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Customer Reviews

Total Peace of Mind !!

She's happy and we have peace of mind! My mother was having multiple falls so we tried hiring a caregiver to stay with her at her home. She hated having someone in her space, so we looked at some local facilities. She knew Stuart Lodge was the place for her, from the minute she walked in. She met some nice ladies and had lunch.
The staff was warm and welcoming and we noticed there was plenty of activity and a lot of laughter. It truly felt like a place she would be happy, and we were right.

Very Impressive!!

Great events, Great food, Great care, Great staff! As a daughter, I am impressed with how their care and compassion and fun shines through each and every day.

Best Decision!

My parents have been living at Stuart Lodge for about a year now. Every time I visit I notice how clean it is and how friendly and warm everyone seems to be. My parents have made such great friendships, and are really happy. The staff is Professional and Compassionate; the food is Great, and the care they receive is second to none. They made the Best Decision when they moved in to Stuart Lodge!!!!!

Mom says Stuart Lodge is “HOME” !!

I live out of town and mom was living alone. After a bad accident, in and out of the hospital and then a long recovery, someone told us to check out Stuart Lodge. Mom was reluctant at first, she just wanted to go home. But after visiting and meeting some residents she was willing to give it a try. Needless to say she is happy, feels safe, and is making friends. It’s been a few months now, and she is selling her house because Stuart Lodge is Home!!! I couldn’t be more relieved and I couldn’t be more thankful to everyone at Stuart Lodge.

Great Energy

What a charming place! My siblings and I looked at many communities across two counties, but we knew Stuart Lodge was the place, from the minute we walked in. It is completely different than any of the others. The style is unique, and charming, everyone we talked to was super friendly, and helpful, and the residents were all so happy. This place has an energy that we all loved, but more importantly dad loves.

Consistently great!

All I can say is thank you. They have the most amazing staff! They were incredibly prepared and organized during the close call of hurricane Dorian. I received personal phone calls, and continued updates throughout the storm. I knew dad was safe and it helped me stay calm. All I can say is thanks to everyone for the continued compassion you show dad every day!

Great staff

Thank you to the entire staff for taking such great care of mom during the hurricane. It gave us such relief knowing she was in such good hands. The staff kept her calm and they managed to have fun too. Such a great place!

Sleeping better at night!

My parents have been living at Stuart Lodge for almost a year now. They are doing so well and are enjoying their new found relationships with the other residents and the staff. The nurses are great and super responsive when needed. All the other staff members are so friendly and always happy to help whatever our request. I sleep better at night knowing my parents are happy and safe!

Residents wre smiling and laughing

We recently toured Stuart Lodge because mom asked us to. We are very glad we agreed. Everyone was really nice and we noticed a lot of laughing. The residents were laughing during an activity and the staff was very friendly and smiling. We stayed for lunch, and it was great! We feel very comfortable and would be happy if this us what she decides.

Best place for your loved ones!!!!

This place called Stuart Lodge, well let me tell you something about this place. I looked at many assisted living facility's in the area and nothing was as clean and friendly as this place. Im not just talking about the first time I walked in and of course they want your business so they put on the charm and wide smiles, this place is like that all the time. My mom has been living in this facility for over 3 years and I cant say enough about Stuart lodge. I don't feel like I left my mom in hands of strangers, I feel like I left her with family..

I highly recommend this place

The Lodge is wonderful. My aunt is extremely happy. She is becoming more social and making friends. A big change from her living alone and not being able to get out very often. Because I don't live very close, It makes me feel comfortable knowing she's safe and happy! I would highly recommend this place.

Very, very pleased!

I moved my sister from out of state, so she can be closer to me and I can take care of her. I didn't imagine it would be so difficult. With her memory getting worse I just couldn't continue taking care of her on my own. I found Stuart Lodge through a family friend, and they have been a lifesaver. They take great care of her, keep her medication straight, and she's making friends. I really like joining her for lunch, and the food is great! I can't say enough about how caring the nurses are and how they really tune into her. It's a relief for me, to see her so happy and taken care of.


wonderful staff...

