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Shameful Renovated Conditions!

NO HOT WATER - in bathroom or kitchen and
NO HEAT in BATHROOM since renovations, November 2014.

These items have been shared with the apartment manager and the consumer relations
department of Lawler Wood Housing Corp, [removed],
numerous times (weeks before Thanksgiving).... as of today, 12-5-2014, nothing has been done to correct these issues.

If you like warm water for a short period of time-then cold, not hot, this is the place for you!!!
Is anyone thinking about SANITATION.

I have been told the water temperature cannot exceed 110 degrees, per HUD requirements, to avoid scalding or burning.

*Has management acknowledged a problem(s) exist?
*Has management tested the temperature and the length of time the warm water, not hot, is operable?
*Does management know how cold it is in the bathroom, after a bath/shower, without a heater in the bathroom?
NO! (the heater was removed during renovations)
*Has management notified the tenants they are aware of the problems and are working on a solution?

The exterior temperatures will be dipping in the 40's this coming week so the situation will be worse!!!

I will be glad to remove this post or modify It as soon as these issues are addressed.