Symphony at Stuart - Stuart, FL

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Customer Reviews

Look at other places before signing!!

Terrible!! Force activities and exercise down your throat!! and will not take no for an answer, I will be getting my mother out of this place very soon. The care is not what it should be for the money we are paying. They can not keep any employee's including the director of the building!! I suggest looking elsewhere as we are. The place is clean and new, however the care is terrible and if you bring up concerns the nurse manager ( [name removed] ) she gives you attitude!!

It was a beautiful place.

Brand new facility

I toured here when I was looking for a place for my mom and it was very nice. The facility is brand new, a little more expensive, and not quite within the community that mom wanted to live. I had a limited interaction with the staff but they were very nice. The facility was very clean and you can really tell the difference between here and some of the older places. I was introduced to a couple of women that were already living there and they seemed extremely happy about the whole facility and their time there. They said that everything is done very well. I wound up choosing a different community that was a little closer.

high end; i visited symphony facility in Lauderdale. worth looking at just to see what you are getting for your money.