Love It

Amazing staff and great fun filled environment for all residents

Very, very pleased!

I moved my sister from out of state, so she can be closer to me and I can take care of her. I didn't imagine it would be so difficult. With her memory getting worse I just couldn't continue taking care of her on my own. I found Stuart Lodge through a family friend, and they have been a lifesaver. They take great care of her, keep her medication straight, and she's making friends. I really like joining her for lunch, and the food is great! I can't say enough about how caring the nurses are and how they really tune into her. It's a relief for me, to see her so happy and taken care of.

Very Friendly

We looked at a lot of different facilities both here and back home in the north. This place is definitely the friendliest and has the most "at home" feeling. They truly live up to their reputation, and are so glad our neighbor told us about Stuart Lodge!

Great nurses

My parents moved in a little over 10 months ago and we, as a family, are very happy. Although mom did not need very much care, my dad did. It was difficult for him to warm up to the idea and even get him out of the car to look at places. But after we looked at Stuart Lodge and had lunch he softened up to the idea. He finally agreed to make the move and we are all so glad he did. Mom has made some great friends and so has dad! Because of the great support mom gets, she feels comfortable going to activities and doing things on her own. The nurses are wonderful and have stabilized dad's diabetes which has always been very difficult. They stay up on his medication and his diet and he finally feels good again!!! The CNA's are very kind and really care and I just can't thank them all enough. Because he has been feeling good he has become social again and has made some friends. We haven't seen them this happy in a very long time!!

Place good if you are independent. Care is poor.

Don't be fooled by this place. It is nicely decorated, the food is good as well as the activities. There were some untrained CNA's who did not know our mother was on full time oxygen and consequently was left in her room without it. The overworked and few nurses made response time ridiculously long just to get a simple tylenol. Also it was a very long wait to get assistance to get her to the bathroom which sometimes resulted in accidents. A family member had to visit her everyday and we had to hire a private extra care person to insure our mother was eating, given her meds, and monitor the oxygen. At times we would find oxygen tanks left on only to empty out when not even in use. Also a oxygen tank was stolen out of her room. The patients medical profile on their computer was constantly not updated. This delayed her getting the correct meds and doses. Our mother had a DNR document in their system that was not followed properly. She was sent to the hospital before family was notified. If your loved one is mostly independent and needs low level of care, this place would be sufficient.

Bright, Clean and Happy

Cheerful, bright and happy!! The apartments are big and bright, the courtyard is beautiful and the families are as happy as the residents. Great choice, Pa-Pa!

Genuine and caring

My husband and I stopped in to gather information for his parents. The staff was so nice and very professional. They took so much time with us, which we appreciated, especially given we didn't have an appointment. We were introduced to the Director, the Chef and even the bus driver and everyone was great. They were laughing and really seemed to enjoy their jobs. Even the housekeeper was super friendly. They know everyone by name and genuinely seem to care. It was a pleasant surprise and would feel very comfortable with them living at the lodge!!

Dad's happy, son is happy!!

Care is great. Food is great. Staff is great. Dad is happy!! Enough said.

Great place for mom!

Its comforting to me as a daughter in law, to see so many of the same faces, every time I visit. I know she is doing well, and they are taking good care of her. We have tried to get her to move closer to us, but she refuses to leave her friends and her home. If she isn't going to live near us, I'm at least comfortable knowing she's in good hands at Stuart Lodge. Thank you.

So Unique

Stuart Lodge is such a unique place. It really looks like a lodge! You get such a warm feeling when you walk in and everyone is so nice. Its just different than all the others.

They Honor their Veterans!

As a veteran, I was invited to one of their recent events to celebrate. To see how well the veterans are treated, was overwhelming. It was touching to see all the memorabilia, and share our stories. I was honored and humbled.

Such Caring Staff!!

I love that the staff addresses each of the residents by their name.... I truly feel part of the family as I spend my day visiting my mom and dad, and they seem to know them personally!

Lot of men...

My dad has been at Stuart Lodge for a couple years, and he's as happy as ever. There are a lot of men for him to socialize and trade stories with. Hes even put on some weight because hes eating better. Hes definitely well taken care of.

