding staff and facility - highly recommend

After touring numerous facilities, my mom and I chose The Oaks to bring my father for therapy after an extended hospital stay. We were referred to The Oaks from a neighbour who had been a patient there for therapy last fall and raved about the care. I cannot give enough praise to the rehab workers and nursing staff who cared for my Dad during this difficult time. He was shown exceptional, compassionate care by each team member he encountered and was well taken care of and kept clean and comfortable. My mom and I were kept informed from the therapists how he was doing and the nurse took the time with us to answer our daily barrage of questions. I would strongly recommend a tour of various facilities so a comparison can be made - The Oaks trumps all of them.

Satisfied resident

I have had a wonderful experience while having my father at The Oaks. I am at the facility daily, and the staff have all been AMAZING! The nurses and aides are compassionate toward my father and the family, acitivites are offered throughout the entire day, food is great. The residents all seem very happy and staff the same. We heard about this place in the community and have not been disappointed.

The Oaks needs someone to come in and do things properly

I reviewed this facility from the view point of a Registered Nurse with many years of experience in different settings.
Baths are to be given twice a week at The Oaks. My friend arrived on Thursday and finally, after asking several times, was given a shower by a male attendant the following Tuesday night. How humiliating. She'd been there 6 days. She did not get a shower on her scheduled Friday.
The R.N. left the medication for another person on her bedside stand while she went to retrieve the correct eye drops. What caliber of nurse do they hire there.? You have to wonder. That is strictly forbidden.
Apparently they don't read the orders or it doesn't make any difference to them what or when they give a medication or a treatment. Her inhalers were mixed up along with her other meds.
The call lights were on extended periods of time with staff sitting and ignoring them. My friend finally had to struggle into her wheel chair and go to the bathroom then was chastised because she got out of bed.
There was an attachment to the bottom of the oxygen tank that dragged on the floor and I tripped over it almost knocking my teeth out on the oxygen tank when I tripped. So much for safety.
The aids walk around the halls in pairs or stand chatting. I tried to get out at night and walked the perimeter before finding two people doing nothing.The place was totally empty.
Meetings are held with everyone crammed into the patient's room standing. Did They never hear of a professional meeting held in a conference room at a table where everyone sits down?? Incidentally the food was good.
I strongly suspect that your good reviews are given by non medical people who have no idea what safe and adequate care looks like.

Trilogy Health Services

Local Representative

Resident care is our number one priority. If you would like to discuss further, please contact our campus and ask to speak to our Executive Director. You may also contact our Compliance Hotline at [removed] (Extension 2800) or [removed].

Really couldn't believe my experience the first several minutes of arrival

Well let me start off with we chose here b/c of the awesome reviews we received. So why first evening I was let down no one wanted to assist me with getting my parent out the vehicle. One aide was doing nothing but going bk n forth about why they couldn't cuz they didn't know anything about my parent. Really you gonna deny care in front of me, then more went on but I'll just not say any more. I was truly upset though. Met my parents aid for most of evening and her name is [name removed] very nice kind and didn't mind helping. Once I left after hours the alarm went off the aid that saw me walk by her didn't bother to ask me if I knew there was a code to enter before leaving or try to assist me in as my way. When she had to move cuz alarm was ringing she was so rude, like I bothered her from sitting behind the desk which is where she was for a long time. Good help is hard to find and people like the 2 aides that were discourteous gives the oak a bad review and makes me concerned if my parent has to be so called card for by them. I admit I had only met a couple good nurses and 1 good aid [name removed]. For my first time ever being in contact here with anyone I wasnt impressed and disappointed and upset within my first 2 minutes here. I pray asking God to please watch over my Loved one and touch the nurses and aids with care and compassion when it comes to all the residents especially my parent. The Lord knows all and He sees all. So your staff that isn't doing their best I hope they know they reap what they sowe. And one day if blessed they'll be an elderly person who may need assistance also. I pray this place will live up to the good reviews I've heard. But I'll be there as much as I can to help my parent just in case. Place looked clean but haven't had a chance to really see the place overall besides hall and 1 room. Was not very friendly at least not evening shift. Care sucked until [name removed] came along. Have not experienced activities yet. Value remains to be seen.

Trilogy Health Services

Local Representative

Resident care is our number one priority. If you would like to discuss further, please contact our campus and ask to speak to our Executive Director. You may also contact our Compliance Hotline at [removed] (Extension 2800) or [removed].

This is a really nice place, cannot say enough. The staff,facilities and atmosphere were great,definitely a community to strongly consider placing mom.

Had a wonderful experience while my mother was at The Oaks. The staff was friendly, and compassionate with care. The nurses were great, aides were fantastic, food was delicious, I would give 10 stars if I could.

