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Customer Reviews

Did not send caregivers according to my needs

I used this agency and did not have a good experience. The first day, they sent someone that was supposed to be able to drive but she didn’t have a car and I had to send her home. The second day, they sent someone else whose communication skills were unclear. I tried to make it clear from the beginning that I needed someone that I could communicate with easily. I called the office about it and they said that it was a limitation within the pool of employees they have and that, for most of them, their first language wasn’t English. I would not recommend using this agency.

Would use them again

The triage to me isn't 100% clear, we used a service recommended by Seniors in Place, Seniors in place has been providing lots of contact info, lots of follow up but once the initial contact is made I'm not sure how the overall picture fits. It was only for 2 months, my mother just is independent living and wants to be able to do it herself. She has her limitations, she has good days and bad days so we're just waiting to see how things go.
It was pretty good, we did have 24 hour care for several weeks, that person was very good. Once we went to the more limited care, daily but just for 4 hours, the level of care decreased significantly. The person who was with her, it was the first time they had ever done that, they basically came and babysat. They just sat on the couch with her and watched tv, both of the children can't do that with her so it's fall prevention and he would get up and follow her around but it was still peace of mind. They were very concientious and if the occassion comes up again I wouldn't hesitate to use them.