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Serenity Manor of Canton

Serenity Manor of Canton is a clean, well-run group home with a very good staff led by the owners, [Name removed] and [Name removed], who live on-site.

Serenity Manor of Canton Review

My mom was in a Rehab place for the second time in two months. My brother and sister knew we could not take her home again to live by her self. We looked at Assisted living facilities where she would live in her own apartment and they would take her to activities. We also looked at a couple of group homes. We chose Serenity Manor of Canton because we knew she would not be stuck in an apartment all day but instead would be with a small number of other folks in a home environment. . My mom was 96 years old and I knew she would not go to all the actives that the large facility type places had to offer. Every time we saw my Mom at the Rehab place she was sitting in her room by her self and I felt that is what it would be like if we put her in an Assisted Living facility with apartments vs a Group Home where you were not stuck in your bedroom all day.

We got lucky and we made the best choice of finding Serenity Manor of Canton. This is a brand new home with the most caring owners that you will find. We also elected to get help from Heartland Hospice and that was also the best move we made. Both Serenity Manor and Heartland Hospice worked together to provide the best care that I think my Mom could have received. The house is always very clean, they provide home cook meals, and the staff they have were excellent. The owners always provided us updates on how Mom was doing when it was good or bad.

I highly recommend anyone that is looking for an assisted living place for the elderly that they should check out Serenity Manor of Canton. I promise you will not be disappointed.

Best Adult Home I’ve Been To

I have loved coming here. My client has thrived here. Overall, a wonderful experience.
It is a small home with hands on care, home cooked meals, and a family environment. I would recommend to others and my own family if needed.

Serenity Manor offers excellant care for your loved one

I cannot say enough good things about Serenity Manor. [Removed], the owner is a wonderful person. She is absolutely meticulous about a clean, safe environment and her attention to detail is very good. She has a background in senior care and decided to develop her own foster care facility. She designed the new home herself specifically for the purpose. She has put so much thought and effort into meeting to the needs of the people she is helping. She's very dedicated, knowledgeable and invested in making her residents comfortable. The food is good and healthy, and [Removed] they are very interested in accommodating the residents' individual needs. She also has several activity programs put together to keep the residents stimulated. I would highly recommend Serenity Manor.

Feels like home

I chose this community because when we toured, they gave us a straightforward sales pitch. Everything is better than expected. Unfortunately, my father passed away at the end of September. The one thing I can say is that he passed away with dignity here. It was just so peaceful and serene here. The whole staff is just fabulous. They really care and love my Father. The nursing staff is top notch but there is one lady named [Removed] who was awesome. She really knows her stuff and is very sharp. My dad was missing some medications and [Removed] caught it very quickly. She called the doctor right away and told him that it needed to be changed immediately. She was very compassionate. I really liked that the staff kept my father active as well. They offered exercises and they would get him in his wheelchair and let him socialize with other people. The facility was a small house but they cleaned it very regularly. Everything was just spic and span. The wooden floors were polished and the granite countertops were amazing. It was like home. I was always joking about how I wanted to move in here! The meals were like home cooked meals. Everything was healthy and they serve 3 meals a day. Before my father passed away, the staff cared so much, they would bring me food because I wasn’t eating. The staff was just amazing. I would highly recommend this facility if you’re looking for a place that offers more attention.