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Thank you Synergy

My experiences with synergy home care have always been great [name removed] and [name removed] have been professional friendly and very easy to work with They have been quick to respond to questions and very helpful Our Senior club loves their presentations especially [name removed]'s music therapy A great team always ready help out in the community We all enjoyed the 911 memorial that [name removed] presented today at our senior club
Thank you Synergy and [name removed]

Great Agency

We have somebody coming on Fridays for 3 hours. The first time I met the caregiver she came to my Mom's with her supervisor. That was a nice introduction to the caregiver for my Mom. She has helped mom cook soup, calico beans and they have lunch together. She is always on time within 10 min or so due to her prior job. She has done laundry, washed dishes and actually washed my Mom's walls. I would recommend this agency.

A little pricey

We are no longer using Synergy HomeCare at this time. It was a little pricey and there were some snags along the way. They provided companionship for my mom but they often left the house a mess. There was one time a caregiver left the house before the next caregiver arrived to take over the shift. Another time my mom needed assistance and the care giver was sleeping. We know that mom can be forgetful and sometimes mix up the time frames but we always tried to verify that the events that happened were, in fact, true. We had a recommendation from someone who had used Synergy HomeCare in the past and it was a struggle to get mom to have any assistance at all. We are just using part time help now.


I thought the people that came out and did the evaluation were very nice, all that was all fine but the disconnect came with what the management promised versus what the girls that came out actually did. The management promised things that the caregivers were not able to do.

Going As Good As It Can

The care we get for my dad is pretty good. We may be go thru come caregiver changes with the company. I would recommend this agency to those in need.

So far, so good...

My loved one is doing okay since using Synergy. She had a caregiver that she really liked but unfortunately, she has to have surgery so my loved one is back to having different caregivers serve time. It;s been hard for her to adjust to strangers in her home, but they are helping her out and doing what they said they would.

Fair Match

I would say our experience with this home care agency was a fair match. It was a learning experience, but overall a positive experience. I would some there is some room for improvement, but the service my mother received was responsible. I would look around at some other home care agency, before returning back to this one. I feel my mother needed more care than they were able to provide.

Pleased With The Experience

I think that they did an awesome job from start to finish; from the interview process to the end. They did a good job in hiring the right people who, personality wise,matched up with my mother. I was pleased with the entire experience.

Definitely a God send

Synergy Home Care has done a great job with my Dad! He really loves the caregiver and enjoys her cooking as well. There has been a bit of an issue with communication but since then we've gotten things corrected and things seems to be working out well! I appreciate the service they provide and so does my Dad. I would recommend to a friend.

Very Nice but didn't relate to the specified needs as well as they could have.


I was able to briefly work with Synergy Home Care of Milwaukee County to find someone who could help my mother with some personal hygiene care during the week.

My mother fell into a gray area of needed care because she can care for herself in most ways but in other areas, such as showering or cooking meals, she needs assistance.

We met with Synergy to go over what we desired in an in-home care worker. My mother desired a worker that was more her age who could relate to my mom more. The first person they recommended was very young but very nice, and my mom liked her, but after the first week, she quit Synergy unexpectedly. Synergy quickly set up another in-home care worker but the second worker was also very young. Again, the worker was very nice and very helpful, but didn't relate to my mom as much as we would have liked. We eventually moved on with another company because of this.

I can only speak on our experience but I would suggest that Synergy Home Care might want to hire more workers that can better relate to the person they are caring for. This will help the patient feel more connected to the person that is helping and reduce any uneasiness.

Synergy Home Care as a whole was very nice, they just didn't match up an employee to my moms needs as well as they could have.

Ruth was very knowledgeable...

Ruth was very knowledgeable and gave us advice but recommended we get help before using her service.

From the Provider


Serving your area* Serving Milwaukee, and the surrounding suburbs including Greenfield, Greendale, Franklin, Hales Corners,
West Allis, West Milwaukee and New Berlin in Waukesha County.

Complimentary In-Home Assessments: Let us help you make the critical decisions surrounding you or your loved ones in-home care needs. At Synergy Home Care of Milwaukee County, we offer a team approach to supportive services for seniors and individuals with a variety of physical disabilities of all ages.

My Background: As the owner and operator I have more than 25 years experience directing and leading organizations in Wisconsin, Minnesota, New York, and Connecticut. My expertise has been in the development of residential and day programming for a diverse population.

My personal home care story: I was inspired to open my own Home Care Service after my family’s experience. I too called upon a Professional Home Care Service when my parents needed assistance and guidance to manage the complexities of my Father’s Parkinson’s disease and my Mother’s ever growing role of caregiver. While they were surrounded by high quality Assisted Living Facilities and Retirement Communities, it was their desire to prolong or prevent the need to move out of their home. The professional In-Home Care Service became a critical partner of support.
As a result, my Father was able to make decisions about his care, and my Mother received much-needed Respite from the 24 hour role of care giving.
My family faced many of the same questions and decisions that you and your loved ones are experiencing. As a consequence, I have a greater depth of understanding about the challenges and also rewards when faced with choices about Long or Short Term Care.

At Synergy Home Care, we appreciate the importance of making an informed decision for you and your loved one. Our mission is to ensure each and every person receives unique and dignified care.
I encourage you to contact us, share your story and discover how we may serve you and your family!