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Shelby Crossing is an exceptional Assisted Living community

Shelby Crossing is a wonderful assisted living community. The staff is exceptional. When you enter the facility, friendliness welcomes you. My mom, 98 years old, moved in 3 months ago and settled in within a short period of time. The staff made the transition pretty easy. My mom loves the musical entertainment that happens twice a week. The food is good, lots of variety. She’s able to get her hair washed and set each week in the salon. But most importantly onsite physical therapy is available 3 days a week.

Recently mom had to be hospitalized and rehab was the next step in the healing process. Fortunately, Shelby Crossing has a rehab unit so we didn’t have to go far. This was a real asset.

The family feels very secure with the care mom is receiving. A nurse is onsite 24/7. When mom had to be rushed to the hospital, the staff did an amazing job.

At times there seems to be a shortage of caregivers, but most of the caregivers are well trained, compassionate and diligent. Also, Catholic Services are held twice monthly, instead of weekly.

I highly recommend Shelby Crossing!

Don't Come Here

I would NEVER recommend this facility to anyone who has any secondary medical issues besides requiring PT. My mother waited 24 hours before getting her required medications. They blamed her dr then the hospital was at prior to going there, only to find out it was an internal computer software issue. They did not follow her cardiac /sodium restricted diet and the food was always being sent back. By the time my mother left her legs and ankles looked like they were going to explode with the amount of water retention that had accumulated. She has congestive heart failure and kidney disease and every day I was telling them about it and whenever I asked when a dr was going to see her it was always \tomorrow\" - after 3 days of \"tomorrow\" I took her out and brought her to her own dr who immediately had to increase her medications. Now it is taking over 4 weeks to get copies of her medical file. Good luck if you do go there. "

Tour director did not seem to know very much about services offered in Memory Care

Would NEVER go back

My loved one was admitted here upon being released from the hospital for congestive heart failure and kidney disease and a mild heart attack. It took 24 hours to receiver her medications - first they blamed her physician, then the hospital when it was later admitted that it was internal computer software issue so their pharmacist never recieved the order then it took 4-6 hours to fill it and then time to deliver it. This patient went a day and 1/2 without necessary medication and thank God she has her wits about her to be able to express herself. If you have a loved one with any secondary health issues this place is not equipped to handle these types of patients. They were not following her dietary restrictions and food was always being sent back. I had to get her out of there after 7 days and a dr only saw her once upon arrival. There was always "oh the dr will be in tomorrow" - when that day came in went without a visit it was again "the dr will for sure see her tomorrow"... I would never recommend this facility if you have any other medical issues that need attention besides just PT.

Trilogy Health Services

Local Representative

Thanks for your review. Resident care is our number one priority. If you would like to discuss further, please contact our campus and ask to speak to our Executive Director. You may also contact our Compliance Hotline at [removed] (Extension 2800) or [removed].

Did not give me that feeling I was looking for

With all the upheaval my grandmother had been going through I was looking for a community that was going to match her personality and her taste. As soon as we walked in the door I could just feel that this was not going to be the place I was looking for. The building and community were fine clean and well maintained it just didn't give me the sense of home that I was looking for. The decorating style did not quite match what my grandmother would have liked. The staff was kind and informative on the tour.

Trilogy Health Services

Local Representative

Thanks for your review. Resident care is our number one priority. If you would like to discuss further, please contact our campus and ask to speak to our Executive Director. You may also contact our Compliance Hotline at [removed] (Extension 2800) or [removed].

Shelby Crossing Health Campus the care is very mediocre

My sister was there for 20 days. The first week was good, week two we had to ask for everything, for them to give her a shower, give ice, clean her room. For the most part the day and afternoon shift was nice, but one particular nurse every time I walked in there, she was sitting at the desk texting on her phone. Patient lights were going off and she wouldn't budge.

Therapy people were really nice, but after they left early afternoon, the nurses did not get my family member up to do anything.

They only shower the patients twice a week. Who does that?

It is always a problem it seems with sub-acute rehabilitation centers, my advice, if your love one can do at home therapy or care, do it. We will never go this route again.

Single floor, nice staff & activities, good size rooms

Skilled nursing?!

My husband was in rehab there for 3 weeks. Its a beautiful facility but that beauty hides many many problems. Once he finally did get some therapy it was very good but also very minimal. Staffers informed me that its done that way in order to use up each patients allowed days of inpatient therapy according to that pts insurance. They claim to be a "skilled nursing" facility. My husband begain to have increased breathing issues. I asked a nurse to check his lungs. She checked by laying her head on his chest! These so called "skilled" nurses also had no knowledge in how to care for a pt with a feeding tube or a pt that requires oxygen. Ultimately 911 had to be called for my husband. BEWARE before using this facility! Don't be swayed by how nice things look there.

Great Place

I know any feedback is good as elder parents and their situations can leave you feeling hopeless. We moved my father in 2+ months ago into their assisted living after looking at many, many places. While any new place takes getting used to - he likes it quite a bit and the care there is excellent; and they have been excellent at managing his diabetes too! He says the food leaves a little to be desired, but not horrible and the monthly family brunch and the Friday Happy Hours are a great thing for all the family! If you can get into the facility, i would highly recommend it!

Good rehab care, expensive assisted living

Our loved one used this facility for rehabilitation care after a hospital visit. The care they provided in the rehab section was very good. The room was very lovely. Because of our loved one’s memory issues, it was a confusing environment for her, but the staff was understanding and tried to make the best of that situation.

Great staff great care

The place is new and is a breath of fresh air in senior living! The seasoned staff is caring and attentive.

too new. failure

There are so many things wrong here I won't even bother. They are too new. The right hand has no idea what the left hand is doing.