The Courte at Citrus Heights - Citrus Heights, CA

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This place is newer and very clean, however, the care of our family members is what really matters.
My father in law has walked out without any staff realizing it, twice, that we know of, within 10 days time. He was missing for hours before anyone contacted us and was found off Sunrise Blvd. the first time and local resident ran into him on the street and realized he had memory issues and called the police. The 2nd time, the police and several family members searched for hours and located him in a vacant field where he laid in the hot sun today for, who knows how long.
The Court claims that this is a secure facility and that no one can get out without the alarm going off and staff getting to them before they walk out. Untrue. Unsafe. Unacceptable.

I don't recommend this facility.Thank

A great community

The staff at this community were great when my husband was there. They took really good care of him, recommended hospice and took care of the details. They offer good healthy meals. They tried to keep him as active as they could. They have good follow through. This is a family run community and they offer great care for a great cost. I would highly recommend this community.