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First of all they were not the lowest price service. Secondly, they neglected to tell me that they charged a $25 per week service charge for payment by credit card and that holidays were time and a half. Thirdly, after going over the details and insisting that the care giver must speak English clearly and administer meds they initially sent a care giver who did neither of those things. Finally, the replacement care giver was a fundamentalist Christian who would preach to my dying mother. I generously gave her all of my mother's clothing she then had the nerve to ask for all of her housewares and money from me to pay for shipping it to Jamaica.

I would not even recommend Towne Nursing to my worst
enemy Your service agreement w/ its requirements would reduce me to a indentured servant.


Good fit for quality care

Towne Home Care is a very good fit for my parents. Started out with a few bumps, but everything is going smoothly now. They are very pleasant to my dad, they provide compassionate companionship and help my mom out with anything that she can't handle, they are right there to assist her with anything she needs. The caregivers show up on time and are very presentable. Towne Home Care was a good choice for peace of mind that my parents are getting the assistance they need in their own home.

Care at Home

This is a great in home service for good care. The staff was able to assist me with getting what i needed for my mom. The caretaker was friendly and very helpful for the many needs for my mom. We like that she has been willing to do small request. We would recommend this nice service to other families for home care.

Hard working Staff!!

I have to say that I am very pleased with the services that this company has been providing my mother. The ladies that stay with her work very hard to make sure her needs are being met and that she remains as comfortable as possible. They are helping her make improvements everyday and I have no complaints about the services they have provided. I am very pleased and would definitely recommend this place.


my initial contact with Towne Nursing was positive. My needs are a companion for my husband, preferably male.
He does not need to be bathe, feed or diaper changed. Just someone to take him out and about for several hours one day, for now, a week to give me some respite. He has dementia. We had a day and time set up. Then I asked for a counselor to come visit just to meet and see my hubby to get a sense of him. She came and was very nice and we set up a date for the companion. Well the first appointment fizzled out then another was made for June 17. Get a call day of that the person backed out of the assigment. We now have a tentative date set for Tues the 21st, she will let me know if it is going to happen or not on Monday. So my problem with them is that they were the ones who said they had someone and as of now nothing has worked. I understand that there are not many males that go into this kind of work, I would rather them be upfront with me and tell me that they cannot accommadate my needs than to have to keep disappointing my hubby and ME as I make plans to do something during that time. If it does not work out this coming Tues I will no longer do any business with them.

wonderful caregivers

The staff is really caring about the residents. They have a positive environment which makes it very welcoming there. The caregivers there are wonderful. I highly recommend this facility to anyone who is trying to place a loved one.

The level of care they provide is great

This is a home health care facility. They come out to the house and offer assistance. The level of care they provide is great.


The caring aides and staff here at town nursing staff are so helpful that they really make the place feel very special and relaxing.

Some aides are wonderful and some are tardy and lazy. Very inconsistent.

They did a good job

They did a good job, we didn't have any major concerns with them.


The caregivers (aides) that they sent out were both wonderful! They were so nice and willing to do whatever we asked. They were very professional. I would recommend Towne Nursing Staff to anyone who needs a home health aide in this area.

Talented Aides

I can't think of anything for them to improve on. As far as the service goes, the aides are really talented and good. The only thing I didn't like was that there was a deposit that I just found out. Other than that, they are okay.

Review of Towne Agency and A Place for Mom

Towne Agency helped me with my Mom. We interviewed a certified health care aide and found her to be very nice. My mom likes her too. Towne set all this up and was very helpful and understanding.
I was mostly impressed with "A Place for Mom" who called me and kept in touch with me. I saw Joan Lunden's commercial, that's why I called. I am very impressed with "A Place for Mom", I highly recommend them to anyone who needs help with an elderly parent. They are fantastic!! Joan Lunden should be proud!!! She did a great job in establishing this facility. I was hesitant to call but I'm so glad I did.

What problems I did experience have been resolved.

Working with this agency has been good considering the fact that I am 55 miles away from my sister and depend on them to make sure she is okay. In the beginning there was a bit of an issue with the caregiver we had which we replaced and now have a caregiver that my sister really likes. Overall it hasn't been a terrible experience and i appreciate the fact that they are easy to communicate with and Lisa is very helpful! If needed I would recommend them.

The Admin should really get it together

Thankfully I don't have to utilize too much of their time and they only come and help four hours per week. It's been a year and the caregivers are great it's the admin that's really bad at their job. I'm not sure I would recommend them to anyone.

Please stay away from this agency! I had a few agencies for my aunt and this one only lasted a few weeks! they don't care about their patients and the two aides i had hated working for them. All they care about is the money!! Stay away. Plus their office staff is extremely rude and nasty.

this is a in home staffing the guy is great hes stilll here with us helping of course the over all rating of the preformance is a 5 star hes very helpful and the guy is very maintained and highly scheduled and helps very much in more ways than one the company i recommend

Excellent help and accepted VA payments. Would highly recommend this facility.

Very Good Personal Provider, Back Office Needs Help

Very professional and onetime services from home health aid providing service to my 95 year old mother.
Back office needs help. Calls to wrong family regarding bed sores, long turn around time for slightly out of the box questions.

Pleased with the service

We've been very pleased with Towne Nursing Staff. Both the aides and the office staff have been easy to work with, and they provided all the care we needed. We don't have any complaints about the service!

Happy with the service

We have had good experiences with this company so far. The aides we've worked with have been friendly and competent, and the office staff has always been friendly and ready to help.
We have had a few issues with tardiness or rescheduling, but haven't had problems getting them resolved.

From the Provider

Towne Nursing has been providing supplemental staffing for long term care facilities for over 19 years in the tri state area. Recognizing the need for care in the home setting our services have expanded to include quality home care in the New Jersey region. We are CAHC accredited, and bring warmth and compassion with an expert level of care.

All our cases are monitored by a Registered Nurse to ensure that proper care is maintained at all times. Our nurses and aides are highly qualified, caring and have undergone extensive health and background ­screening. The services we extend are designed to meet the patient’s physical, emotional and psycho-social needs.

We employ all levels of certified and licensed staff. Our HHAs assist in daily living needs, such as personal grooming and ambulation. Our RNs and LPNs provide skilled services, such as various tube changes, pre-pouring medications, and supervision and instruction of Home Health Aides, as needed.

Give us a call and one of our office staff members will be eager to answer any questions you may have, and can set up a consultation. We look forward to servicing you.