Class Act!

I've been in and out of Stuart Lodge for a few years now, since I work a lot with seniors. It is truly the best in town and a real class act. If my parents were ready for independent or assisted living, Stuart Lodge would definitely be our Choice.

Always something to do

My mother is always busy. When I call and she doesn't answer, I don't worry any more. I like knowing she is with her new friends and isn't alone anymore.

Respectful Staff

I toured this community, as well as others in the area. Stuart Lodge is by far the most respectful. I liked that they stayed in touch, but didn't pester me. And, When my parents toured, the staff spoke directly to them, as opposed to others that talked over them. I was very impressed and know they will be happy there.

A Great Place for Mom!

Finding Stuart Lodge was the best thing that has happened. My Mom is extremely happy and I am able to feel confident that she is very well cared for. She says it’s like getting up every morning and going to camp. The staff has been wonderful. You feel like you are with family.

When I came across Stuart Lodge I knew this was the one for my mom. It just felt like home,warm and cozy, And the staff greeted us like they knew us for ever. I visited a number of places but they felt cold and not cheerful like stuart lodge...I recommend this place to anyone that has a family member ready for assisted living or memory care..

Wonderful community and staff!

Best place for a loved one!!!!

My grandmother was in Stuart Lodge for about 3 years,and it was the most friendliest place and the staff is on the top of their game. And not to mention how clean and tidy everything is..

Vary clean, very friendly, and everyone was very won't regret moving here!

Warm and friendly

My mother in law was only planning on staying for a few short weeks. She was so well taken care of, and the people were so warm, she has decided to stay even longer!

Great friendships

The activities are great and there's always enough for them to choose from. I like how the women gather together and that mom has made such great friendships. They are very happy and are no longer alone!

Happy with care

My mom gets great care at Stuart Lodge, and may need more care soon. So I am pleased to know they now have memory care and she won't have to move. I've been very happy with how well she is taken care of, and really like the staff.

24 hour nursing care on site

I am a nurse, and have been looking at facilities for my father in law. He loved to fish, so the nautical design will entice him, as well as the number of men living here. I was impressed with how well taken care of all the residents were and like knowing there is a nurse in the building 24 hours a day.

Cozy Memory Care

I toured this community and was pleasantly surprised to see they also have memory care. It's a nice size and had a real cozy feeling. I was told they are expanding the space as well, and can't wait to see it when it's done. My mom may need memory care, later on, and think this is the perfect place.

Great Nurses

Stuart Lodge has been great for my in laws. They love the nurses and feel better knowing they are just down the hall 24 hours a day. They don't need to worry any more about medication or appointments, they handle all of it for them...

Super Friendly!!

Everyone is Super friendly and happy. From the bus driver to the residents to the staff!! I've been looking around at a number of places for my parents, and by far, they are the nicest group of people. I was happy to hear when my parents visited for themself, they had the same experience. I feel so much better, knowing they made a great choice.

Perfect Choice

I was in town visiting my grandparents and got to visit them at Stuart Lodge. Couldn't believe how beautiful it is. The food is great and they love sitting out in the beautiful courtyard. It makes me happy to see for myself, how well they are doing. Perfect choice!!!!

My dad is social again

My dad is at Stuart Lodge and he is very well taken care of. He's met other Veterans and is becoming social again. Couldn't be more pleased with his care and how happy he is.

Very Nice Staff and clean Facility

Great Celebrations

The Staff is Great, the Food is Awesome, and they really know how to throw a party!!!!

Bright and Cheery

I came into town to visit my grandmother, and I was pleasantly surprised with how charming Stuart Lodge was. It was clean, and cheery and everyone was very nice. I was impressed that everyone knew my grandma by name and addressed her as we were walking around. It makes me happy to know that when I leave she will be happy and taken care of by people who really seem to care.

Wonderful Lunch !!