Just a little to quite here

I have started to settle in at The Oaks at Woodfield, I have a nice sized apt that I am very comfortable in. The staff are friendly and they have a nice sense of humor plus I like helping the other residents who are in wheel chairs as we get to know each other. There are a lot of great activies and good field trips offered but the atmosphere is more like a nursing home here, the residents are quiet don't mingle and it's kind of cold there's just something missing. As for the food well, sometimes the food is good other times it is awful they just can't cook vegables right at all. They do have backyard BBQ's from time to time. One of the reasons I choose The Oaks is because they do have 24/7 nursing staff on at all times which is required by my long term insurance a lot of places do not.

Families should have a say, too!

The facility is great! It is very clean, the food is very good, and, for the most part, my loved one is receiving great care. My primary issue, however, is the fact that the nursing staff do not listen to the requests of the families or whoever has authority over medical decisions. There were a few instances where the nursing staff did not address me concerning serious issues with my loved one, which I found to be quite upsetting. Other than this issue, this seems to be a fine place.

Wonderful Excellent Care

Wonderful people work here. Very caring and helpful. My Dad really likes the food. All the staff has followed thru on every request without being reminded. I am very comfortable and happy to have Dad in such good hands.

Don't judge a book by it's cover

Terrible experience. Moved our family member elsewhere because the medical care was so inept.

nrw director

My dad has loved this place. But the new director is very bad! My dad needs to walk twice a day. But no one will walk him!! So very sad! Have emailed the director regarding this, ignores everything. Not happy!!! I think the new director is out of touch. So sad to say...great place going down hill because of new director.

Awful place!

Oaks at Woodfield is a really awful place! The staff especially the Director of Nursing is really rude. It takes them several minutes to answer call lights, and the place reeks of urine most of the time. The residents rooms are not cleaned accordingly. I would not recommend sending your family members here, it is not worth the money and they don't treat the resident with the care and respect they deserve


My mom had an excellent stay at The Oaks for her rehab. The staff is very friendly and the care is EXCEPTIONAL! The Nurses, Doctors, and Therapists are experienced and it shows. Our family was very pleased with the therapy she received. I will be recommending The Oaks to others.

My Dad loved it!

My dad was there for rehab and the staff was awesome! Every single one of the staff was very helpful and friendly. Tina took care of him a lot and she is so caring! The rehab kept in touch with us about his progress. The bad reviews really surprise me. The food was great too! He played pool and did art. He's not very sociable so this was surprising! My dad had a nice time, even if it was rehab. Our family is happy we chose this place.

The nursing/support staff acts as if it is a bother to help their clients. My mother has spoken to the administration about this, but it has not helped. The facility seems extremely understaffed to provide proper care.

The Oaks at Woodfield

My mom is there now and you cant trust the staff, the PT department is all over the place and doesn't keep the family informed - all we've ever herd is how great Moms doing. Then all of a sudden when she needs them the most they want to discharge her saying she hasn't been making the goals. We believe it's because they don't want to pay for the radiation treatments and transportation, so they're booting her. We are seeking a lawyers advise to get Mom what she deserves - fair and honest expectations. Figures lie and liars figure. The staff is immature and incompetent, always pointing fingers at each other. Heads of PT and Nursing are very unkind and hurtful to my Mom and our family. It's all about the money - period.

Do not send your loved ones here.

Do not take your loved ones to this place. Yes it is new and looks pretty but the help is not qualified to give proper care to their patients. Nurses do not know how to properly administer meds, and patients wait forever for aide. Activities consist of coloring. They have monthly meetings with patients to hear concerns but none are never listened to or corrected. This is not a good place for the elderly. Look out for your loved ones and find them a worthy establishment.

Very nice looking place

We toured this location when we were looking into options for our loved one. It was a newer place, and it looks nice, very bright and airy. It was a higher level of care than we were looking for, however, and only offered shared rooms when we were looking for a more individual apartment type setting. Overall we were impressed by what we saw, the staff were all very friendly and professional.

Beautiful, New Facility but Terrible Communication

My mom was there for rehab. She actually stayed there a month for rehab and then two months after that. We didn't like it at all. The communication was horrible. They told us one thing and never followed through with what they told us. They never could get the billing right and their dining room needed help. It was a beautiful, brand new facility. We thought that we would really like it there but since they are so new they didn't have their systems in place. After 3 months there it didn't seem like it was going to get any better and we weren't willing to let them keep experimenting with their processes while my mom was living there. They even problems with the rehab care. Seeing as she just came out of the hospital she was in pretty bad shape so we really wanted great care and it just wasn't happening. All her basic needs were met but it was like pulling teeth to get them to communicate with us. The good thing there was mom's doctor there. We loved the doctor. That was the only thing that we really liked there other than it being nice and new.