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Customer Reviews

Poor medical support

My mother has resided here for 6 months. Everything appears to be stellar - good food, friendly staff - however, medical support is not even close to being adequate. My mother suffered SEVERE diarrhea for months. I questioned whether any drugs she was being given could be causing this side effect. They merely prescribed more meds to counteract diarrhea. Come to find out that she had been given 2 pills each night to counteract constipation, thus causing the diarrhea. She initially needed these pills during recovery from a stroke, but should not have been kept on these for 6 months! NOBODY appears to review a patient's overall pill administration, even though we are using the in-house physician. After cataract surgery, despite continual nagging & monitoring from me, she was not given antibiotic eye drops twice a day as directed, but only once a day, resulting in eye infection. If your loved one needs no meds, this might be a great place to go. Or.....if you don't mind worrying daily whether proper meds are being given, it may work for you. Be aware you will have to be extremely involved to ensure proper medical care is being given to your loved ones!