The Grove of Evanston Living and Rehab Center - Evanston, IL

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Customer Reviews

smelly, overcrowded and very little attention to patients.

My elderly relative admitted with a broken leg was put on a floor with all dementia patients. her roommate was loud and confused.
Then they moved her to a 4 bed room with 4 tv's going all the time and she had no therapy or evaluation in 3 full days.
The whole place smelled like urine. I would never trust them with anyone. I wouldn't leave my dog there overnight.


My mom was in a car accident and broke her pelvis. The doctors recommended putting her in a rehab facility so she could get round the clock care that she needed. The hardest decision i ever had to make was choosing a "home" for my mom. The social worker at the hospital suggested that i visit a few different places before i made a decision which is what i did. Other facilities don't compare to the grove. Although other facilities "look nicer and newer" don't be fooled. The grove of Evanston and the entire staff is AMAZING!! My mom has PT 7 days a week and they truly took care of her. The staff not only took the time to get to know my mom but also my family and they were always accommodating. They checked on her constantly and made sure she was comfortable. They provided her with anything she needed and were always happy to do so. She never complained about the food and my mom is quite a picky eater. When my mom was getting ready to be released, The Grove went above and beyond to find a home health carrier that accepts my moms insurance which isn't medicare and made her home coming that much smoother. I will always be thankful for the care my mom received at the Grove of Evanston and will continue to support them. The physical therapists, cnas and the administrative staff truly go above and beyond for their patients. Thank you Grove of Evanston. You've made my moms accident easier to handle.

Don't take your loved ones here!

My mom came out of here with more problems than when she came in. She needed to learn how to walk again and by the time we finally got her out of here she had unaddressed health problems with her back and her neck/ear.

Both of these problems were consistently ignored by the nurses; she had a bump right by her spine that had come from a fall and the nurses (who were supposidly bathing her) denied that there was a problem and that she had even fallen!!!!!

I would NEVER take my loved one here and I feel bad for the people who are still there and don't have family members who can get them out. This place is a shame and I should have moved her to Sunrise a lot earlier.