SYNERGY HomeCare - Broadview Heights, OH

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Customer Reviews


We have been using Synergy in my home to help care for my sister. I would give them a 3, and feel that is being generous. We had some difficulties with synergy at first getting people to come to the house. The first person we interviewed called off twice before finally coming to the house. She seemed very interested in time constraints; when to clock in, when to clock out. We had to tell her how to do everything, and overall, she did not seem caring or competent. The second woman was efficient, but very business-like, not the warm and fuzzy I was hoping for. [Removed], the third person has been absolutely awesome. She really cares for my sister as I would, she is competent, and she does little things like warming my sister’s clothes in the dryer before putting them on. She has helpful ideas about things, and we are very pleased with her. I feel that Synergy could be a good company, but they really need to get their communication straightened out. They’re not very good at that. They also need to get some competent people who have heart. Once they fix these items, they would be a great company.