My mom and dad were invited to come back for lunch. They called me when they left, and said it was delicious!! My dad was very happy to see so many men and other Veteran's, he can spend time with. They decided to stay for some activities, and happy hour. They said everyone was very kind and welcoming and are no longer afraid to move in to Assisted Living. They are now talking about selling their home and moving sooner. Thank you Stuart Lodge for helping our family!!!

Stopped by at the last minute for a tour. The staff was professional and courteous and went out of their way to show me around. I appreciate the time she took, and the detail she provided. Beautiful facility, I hope my dad decides to move there.

They care!

Warm feeling from the design of the building. My grandmother loves the Lodge. You can't go wrong!

Awesome place to choose for your loved one...The staff is right on point to all your needs, the building is beautiful and it feels like your own home. And from what I hear the food is delish!!! And not to mention how tidy the whole entire place is, hats off to the housekeeping team...

Clean and Happy

My mom moved into Stuart Lodge about 2 years ago, and she is very happy. After being alone for so long, she now has friends and keeps busy. Whenever I visit the community is clean and the food is great. It puts me at ease to know she is being taken care of so well.

Always having fun

I work in home health and I am in a lot of facilities. Stuart Lodge is by far the most caring and has the best staff. They are attentive and interact well with the residents. The residents are all happy, and always seem to be having fun.

Compassionate and Caring

Staff is very compassionate and caring. Apartments are spacious and bright. We met a number of people as we toured through, and they were all warm and welcoming. Nicest place around.

My Tour Was a Nice One Overall

I toured this community for my parents, and their need. Everyone went well for the most part, and everyone was kind. From what I saw the community looked nice. The staff I met was nice, and answered my questions. The experience was a nice one overall, but this was not the right fit for my parents.

Everything that we wanted!

The staff has just been outstanding and very helpful with me and my loved one. The community and clean and well kept. This is a newer community and really open and bright. I would say that the staff is super caring. This was exactly what me and my loved one was looking for.

They could not provide housing due to my Dad's medical condition.

A Place for Mom could not have been more helpful and insightful. They were fantastic at being very reassuring in that they let me know I could count on them throughout the entire process.
The Stuart Lodge is a fantastic facility! From my first contact I could see the people there we're very caring reassuring and helpful. This entire process of picking a place for my mother has been made so much easier by A Place for Mom and then also the people at the Stuart Lodge.

Great place


I am just so very pleased, Stuart Lodge is just wonderful.
The staff is wonderful as well, it really feels like one big happy family! They have excellent care and they keep very, very busy with the activities...there is always something going on! I am so relieved, this was a very, very large step and it's gone so smoothly, everyone is so understanding. I'm very happy and my mom loves it, too!


After looking at a lot of facilities, I found Stuart Lodge was the greatest in all the above categories. It is also a beautiful facility and is very "cheerful". The staff are incredible and the residents very friendly. My husband loves it.


From the moment we got there we found the staff to be very friendly warm, comforting , and caring. The level of care and professionalism was very warm and comforting. These people are committed to every persons needs. They constantly ask how their residents are feeling and what they can do to help, and it is from a place of genuinely caring and wanting to help. I would move in there myself if I could. They are just absolutely fabulous. I cannot say enough good things about them or recommend them highly enough!

This facility is beautiful,...

This facility is beautiful, still a work in progress, but the attention to detail made it feel very homey and inviting. The residents looked happy, well groomed and clean. The current amenities and with the ones to come possibly a dentist and massage therapist will complete the 'all inclusive' theme. Stephanie was a great host, she answered all my questions and provided me with a brochure that captured all the necessary information. All the staff I met was very friendly and it was obvious they enjoyed their jobs. This facility would fill the needs of my parents at their current physical state.

From the Community

Welcome to Stuart Lodge! We are the Treasure Coast’s premier Assisted Living community. Our unparalleled reputation is founded on high-quality health care services and exceptional lifestyle amenities. Our standards for these services and amenities are upheld by our dedicated and experienced staff.

Stuart Lodge is designed around an Atlantic Coastal Lodge theme, offering the warmth and comfort of home. We truly believe the vision of our founders Sheila Kurtz, Tom Hofmeister and Dave Croson, “Our goal is to win the Heart of every Resident.”